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Palexpo, Geneva Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:Great Santa hole
Area:106000 M²
Tel:+41 22 761 11 11


Geneva Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Geneva center, Switzerland, with a total area of 106000 square meters and a exhibition area of 80000 square meters.

Geneva Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Its construction is invested by the Geneva based guanger semi private foundation. The centre is located close to the Geneva International Airport in Cointrin and is divided into seven halls, of which the exhibition area is 102000 square meters. Every year, the world-famous Swiss international automobile exhibition is held in the Geneva Convention and Exhibition Center. In early 2009, the decoration projects of the Geneva Convention and Exhibition Center increased to improve the architecture of the Convention and Exhibition Center, including the internal furnishings and technology. Among them, in this decorated Exhibition Center in Geneva, the internal Wi Fi network upgrade can provide all employees and guests with wireless Internet using the xirrus Wi Fi array.

Geneva International Convention and exhibition center can hold various conferences and sports events, including the 2014 Davis Cup: semi-finals between Switzerland and Italy. In 2001, the European Automobile Association held and concluded that its 13 permanent plaques of honor will be set up at the Geneva auto show at the Palexpo Exhibition Center. This is a simulated car Hall of fame in Europe now located in Dearborn, Michigan, and has been in operation since 1936. Depeche Mode at the Convention Center on November 10, 2009 at the cosmos tower.


Bus Line

Geneva railway station → Geneva Convention and Exhibition Center

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14 minutes (5.1 km)
Avenue Louis-Casai
11 minutes (if the road is clear)

Geneva railway station → Geneva Convention and Exhibition Center

From Le Grand saconnex, route de l'a é roport, Geneva International Airport 1215 to Palexpo, route franç OIS Peyrot 30, 1218 Le Grand saconnex, Switzerland
5 minutes (350m)
Through orbit
The route includes restricted sections or special access.


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