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George R. Brown Convention Center

Address:1001 Houston Avenue, 7710 Texas
Area:167225 M²
Tel:+1 (713) 853-8000


The George Brown Convention Center in Houston is in the east of downtown Houston. On July 28, 2001, the ground broke through the joint efforts to expand the conference center and establish the adjacent 1200 room convention headquarters hotel, later known as Houston's restaurant. With 27 months of construction costing us $165 million, GRB has grown from 1.15 million square feet to 1.8 million square feet. Three exhibition halls and conference rooms were expanded on December 3, 2003.

The George Brown Convention Center in Houston opened on September 26, 1987. It is located in the center of East Texas, Houston. The center's name is to highlight the year of George Brown in Houston, an entrepreneur, civic leader and philan thropist. Bronx East Group donated 11 sites to build the Convention and Exhibition Center. The center was run by Houston's first business. The cost of completing the building was $149 million, which took 30 months and more than 1200 workers. The 100 foot (30 meter) tall red, white, and blue buildings replaced the old Albert Thomas Convention Center, which was later converted into a place at the mouth of the river in the bustling entertainment center, the Houston theater district. It is the first conference center in the world to have a permanent bitcoin ATM.

The George Brown Convention Center opened on October 11, 1987, under the management of the American Association of travel agents. On July 28, 2001, the renovation project began to expand the conference center and establish the adjacent 1200 room hotel, which cost about $165 million and 27 months of construction. The adjacent hotel is the Houston Hilton, which is connected to the conference center through a two-day walk. The hotel and Conference Center are connected to the tunnel system in downtown Houston


Bus Line

(1) Houston Airport → George Brown Convention Center, Houston:

From Airport Avenue, Houston, TX, USA
To George Brown Convention Center, Boulevard 1001 D

(2) Houston railway station → George Brown Convention Center in Houston:
From Station Houston, 902 Avenue Houston, Washington, TX 77002 USA
To R. Brown Convention Center Avenida, 1001 De George


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