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Sichuan Museum

Address:5 Qinghua Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu
Area:32026 M²
Location:China-Sichuan Province-Chengdu City-Qingyang District


Sichuan Museum is a comprehensive museum with local characteristics. It was first built in 1941, when it was called Sichuan Museum. At the end of 1950, it was renamed as Western Sichuan Museum. In 1952, it was named as Sichuan Museum. In March 2009, it was officially renamed as Sichuan Museum with the approval of the higher authorities. Over the past 60 years since its establishment, through the hard work and unremitting efforts of several generations of new and old workers, the Institute has collected and collected more than 260000 cultural relics in total, including more than 60000 national precious cultural relics, which occupy an important position in China's public museums.
Sichuan Museum has a rich collection of cultural relics, especially since the founding of the people's Republic of China and during the 30 years of reform and opening up. Through archaeological excavation, donation and extensive collection, Sichuan Museum has so far collected more than 260000 pieces of cultural relics, including 1399 first-class cultural relics, 6731 second-class cultural relics and 95345 third-class cultural relics, all of which are well-known in the number and level of the national provincial museums Rank the best. There are more than 30 categories of cultural relics in the collection, including ceramics, masonry, metals, coins, calligraphy and painting, national folk customs, inscriptions, modern and modern categories, with strong local characteristics of Bashu. Visitors can input the cultural relic number through the "voice guide system" in front of the important cultural relic to obtain the automatic voice interpretation of the cultural relic. Disabled people can also enjoy the accessible human ramp facilities for wheelchair access.
In addition to the rich cultural relics, numerous boutiques, modern exhibition methods and other characteristics, the cultural relics protection measures of Sichuan Museum are also remarkable. In addition to the common constant temperature and humidity settings in modern museums, the Provincial Museum has also introduced acoustooptic system. All the lights in the calligraphy, painting and textile exhibition halls of the new museum are controlled by voice lights. When there is no one in the museum, all the lights will dim naturally. At the same time, all Exhibition cabinets are made of ultra white glass with high light transmittance and bullet proof function. Visitors can observe the most subtle part of fine cultural relics in close range and feel the unique charm of national treasures.
It is reported that Sichuan Museum can receive 2 million visits every year after it is fully opened. The modern multi-functional academic report hall will become an important platform for academic research and foreign cultural exchanges of the museum. There is no free ticket for the museum to visit. At the beginning of the opening, 4000 tickets will be sent out in limited amount every day.

Exhibition hall scale
The construction land of the new Institute is more than 80 mu, the main building is 32026 square meters, and the investment is about 300 million yuan. After the completion of the new courtyard, it will become a first-class Garden Museum, 4 times the scale of the original hall, with 15 exhibition halls and an area of about 10000 square meters.




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