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Wangguo new poetry, calligraphy and painting exhibition hall

Address:3 South Xinhua Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing
Area:170 M²
Location:China-Beijing City-Xicheng District


Wangguo new poetry, calligraphy and painting exhibition hall was founded in 2004, with its headquarters in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing. The research institute is committed to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture around the world, and has set up branches in South Korea, Spain, Britain and Italy. The exhibition hall of wangguo new poetry, calligraphy and Painting Research Institute is adjacent to the glass factory of the Millennium ancient culture street, which is within kilometers from the front door. The superior geographical and cultural environment has opened up a window for the exhibition of various art forms and provided a platform for the mutual exchange of new and old artists and friends. The exhibition hall will launch various kinds of art exhibition activities in succession, striving to become "the art Posthouse of elite masters, the soul teahouse of collectors and painters, the peach garden of people with lofty ideals, and the stork tower of the great wall of culture".




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