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Dalian World Expo Plaza

Address:No.18 Huizhan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian
Area:150000 M²
Location:China-Liaoning Province-Dalian-Shahekou District


Dalian World Expo Plaza has undertaken the splendor of Dalian's construction in the past 100 years, conceived the wonderful display of Dalian on the world stage in the next 100 years, and is the window of the world for Dalian to communicate with the future.

        Dalian World Expo Plaza is located in the Xinghai Bay Financial and Business District, one of the leading areas of Dalian's opening up to the outside world, and the largest seaside square in Asia-Xinghai Square. It has a strategic location and a beautiful environment. The exhibition hall is adjacent to the city's main roads and has convenient transportation. The station is 5 kilometers away, 8 kilometers away from Dalian Port, 10 kilometers away from Dalian International Airport, and 12 kilometers away from Shenzhou No. 1 Road--Shenda Expressway Entrance.

        World Expo Plaza integrates the latest scientific and technological achievements, adopts seawater refrigeration system, which is both environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Each floor of the building is equipped with a large space intelligent automatic sprinkler system. A dedicated drainage system is used to design energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, structural earthquake resistance to meet requirements, complete security measures, safety The coefficient is extremely high. It is equipped with professional voice communication, network information, public security, central air-conditioning and automatic fire monitoring systems. It has advanced digital conference systems, simultaneous interpretation, remote video conferencing and public broadcasting systems, all of which adopt intelligent management and complete functions. In 2007, the system was upgraded on the level of intelligence and reached the world-class level. Set up 3500 information points, 1000 voice points, and 20 wireless information points. Not only can you receive cable television in the exhibition area, broadband and fiber optics are also spread into the exhibition area, but also wireless coverage of the Internet and mobile phones can be achieved. The intelligent building can automatically control the indoor temperature and humidity, and can also realize real-time monitoring in terms of security.

        Since the Dalian World Expo Plaza was put into operation in February 2005, it has undertaken 243 exhibitions at home and abroad and used an exhibition area of 2.77 million square meters. It has successfully held the "China International Pharmaceutical Raw Material Equipment Spring Fair" and "National Academy of Higher Education." School Teaching Equipment Exhibition "," 57th China International Medical Equipment Fair "," 57th National Pharmaceutical Trade Fair "," 2007 China International Fisheries Fair "," 60th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Intermediates, "Packaging and equipment spring fair", "2008 China International Dalian Maritime Exhibition", 2009 China Domestic Tourism Fair and other large-scale exhibitions. The exhibition area of "China International Medical Equipment Exhibition" and "National Pharmaceutical Fair" reached 160,000 square meters, the largest ever. This is the first time Sinopharm Reed Exhibitions Co., Ltd. has merged the two largest exhibitions under its umbrella. Held, this exhibition has also become the largest exhibition undertaken by Dalian, bringing direct benefits of 4.48 billion yuan to Dalian.

        Conference undertaking is another highlight of the exhibition hall. As of the end of 2009, a total of 1,170 meetings were received. In September 2007, the "From Davos to Dalian-New Champions Annual Meeting" was held at Dalian World Expo Plaza. This is the first time the World Economic Forum has held a global annual meeting in China. Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council of China attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Finland President Halonen, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE Mohammed, Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Calvidis and Singapore's State Councilor Goh Chok Tong attended the meeting. More than 1,700 political leaders, business leaders, experts and scholars from 90 countries and regions exchanged and cooperated to discuss innovative thinking, innovative business models and the latest technologies; successfully undertook the "WTO Informal Small Ministerial Meeting", " High-level meetings such as the meeting of deputies of the Group of Twenty Finance and Central Banks, the "17th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival", and the "World Planners' Congress"; "China International Clothing & Textile Expo Opening Ceremony" and other large-scale events.

        Dalian World Expo Plaza has world-class technology and equipment, efficient management and international-level services, becoming the first choice of Northeast Asian convention and exhibition venues, and is the focus of world exhibition venues. Its birth indicates that the exhibition industry in Dalian and even Northeast China will Enter a new era.

Pavilion size

的 The layout and decoration of Dalian World Expo Plaza were designed by the famous architect Delari of the French EDDS company. The design style combines the regional characteristics of Xinghai Square to form a modern expo building with both Chinese culture and international characteristics. The first phase covers an area of 58,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 142,000 square meters, a net exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, and can provide 2,500 international standard booths. The second phase covers an area of 15,000 square meters, with a net exhibition area of 10,000 square meters. It can provide 500 international standard booths, integrating exhibition, conference, catering, tourism, business center and other functions into one. It is an ideal place for large-scale exhibitions and conferences.




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