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Suzhou International Expo Center

Address:688 East Suzhou Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Area:250000 M²
Location:China-Jiangsu Province-Suzhou City-Wuzhong District


Suzhou International Expo Center is one of the key practical projects established in Suzhou, and it is also the project with the largest construction scale, the most capital investment and the highest technical requirements in Suzhou history.
Suzhou International Expo Center is located at the lakeside of Jinji Hubei, Suzhou Industrial Park. It covers an area of 188600 square meters, with a total design building area of 255000 square meters. It is constructed in two phases. The construction area of phase I project is 184000 square meters, including 69000 square meters of exhibition hall and 9500 square meters of conference facilities. The first floor of the exhibition hall has a clear height of 10 meters, a bearing capacity of 5 tons / m2, and a column spacing of 18 × 27 meters; the second floor of the exhibition hall has a clear height of 12 meters, a bearing capacity of 1.5 tons / m2, which is a continuous exhibition hall without columns. The total area of the outdoor square of the Expo Center is 138000 square meters, including 103000 square meters of lakeside square, 35000 square meters of central square and 1500 parking spaces.
The design and construction management of Suzhou International Expo Center are based on high starting point, high standard and strict requirements. Entrusted by the government, Suzhou Industrial Park Construction Group Development Co., Ltd. / Suzhou International Expo Center Co., Ltd. is responsible for the implementation of the project construction, SOM company of the United States / Suzhou architectural design and Research Institute is responsible for the architectural design, Singapore New Engineering Construction Group is responsible for the project management, and Shanghai Baoye Construction Co., Ltd. is responsible for the general contracting of the project.
After completion, Suzhou International Expo Center will have world-class supporting facilities with complete functions, reasonable layout, VIP room, conference hall of various styles, business center, catering and leisure center, multi-functional hall, bank, etc. it can undertake large-scale international and domestic exhibitions, and become an important window for cooperation and exchange between Suzhou and the world.
The first phase of the project was started on September 27, 2003, the northern exhibition hall was completed on September 20, 2004, the completion ceremony was held on September 30, 2004, and officially put into operation on October 20.

Exhibition hall scale
Suzhou International Expo Center has a planned land area of 188000 square meters and a total design building area of 250000 square meters. The indoor exhibition hall area is 120000 square meters, and the conference facilities area is 11000 square meters. After completion, it can provide 14 exhibition halls and 7000 international standard booths.

Conference Room
Suzhou International Expo Center is equipped with 15000 square meters of multi-functional conference space and 30 conference rooms with different styles and complete facilities. With its unparalleled spacious space, complete facilities and considerate service, Suzhou International Expo Center will wholeheartedly undertake all kinds of conference activities for you to meet the needs of large international and domestic conferences, business conferences, annual corporate meetings and business celebrations Demand for classic and high-end customized activities.




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