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Luohe International Exhibition Center

Address:Songshan Branch Road, Yicheng District, Luohe City
Area:38800 M²
Location:China-Henan Province-Luohe City-Yancheng District


Luohe International Exhibition Center is located in Songshan East Branch Road, Luohe City, covering an area of 315 mu, with a total construction area of 38800 square meters. Luohe International Convention and Exhibition Center started construction in March 2006 and was put into use in April 2007. It is divided into exhibition area, conference area and public welfare activity area according to its use function.
The exhibition hall in the exhibition area is 17.5 meters high, with an exhibition area of 15000 square meters. It can accommodate 600 international standard booths, and the outdoor square area is 50000 square meters. It can be used as an effective supplement to the lack of indoor exhibition, with nearly 500 parking spaces. The exhibition area is equipped with complete water, electricity, gas, telephone and network facilities. The fire control, air conditioning, security and media information release systems are fully configured to meet the needs of various exhibitions.
The conference area includes Luohe Grand Theater with 1200 seats, equipped with world-class lighting and audio facilities, which can hold high-level performances and large-scale conferences; the lecture hall with 470 seats, equipped with simultaneous interpretation system, which can hold various small and medium-sized conferences and banquets; the multi-functional hall with a display area of 2400 square meters, which can hold various business activities and books The second floor is the library and science and Technology Museum, and the third floor is the small exhibition room. There are many small meeting rooms and VIP rooms with different styles, which can meet the needs of various leaders' reception, meeting reception, business negotiation and other small meetings.
There are youth activity center, women's and children's activity center, library, mass art hall, etc. in the public welfare activity area, there are badminton hall, basketball hall, table tennis hall and other public activity places.         
Luohe International Convention and Exhibition Center is surrounded by beautiful scenery, beautiful environment and complete supporting service facilities. Within a radius of two kilometers, there are Sheraton five-star hotel, Great Wall Garden Hotel, four seasons Lijing Hotel, Luohe commercial bank, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, administrative service center, land logistics port in South Henan and other service industries.




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