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China Online Market - COTV Live Broadcast of "Zhongshan Lighting" and "Foshan Lecong Jiangmen Xinhui Furniture" - Global Promotion of Good Furniture Products in Jiangmen Xinhui, Guangdong and Shunde Lecong!

Published: 2024-01-17   Hits: 26993566 Editor: fengzemin
Warmly celebrate the grand opening of the COTV Global Live Sales Exhibition - Lighting in Zhongshan Ancient Town, Guangd

COTV Global Live

Warmly celebrate the global live broadcast of COTV's flagship TV program - Lighting in Zhongshan Ancient Town, Guangdong, Jiangmen Xinhui Redwood Furniture, Foshan Shunde Lecong's Good Furniture Product Exhibition and Sales Activity. The program aims to showcase and promote furniture (home) and furniture manufacturing equipment, furniture and home materials, as well as furniture and home materials, white furniture and accessories production enterprises, and related supporting service providers in the entire industry and related industries, including Foshan and Shunde Lecong, in order to help enterprises operating in Guangdong expand and strengthen the global market; At the same time, a convenient column has been launched to facilitate customers from all over the world to understand Guangdong furniture and home products and purchase Guangdong furniture and home products. Welcome enterprises from Foshan and other regions in Guangdong to participate, and welcome global buyers to come to Guangdong to purchase furniture and home products!

COTV Global Live wishes all enterprises operating in Jiangmen and Foshan, Guangdong:

Prosperous business and abundant financial resources!

At the same time, I wish Chinese and foreign merchants:

Come with joy and return with satisfaction.

Good Furniture for Lecong



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