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2021 Suzhou Industrial Expo
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/03/17 - 03/20 (Wed To Sat Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Jiangsu · Suzhou Suzhou International Expo Center ChinaJiangsuSuzhou No. 688 East of Suzhou Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Sponsor:China Machinery Manufacturing Industry Association
Organizer:Beijing Zhongzhan Shixin International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Wuxi Bowen Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer:Journal News Agency
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In recent years, with the rise of Suzhou's mega-cities, the industrial economy of Suzhou has developed strongly, and it has become one of the most remarkable cities in the Yangtze River Delta region. It has a decisive influence in the whole country and even in the whole world. In particular, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is one of the pillar industries of Suzhou's recent and future development. Local and surrounding areas have reserved abundant resources of exhibitors and professional buyers, creating favorable conditions for the successful holding of the annual Suzhou Intelligent Exhibition.

The 18th Suzhou International Industrial Exposition, the most influential industrial event in Jiangsu Province in 2021, will be held in Suzhou International Exposition Center from March 17 to 20. After more than ten years of elaborate construction, the Suzhou Trade Fair has moved from "Made in Suzhou" to "Made in Suzhou". In order to implement the strategic plan of Made-in-China 2025, SIA2021, with the theme of "Innovation-Intelligence-Green", is committed to building an efficient equipment manufacturing trade platform, upgrading manufacturing level, promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading, and promoting the continuous innovation and development of regional manufacturing industry.

Professional buyer group; This exhibition welcomed a number of buyer groups representing 238 enterprises at home and abroad, including Mei, Gree, TCL, FAW Volkswagen, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, BYD Precision, Epson, Chuangwei, Lenovo, Foxconn, Mitsubishi, Emerson, Osram, Weichuang Capital, ZTE Mobile, VIVO, BYD Automobile, Kohler, Libai, Gardobo, Sword Candy. Watson's, Colgate, Bayer, Blue Moon, ASM and other well-known brands, once again affirmed the importance of the exhibition to the development of the industry.

East China market with strong demand: Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta economic circle concentrate on the largest automobile manufacturing, electronics, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, new energy, mould manufacturing, power generation and power transmission and distribution industries in China, and become the focus of attention of automation enterprises and strive to expand.

Authoritative Organizations: The conference organizers have rich experience in organizing large and medium-sized industrial exhibitions; more than 400 exhibitors cover the whole field of industrial automation, industry associations provide strong resource support, organize large-scale enterprises to participate in exhibitions and invite buyers from user industries to provide professional and intimate one-stop services; exhibitors are highly satisfied with the effect of exhibitions, and the rate of repeated exhibitions is as high as 80%.

Scope of audience organization − key visitors

Audience organization team will invite professional audiences by one-to-one telephone while channel sinks. The organizing committee will invite key audiences to industrial agglomeration areas and large manufacturing enterprises, let professional audiences know the progress of the exhibition, formulate purchasing plans, ensure the quality of audiences during the exhibition, and build an integrated platform for seamless purchasing connection.

The on-site invitation of Suzhou Intelligent Factory Exhibition is from: automobile manufacturing, 3C electronics, warehousing logistics, rail transit, aerospace, precision machine tools, printing, textile, household appliances, food, paper, daily chemical, packaging, electromechanical, hardware and other industries, professional purchasers and exhibitors docking, to promote cooperation and exchanges between suppliers and consumers. The company's more than 800,000 buyer information database is shared with exhibitors, which can be used to publicize the exhibitors free of charge before and after the exhibition.

Previous introduction:
The total number of visitors was 5,561, and the satisfaction of exhibitors was 92.4%. To create the largest audience of the same type of exhibition in Jiangsu, exhibitors are full of expectations for the next exhibition and sign directly about the 2019 Suzhou Trade Fair.

It attracted 387 well-known enterprises from 10 countries and regions such as Korea, Germany, the United States, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on.

92.4% of exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with this Suzhou Trade Fair.
87% of exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with the overall quality of the audience.
81% of exhibitors will continue to participate in the 2009 Suzhou International Trade Fair
16% of the exhibitors signed about 2019 Suzhou International Trade Fair on site.


Industrial Automation and Industrial Robot Exhibition Area
Industrial Robot Machine, Robot Development Platform, Robot Parts, Robot Manipulator, Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Factory Integrated Solution, Industrial Electrical System, Industrial Control System, Industrial Computer Equipment, Interface Technology, Human-Machine Interface, Connector, Low Voltage Switching Device, Human-Machine Interface Device, Microsystem Technology, Laser Technology, Mechanical Parts, Industrial Measurement and Instrument Instruments, industrial communications, industrial automation information technology, factory integrated management, industrial IT, industrial basic systems and development tools, factory production, industrial Internet, non-standard automation equipment, cam splitter, FA factory automation parts, transmission, mechanical drive systems and components, mechanical and electrical components and auxiliary equipment, etc.

Machine Vision Technology Exhibition Area
Machine Vision Core Components, Intelligent Camera: Black and White Intelligent Camera, Line Scanning Intelligent Camera, Colour Intelligent Camera, CMOS Intelligent Camera, ID Reader, Industrial Lens, FA Lens, High Resolution Lens, Image Scanning Lens, Light Source, LED Light Source, Ultraviolet Lighting System, Infrared Light Source, Image Processing System: Optical Text, Recognition System, Automation/Robot Technology, Machine Vision Integration: Character Processing and Recognition System, Intelligent Vision, Surface Detection, etc.

3C Automation Exhibition Area
3C Automation, SMT Technology and Equipment, Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Welding Equipment and Materials, Testing and Measurement, Electronic Manufacturing Automation Equipment, Electronic Manufacturing Service, etc.

AGV Car Show Area
AGV Automated Logistics Equipment and System, AGV Automatic Handling Vehicle, AGV Unmanned Handling Vehicle, All-directional Mobile AGV Vehicle, Intelligent AGV Vehicle, Magnetically Navigated AGV Vehicle, Trackless Navigation AGV Vehicle, Intelligent Storage, Magnetically Navigated Forklift Vehicle AGV, AGV Unmanned Handling, Various AGV Vehicles, Automatic Navigation Vehicle, AGV Vehicle Accessories, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Exhibition fee: (double-opening booth plus 10%)

1Standard booth:(3m×3m)


2Luxury booth:(3m×3m)


3Bare land: no less than18 m2Starting rent


Advertising expenses

Note:The exhibition offers a variety of sponsorship schemes.,Provide more opportunities for operators and suppliers to promote,Therefore, effective publicity can be carried out; if you wish to enter into an enterprise, please ask the Organizing Committee for participatory rules.

matters needing attention
1. To prevent counterfeit and inferior goods from participating in the exhibition, exhibitors need to provide business licenses, product quality and other certification materials; in order to respect intellectual property rights, exhibitors can only display products registered in their own name and produced with their own registered trademarks, or products authorized to act as agents or distributors.
2. Exhibitors shall not arbitrarily transfer booths without the consent of the Organizing Committee. Once discovered, they shall be disqualified from participating in the exhibition.
3. After completing the "booth application form" and stamping the official seal, the enterprise faxes the booth fee to the organizing committee, and remits the booth fee to the designated account of the conference at one time in three working days. After confirming the qualifications of the exhibitors, the confirmation letter of the booth will be issued.
4. The booth application form is deemed to be used as a contract. If the exhibitor is unable to attend the exhibition due to one-sided reasons, 100% of the exhibition fee still needs to be paid. At the same time, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to recover other losses. -
the measure of area50,000 square metersScaleMore than 400 exhibitors and more than 50,000 professional audiences


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