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2021 Third China (Linyi) Labor Protection Fair
Industry: Public / Security / Smart
Time: 2021/03/12 - 03/14 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shandong Linyi Linyi International Expo Center ChinaShandongLinyi 49 Shuangling Road, Lanshan District
Sponsor:China International Trade Promotion Committee Linyi City Committee China Knitting Industry Association Glove Branch Shandong Labor Protection Products Industry Association Shandong Lantian Group
Organizer:Linyi Light Textile Labor Protection City Linyi Labor Protection Articles Chamber of Commerce Linyi Federation of Industry and Commerce Labor Insurance Articles Chamber of Commerce China International...
Co-organizer:Executing Unit: China Anti-circulation (Shandong) Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.
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In order to promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the labor protective products industry, strengthen the exchanges and reference between industries, improve the quality awareness of the labor protective products enterprises, mobilize the creativity and enthusiasm of enterprises, further promote industry self-discipline, fair competition, honest management, standardize and purify the labor protective products market, improve product quality, and promote the healthy and stable development of the labor protective products market. Exhibition. On the basis of two successful sessions, the 2021 Third China (Linyi) Labor Protection Fair and Emergency Rescue Safety Industry and Anti-epidemic Material Expo are scheduled to be held in China Linyi International Expo Center from March 12 to 14, 2021.

Last Review:

The "2020 Second China (Linyi) Labor Protection Fair and Emergency Rescue Safety Industry and Anti-epidemic Material Exposition" held from September 11 to 13, 2020, has successfully closed and achieved fruitful results. According to statistics, there are 78 special booths, 380 standard booths and 656 equivalent standard booths. A total of 19.5 million professional audiences were received, and 823 million yuan of intent-to-trade was reached on the spot, with unprecedented enthusiasm for participation.


The theme of this fair is "Promoting Safety Awareness, Enhancing Safety Protection, Promoting Occupational Healthy Development, Promoting Industry Brand Construction". It is based on innovation, taking exhibition as an opportunity, taking well-known brands as the driving force for industry development as the key point. With the help of Chamber of Commerce's own strong membership network, and with the strong support of governments at all levels and relevant competent departments, it has accumulated for many years. Domestic and foreign purchasers, distributors, agents, large-scale factories and mining enterprise groups, a large professional audience, fully demonstrate and exchange the development achievements of labor protection products industry in recent years.

Supporting activities:

1. Promotion Meeting on New Products and Technologies of Labor Protection Goods 2021

2. 2021 Peak Forum on Safety Production and Occupational Health Defense


Personal protective articles: head, eye, face, hand and foot protective articles, protective clothing, anti-falling articles, breathing protective devices, water life-saving articles, etc.

Professional clothing and materials: flame retardant, anti-static, water and oil repellent, tooling, professional clothing, etc.

Anti-epidemic materials: anti-epidemic masks, protective clothing, disinfectant, alcohol, goggles, protective masks, medical gloves, alcohol wet paper towels, sterilization lamps, temperature guns, air purification sprayers, anti-epidemic drugs, sterilization equipment, masks raw materials and automatic masks, and other related supporting equipment.

Emergency rescue equipment: intelligent evacuation, high-level escape equipment, fire intelligent evacuation, high-level escape slower, escape slide, fire first aid kit, mobile emergency communication vehicle, emergency support equipment, emergency first aid and epidemic prevention technology, emergency communication network system, emergency engineering emergency equipment, emergency rescue equipment, etc.

Safety production equipment and monitoring instruments: radiation and microwave, static electricity, noise, dust, poisons and other monitoring instruments, safety detection and monitoring equipment, emergency rescue technology and equipment, fire fighting equipment, transportation safety science and technology equipment, mine safety equipment, petroleum workers safety production equipment, machinery safety production protection equipment, building safety equipment, electric power safety Full protection equipment, etc.

Production environment safety protection facilities: anti-static hazard products, dust-proof, toxic purification products, explosion-proof and fire-proof products, cut-proof, collision-proof products, anti-corrosion products, fire-proof products, noise-proof products and other safety devices;

Raw materials for protective products production, scientific and technological consultation and training for safety production, lectures on labor protection technology exchange, industry media, evaluation and certification bodies, etc.

Costs & Precautions

The open space booth is set at 18 square meters and the standard booth is 3 m *3 M.

Standard booth configuration: one negotiating table, two chairs, one 220V power outlet and one enterprise lintel board.

10. Charge standards and preferential policies:

Charge standard: double open door 800 yuan per square, single open door 600 yuan per square.

favoured policy:

1. Members of sponsors, contractors and co-sponsors enjoy 9% discount, members of governing bodies enjoy 8% discount, and members of standing directors and vice-presidents enjoy 7% discount.

2. In order to lighten the burden of exhibition and achieve better exhibition effect, the Organizing Committee of enterprises with a fixed exhibition of more than 18 square meters will give free truss or aluminum profiles special fittings.


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  • Address:Room 333, Building 10, South District of Linyi Textile Labor Protection City


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