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2021 China (Fujian) Cross-Strait Intelligent Cities and Social Public Safety Products and Technologies Exhibition
Industry: Public / Security / Smart
Time: 2021/04/09 - 04/11 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Fujian Fuzhou Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaFujianFuzhou Chengmen Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
Sponsor:Fujian Smart City Association
Organizer:Fuzhou Xinhui Cultural Media Co., Ltd.
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China is in the new era of building "digital China" and "digital economy". It is an era of comprehensive application of big data, block chain and artificial intelligence technology. It is a new era of high integration of real economy and digital economy. It is also a new era of coevolution and integration of human needs and digital technology. Fujian, as the ideological source and practical starting point of the construction of digital China, is facing the tide of digital economic development. Focusing on "digital enabling transformation and upgrading to better serve the construction of smart cities in Fujian Province, Fujian Province seizes opportunities, dares to innovate, and speeds up the building of national digital economic development highland, digital China construction model area and demonstration area", Fujian Provincial Government Office issued "Fujian Province on August 6, 2020". The three-year plan of action for the construction of new-type smart city infrastructure (2020-2022) put forward that by 2022, our province will basically build a national southeast regional network hub and an information and communication hub of the maritime digital Silk Road, a deep integration of traditional and new-type smart city infrastructure, and a complete range of new technologies such as 5G, big data, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, block chain, etc. Enabling high-quality economic and social development, we will comprehensively promote the construction of a new type of wise city in the new era of the province.
As an important part of smart city, smart security plays an important role in strengthening the construction of public safety monitoring, biochemical safety production, public emergency management and other fields. The "2021 China (Fuzhou) Smart City and Social Public Safety Products Exhibition" sponsored by Fujian Smart City Association will be held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9 to 11, 221.

Highlights of the Exhibition
1. Influential Brand Exhibition in Fujian Province
Successfully held 11 sessions, the cumulative service exceeded 7000 + enterprises, received 200,000 + professional audiences, professional buyer clusters highlighted, covering the upstream and downstream areas of the industry, has formed a certain influence.
2. Continuous Innovation of Exhibition Scale
Thanks to the deployment of new national infrastructure and the acceleration of the construction of smart cities in Fujian Province, as well as years of industry development.
Dian, with an exhibition area of 20,000 feet and a number of exhibition spaces of 1,000, gathers more than 20 provinces, 40 + prefectures and 800 + well-known brands and manufacturers.
3. High-end Frontier of Display Content
In order to further highlight the important role of smart security in the construction of smart cities, in addition to displaying video surveillance, access control, entrance control, anti-theft and alarm products, the focus is on smart cities, new infrastructure, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, especially in the areas of biometrics, smart transportation, smart community, smart education, smart medicine and intelligence. Government affairs and so on, all-round, multi-angle display of intelligent security technology in various fields of frontier applications.
4. Following the trend of development, new integration into the "digital industry" sector
Understanding the development trend of digital economy and actively guiding the integration of digital economy and real economy. This exhibition will focus on integrating the "digital industry" section, concentrating on sharing new technologies, new products and new achievements of the digital industry, exploring development strategies in depth, and developing project docking and cooperation.

IV. Thematic Activities
Forum on Focusing on New Infrastructure and Safety Industry Development
5G Enabling Future Summit Forum
Video surveillance network security forum
Award: 2021 Smart Security Most Innovative Brand Award;
Fujian Smart City Construction Contribution Award 2021;
2021 Most Influential Intelligent Security Supplier Award;


Wisdom Security Exhibition Zone: Video surveillance system, public broadcasting system, transmission equipment, LED display equipment, one-card, access control system, access control system, patrol, intelligent buildings, integrated wiring, fingerprint identification, comprehensive social security management, communication navigation, financial security, civil-military integration technology products, safety production, etc.
Intelligent City Exhibition Area: Intelligent Transportation, Intelligent Medical Treatment, Intelligent Government, Intelligent Community, Intelligent Building, Intelligent Home;
Police equipment exhibition area: law enforcement equipment, protective equipment, anti-terrorism equipment, security inspection and explosion removal, technical reconnaissance equipment, police communications equipment, police vehicles and special vehicles, UAVs, robots;
Emergency rescue exhibition area: fire extinguisher, fire alarm, fire fighting equipment, fire fighting materials, fire fighting equipment, fire doors, fire fighting vehicles, UAVs, intelligent fire fighting integrated control, etc.
Intelligent Transportation Exhibition Area: Road Traffic Safety and Management, Intelligent Highway, Rail Transit Equipment, Vehicle Networking, Stereo Garage, Toll Control System, Entrance and Exit Management and Monitoring System, etc.

Costs & Precautions

1. International standard booth: 7800 yuan/9ƒ, specifications: 3*3=9ƒ;;

(Note: The international standard booth includes three sides fencing, one lintel board, one negotiating table, two chairs, two spotlights and one 220V/5A power outlet. If you need special electricity, please specify in advance and charge separately.

2. Indoor bare land: 800 yuan/ ԩ(36ԩfrom rent);

(Note: Special booth does not provide any exhibition equipment and facilities. The special management fee and water and electricity fee collected by the exhibition hall shall be borne by the exhibitors themselves.


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