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2020 eco environmental protection construction exhibition
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/11/25 - 11/27 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Qingpu District · Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) ChinaShanghaiQingpu District 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai (North Gate of the exhibition hall)
Sponsor:UN Habitat, Shanghai Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development
Organizer:Donghaolansheng Group Shanghai Modern Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lvbo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


1、 General situation
As one of the important theme activities of "world city day", Shanghai international city and architecture Expo (hereinafter referred to as "the Expo") has been successfully held for 5 sessions since 2015, and is gradually becoming an international platform for publicity and promotion of China's new urbanization, a display platform for the achievements of the integration of the three corners, an experience platform for Shanghai's urban construction and social governance , and a high-end platform to promote exchanges and cooperation between industries and enterprises.  
In 2019, the city Expo covers an exhibition area of 80000 square meters, with 9 series exhibitions including "world city day" theme exhibition, "ecological and environmental protection construction", "construction safety and construction technology", "old area reconstruction", etc. At the same time, the main forum of "integration infrastructure integration and application development of Yangtze River Delta" and more than 30 forums were held, covering more than 80000 professional visitors from the whole industry.  
Among them, "eco environmental protection construction exhibition" is organized by the science and technology and industrialization development center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau, Shanghai Water Affairs Bureau, Shanghai greening and city appearance Administration Bureau, relevant associations in various regions of the Yangtze River Delta, municipal engineering units and other relevant management and technical personnel. A total of more than 10000 people attended the exhibition.  
2、 Exhibition background
It is an inevitable choice for the construction of eco city to improve the living conditions, control the ecological environment and develop the circular economy. The most important thing in the construction of ecological environment protection is to build a sound urban environment system. More and more cities in China insist on putting "ecological priority" in the first place, establish innovative measures such as "garden city" and "sponge city", and integrate ecological restoration, environmental protection and sanitation into urban ecological governance.  
Shanghai's urban construction and governance not only highlights the ecological functions, but also pays more attention to enhancing the comprehensive services, urban landscape, cultural tourism and other functions of the city. The "four new" technologies such as solid waste treatment and comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction, classified treatment of domestic waste, renewable energy and new energy utilization are applied.  
3、 Building a professional platform for comprehensive treatment of urban ecological environment
Integrate the exhibition resources of the Expo in garden machinery, sanitation equipment, landscape lighting, kitchen waste treatment equipment, etc. From the perspective of innovation, we should think about how to build a new model of comprehensive treatment of urban ecological environment, combining with government resources and using advanced technology, covering construction waste resources recycling, waste classification, collection and treatment equipment, public toilets, ecological restoration, black and smelly water treatment and other technologies and equipment. From design to construction, from materials to machinery, the systematic application of the "four new technologies" for ecological and environmental protection construction will be displayed, bringing together the best products and technologies in the whole industrial chain.  
To promote the government management departments, environmental planning and design units, maintenance engineering, building materials production enterprises to effectively improve the level of project refined management, and better integrate the needs of planning, construction, management and service to provide market-oriented solutions.  
"Eco environmental protection construction exhibition" has attracted well-known enterprises in the industry, including Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau, Shanghai Water Affairs Bureau, urban investment group, garden group, Yuyu environment, Yangxin, Fujie environmental protection, wanlang water affairs, Mutian, Steele, Qixiu, leshuan, Jiangsu Feimu, Yutong, Shenzhou, Zhongqi, Zoomlion environment, xiaohongxin, Langyi environmental protection, Xuyun technology, etc., to discuss together At present, the integrated development of ecological environmental protection and scientific and technological innovation.  
5、 Forum activities are both timely and forward-looking
2020 comprehensive utilization of renewable energy in urban construction
This paper analyzes the specific application cases of renewable energy technology in Shanghai, provides the basis for the development and promotion of solid waste recycling and utilization technology, the formulation of relevant government support government, invites industry management departments, experts from scientific research institutions and other institutions to jointly explore the ways and development models of innovative eco city planning, and provides the best comprehensive application solution for the construction of domestic eco city Case.  
2020 comprehensive utilization of waste building materials
Building materials industry is an important support to improve living conditions, control ecological environment and develop circular economy. Therefore, the green development of building materials industry is of great significance and worth exploring. However, the extensive development mode also makes our country pay a heavy price in the aspect of resources and environment and accumulate a lot of ecological environment problems. At the same time, with the development of industrialization
With the continuous promotion, the demand for energy and resources is growing rigidly, the amount of waste is increasing, and the contradiction between economic growth and resources and environment is becoming more and more prominent.  
6、 Site review
2019 China (Shanghai) toilet Industry Development Summit
Many experts and scholars focus on the new trend of toilet technology development and the future of China's "toilet revolution" to further promote the construction of urban and rural civilization. Liu Jianshui, director of the public infrastructure Promotion Department of the rural social undertakings Promotion Department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas of China, Liu Jinghao, Secretary General of China Association of urban environmental health, Cai Mingyong, Secretary General of China Chamber of Commerce for construction industry, Gong Wei, Secretary General of China Association of building and sanitary ceramics, and Bai Lin, World Toilet Organization (WTO), attended the activities.  
Forum on "building and environment waterscape construction and ecological treatment"
Forum on "garbage classification is new fashion"
It is sponsored by Shanghai Administration of greening and city appearance, and co organized by Shanghai Association of city appearance and environmental sanitation. Focusing on the Expo green landscape layout, park green space construction, ecological restoration, three-dimensional green, garbage classification management, urban green landscape sanitation intelligent equipment application and other new excellent case analysis.  
Forum on "building a water-saving city and a green ecological home"
· Forum on "waterfront · symbiosis -- green renewal of urban waterfront area"
7、 High quality customers are pouring in
The Ministry of housing and urban rural development, science and technology and industrialization development center, Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau, Shanghai Water Affairs Bureau, Shanghai greening and city appearance Administration Bureau, relevant associations in the Yangtze River Delta, municipal engineering units and other organizations organized relevant management and technical personnel, a total of more than 10000 people attended the visit.  
Audience category
Landscape, environmental protection, water and property management departments, accounting for 15%
Intelligent new town, tourist attraction, park developer, property management company, accounting for 28%
Municipal planning, landscape engineering design and construction units, accounting for 12%
Urban environmental sanitation bureau, environmental monitoring station and environmental engineering unit, accounting for 5%
Supporting suppliers, service providers and system integrators, accounting for 18%
Relevant associations in Yangtze River Delta, accounting for 11%
Distributors and agents of garden and building materials, accounting for 8%
Relevant experts and scholars of scientific research institutes, accounting for 3%


1. Green landscape and environmental design
Urban environmental design, landscape design, garden design and construction technology, etc
2. Landscape materials and supporting facilities
Wood structure building, permeable brick, ecological brick, antique brick, clay brick, sintered brick, mosaic, split brick, outdoor stone, garden sculpture, garden furniture, landscape flower pot, composite plastic wood products, fence fence fence, etc
3. Stereoscopic greening
Roof greening, roof rainwater collection system, water storage and drainage materials, waterproof materials, overhead separation materials, sunshade system, thermal insulation materials, roof planting system and technology, etc
4. Sponge City materials and technology
Multifunctional rainwater regulation, storage and purification system, trenchless technology, water storage module, underground water storage tank, permeable underground water tank, pipe and pipeline, information management system, repair and reinforcement technical materials, etc
5. Landscape lighting and lighting engineering
Road and bridge lighting, construction engineering lighting, intelligent street light, landscape lighting, solar photovoltaic lighting, outdoor light, lawn light, underwater light, LED display screen, intelligent lighting monitoring system, new advanced light source materials and technologies, etc
6. Garden machinery and tools
Earth moving machinery, lawn mower, Hedge machine, mower, weeder, roof spray and irrigation, greenhouse equipment, tree transplanting equipment, tree protection materials, garden electric hardware tools, etc
7. Irrigation materials and equipment for seedling greening and maintenance
Ornamental seedlings, artificial lawns, simulated plant walls, simulated flowers, decorative plants, integrated technology of economical landscaping, intelligent irrigation, irrigation drainage and ventilation materials, light mixed nutrient soil, light long-term nutrient soil, light humus soil, synthetic soil, etc
8. Outdoor ecological toilet
Environmental protection vacuum toilet, mobile toilet, intelligent toilet, vehicle toilet, microbial toilet, sewage treatment technology and facilities, barrier free sanitary ware, purification and deodorization and disinfection equipment, etc
9. Outdoor recreational facilities
Outdoor fitness equipment, community amusement facilities, materials and facilities for leisure sports venues, etc
10. Solid waste treatment and renewable energy utilization
Soil remediation and treatment engineering technology and equipment, construction waste treatment and utilization, kitchen waste resource recycling, domestic waste collection compressor and box, intelligent municipal special vehicle, intelligent waste classification facilities and environment
Environment monitoring and detection system, etc

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth(From 18 ㎡ to 1696 yuan / m2, from 36 ㎡ to 1590 yuan / m2

Standard booth: three coamings, full carpet, one table, two chairs, two spotlights, one220V / 500W socket.

Space only: no exhibition equipment. Water, electricity, gas and optical land management fees shall be calculated separately.

Advertising expenses

On-line:Subway advertising, "building times" opened columns, media ventilation meeting, Shanghai building materials industry, Shanghai cost, Shanghai project bidding, Shanghai engineering standards four WeChat public number synchronization propaganda.

Below the line:Posters, tickets, notices, brochures and other forms were issued to actively mobilize all sectors of the society to visit.

During the activity: CCTVShanghai TV, radio, Liberation Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Wenhui, dongfang.com, pengbai.com, China daily.com, construction times and other major media reported in-depth activities, excellent projects, technologies and products on site. Continue to report and publicize the event, highlights, series of forums, exhibitors, etc.

The measure of area: 100000 square meters


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