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2020 Dongguan Machinery Exhibition and Dongguan intelligent factory Exhibition
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/11/11 - 11/14 (Wed To Sat Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Dongguan · Guangdong Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center ChinaGuangdongDongguan Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong
Sponsor:Dongguan chain horse Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing zhongzhan Shixin International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:Wuxi Bowen Exhibition Co., Ltd
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In 2020, Dongguan Houjie Machinery Exhibition (SIA) covers a total area of over 100000 square meters, creating the world's advanced industrial intelligent equipment and industrial robots
Industry event. SIA was awarded the title of China's industry exhibition with exhibition value in 2020 by the industry association.
Since 2014, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province has been promoting the "robot replacement" strategy. The scale of information, home appliances, communications, equipment manufacturing and other products related to robot technology has reached more than 300 billion, and a special fund of "machine replacement" has been set up of 600 million yuan to support the industrial robot industry. By 2020, Dongguan will become a competitive and influential industrial robot industry and automation base and intelligent manufacturing demonstration city in the whole province and even in the whole country. Dongguan, known as the "world factory", is in urgent need of industrial robots. With the rapid development of Dongguan industrial robot technology, the improvement of manufacturing industry chain and the huge demand of users, the market development has great potential.
In order to better promote the healthy and rapid development of robot automation manufacturing industry, DME Dongguan Machinery Exhibition and SIA Dongguan intelligent factory exhibition will hold "2020 Dongguan (Houjie) Machinery Exhibition" in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition from November 11 to 14, 2020 (Wednesday to Saturday), which will be held by Dongguan chain horse Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Beijing zhongzhan Shixin International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd Welcome to the center!

Highlights of exhibition
① The buyer's demand for industrial automation, robot, industrial assembly and AGV car comes from the following industries: automobile manufacturing, logistics, 3C electronics, food, home appliances, daily chemical industry, auto parts industry, textile industry and biopharmaceutical industry
② The exhibition was held in Dongguan for the first time in 2019, and has been held in Shanghai for 17 consecutive times. Exhibitors include domestic and overseas enterprises. In 2019, nearly 90968 buyers visited the exhibition, 12% of which came from overseas countries and regions.
③ It is a grand event supported by overseas intelligent manufacturing related associations and national exhibition groups. They come from more than 50 countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, France, Britain, Spain, Canada, Thailand, Italy, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.

360 ° promotion for exhibitors
For SIA Dongguan intelligent factory exhibition, it has a set of unique secret operation methods for the successful operation of the exhibition. First, digital enabling exhibition is used to upgrade the traditional offline exhibition mode to Internet mode exhibition. Before the exhibition, the needs of exhibitors and merchants will be precisely matched, so that exhibitors can harvest the purchase intention in advance. Second, thanks to the mode of large-scale operation, human, material and financial resources are shared nationwide, and the exhibition operation cost is shared centrally, so as to reduce the exhibition expenditure cost of exhibitors. Third, many years of mature online and offline traffic acquisition experience, relying on the intelligent analysis of big data of their own platform, to maximize the effect of marketing resources utilization, so that every branch of exhibitors can get corresponding returns.

Market advantages:
Today, with the global intelligent manufacturing prevailing, the industrial automation market has become an important base for the sustainable economic development of all countries in the world. It is estimated that by 2020, the global industrial automation market will reach more than 200 billion US dollars. With the progressive upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, China's servo and motion control market is gradually mature, and has made good development in machine tools, engraving machines, semiconductors, industrial robots, EMS, material handling and other machinery industries. Relying on the 13th five year plan and made in China 2025 plan, relying on the robot and automation industry and the world's largest potential market resources, linear motion, as a key component of the robot and automation industry, plays an active role in promoting the robot and automation industry.

Exhibitors' comments
CEN Guojian / General Manager / zhongdalide intelligent transmission Co., Ltd
It's self-evident that Dongguan's position in China, the machinery and exhibition held in Dongguan is a very good decision-making, which is a good communication opportunity for Dongguan region, even for South China region and the whole industry.

Manager Chen / Vice President of business / Zhongtian intelligent Co., Ltd
We come to Dongguan International Automation robot exhibition every year. SIA exhibition has been organized better and better in scale, grade and exhibitors. Therefore, we are willing to pay attention to such exhibitions and platforms and participate in such exhibitions and platforms. With such a good platform as SIA, we are sure to follow along and wish Dongguan International Automation robot exhibition a better and better future.

Liu Jian / General Manager / Guangdong Bronte Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
For the first time in this year's SIA exhibition, the customer group of SIA exhibition is very professional. During the exhibition, we received many important potential customers who had never been contacted and understood before. The effect of the exhibition exceeded our expectation. We are very satisfied. Sia2020 company will take part with new products and new technologies ceremoniously. Please pay attention!

Zou Jianbin / General Manager / Dongguan Dayan robot Co., Ltd
Dongguan automation robot exhibition is the best automation exhibition in South China. The service provided by the organizer is in place, the response is rapid, the audience on site is like a tide, and the degree of specialization is also very high. The dozens of buses parked at the gate of the exhibition hall are unusual, which shows that the organizer is really attentive. Through the exhibition, we have further strengthened the image and position of Dayan robot in the market. From our own statistics after the exhibition, we have fully achieved the purpose of the exhibition. We are very satisfied. We will continue to participate next year

Booking process
1. Submit the application: submit the exhibition application form to clarify the intention of participation / visit. Download the registration form or ask for it from the staff.
2. Application acceptance: the application materials meet the exhibition requirements and shall be accepted. (1-3 working days).
3. Select booth: according to the optional booth map, select the reserved booth.
4. Sign the contract: according to the booth price and clear their rights and obligations, both parties shall seal and sign.
5. Payment: pay according to the exhibition agreement after confirming the booth.  
Exhibition process
1. Booking booth: determine the exhibition booth and pay for it.
2. Prepare samples: prepare samples to be displayed on the exhibition site.
3. Exhibits Logistics: usually, the logistics is cut-off two months before the exhibition, and most of them choose sea transportation.
4. Personnel visa: according to the signing time of different countries, apply for visa at least one month before the exhibition.
5. Booking itinerary: book airline tickets, hotels and other business services, or directly book all inclusive overseas services from www.dezhan.com.
6. Departure for exhibition: take an international flight to the exhibition city

Rights and obligations
1. If the exhibitors meet the legal conditions, the applicant shall have the right to know about the exhibition process.

2. The applicant enterprise has the right to require the implementing authority to explain and explain the public content.

3. The applicant shall have the right to consult, process progress inquiry and complain in the process of handling.

4. The applicant enterprise has the right to apply for administrative litigation if it has any objection to the handling result in the process of handling.

Related help
Relevant service hotline: 18861838195
Follow the general trend, occupy the mind, gather people's minds, watch Houjie in the global machinery exhibition November, November 11-14, 2020, let's look forward to it!


1. Metal finishing machines area
Turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, machining center (horizontal, vertical, gantry, combined) and other EDM machines, wire cutting machines, micropores
Processing, carving machine, marking machine, hydraulic press

2. Metal forming machine tools area
CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, flame cutting machine, water cutting machine, band sawing machine, shearing machine and other sheet metal CNC processing equipment; high speed and precision
Compact press, servo press, open press, closed press, extruder, CNC turret press, servo crank press, etc.; sheet metal
Stretching hydraulic press, single / four column hydraulic press, hydraulic straightening machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic broaching machine; laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser
Marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser drilling (drilling) machine and other related laser equipment; knife mold (laser knife mold), CNC turret punch mold
Bending die, multi position progressive die and other hardware / stamping die; sheet metal surface treatment equipment (deburring machine), sheet metal detection equipment, sheet metal
Gold processing software, etc.

3. Industrial automation and industrial robots exhibition area
FA system and device, sensor and control, mechanical automation, industrial assembly and transmission, non-standard automation, motion control and robot
Hydraulic and pneumatic components, logistics automation system, 3C automation, machine vision technology

4. Intelligent factory exhibition area
Automatic control system, automatic detection system, automatic alarm system, automatic control system, industrial robot

Rubber plastic and Mold Exhibition Area
Rubber / plastic calender, bag making machine, desulfurizer, vulcanizer, joint machine, setting machine, molding machine, laminating machine, cutting machine, granulator
, mixer, extruder, rubber cutter, injection molding machine, blow molding machine, plastic machine auxiliary machine, electronic control of plastic machine, plastic machine accessories, hydraulic components, plastic
Raw materials, plastic processing and products
Automobile mold, mold design, mold products, mold tools, mold materials, mold standard parts, wire drawing mold, hardware mold, powder
Metallurgical mold, forging mold, die casting mold, cold stamping mold, rubber mold, plastic mold, other mold

Die casting and casting exhibition area
Die casting equipment, die casting parts, die casting peripheral equipment, die casting machine accessories and consumables, die casting detection and process control equipment, vacuum die casting
CAD / CAE / CAM technology software, die-casting environmental protection equipment, die-casting Island, die-casting robot, die-casting automation equipment Casting, smelting and
Auxiliary equipment, molding / core making and auxiliary equipment, sand treatment / used sand recycling and auxiliary equipment, cleaning equipment and auxiliary equipment, special casting
Equipment, measurement, testing equipment, casting materials, environmental protection and energy saving equipment, other

Costs & Precautions

Booth type = booth specification = domestic enterprise configuration
Booth / exhibition period: 3 × 3 = 9 ㎡; ¥ 9200
Configuration: one table and two chairs, coaming, one power socket (220V / 5A), two spotlights, trash can, company name Chinese and English lintel;
Luxury booth / exhibition period: 3 × 4 = 12 ㎡ 12800
Configuration: one table, two chairs, coaming, one power socket (220V / 5A), two spotlights, trash cans, Chinese and English company name lintel, one set of glass round table, three exhibition boards with photo portraits;
The floor space / exhibition period is 36 ㎡ and the rent is 920 yuan / m2, which is built by the exhibitor without any facilities.

Advertising expenses
Note: the exhibition provides a variety of sponsorship programs, which provides more promotion opportunities for operators and suppliers, so that effective publicity can be carried out; if interested enterprises, please ask the Organizing Committee for participation details.

Matters needing attention
Matters needing attention
1. No fake and shoddy goods are allowed to participate in the exhibition. The exhibitors shall provide business license, product quality and other certification materials. In order to respect intellectual property rights, the exhibitors can only display products registered and produced in their own name and using their own registered trademarks, or authorized agents and distributors.  
2. Without the approval of the organizing committee, exhibitors are not allowed to transfer their booths at will. Once found, they will be disqualified.
3. After completing the "booth application form" and affixing the official seal, the enterprise shall fax it to the organizing committee, remit the booth fee to the designated account of the conference in one time within 3 working days, and issue the booth confirmation after confirming the exhibitor's qualification.
4. The booth application form has been regarded as the use of the contract. If the exhibitors are unable to participate in the exhibition due to unilateral reasons, they still need to pay 100% of the exhibition fee. Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to recover other losses.  
The measure of area: 100000 square metersscale: estimated 100000 professional visitors and 1000 high-quality exhibitors


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