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The 24th China International oral equipment exhibition and Symposium in 2020
Industry: Biology / Medicine / Health
Time: 2020/10/28 - 10/31 (Wed To Sat Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall ChinaShanghaiPudong New Area No.111, Expo Hall Road, Pudong, Shanghai
Sponsor:Shanghai bosing Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Shanghai bosing Exhibition Co., Ltd
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With more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, we strive to build a bridge for dental exchanges between China and foreign countries. We work together with China's stomatology to make progress. We talk about feelings and rely on integrity and service. Professor Zhou zengtong, President of Shanghai stomatology Association, commented on the outstanding contributions made by Shanghai stomatology Exhibition: products need exhibition stand, communication need platform, competition need challenge arena, rookies need stage, and academic need high platform. Congratulations to China International Dental Equipment Exhibition and Symposium for 23 years' efforts, which has successfully created the "Wutaishan" in the field of Stomatology!

Dentech China 2019, a four-day Shanghai oral exhibition, was successfully concluded at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall. This exhibition is very popular. Both the number of exhibitors and the number of visitors in this exhibition have been further improved compared with previous years. Under the leadership of the Chinese Association for science and technology, and with the support of dental colleges and medical associations all over the country, Shanghai dental exhibition continues to strive to build a bridge for dental exchanges between China and foreign countries, and make concerted efforts and progress with China's stomatology. In 2019, the exhibition area is more than 50000 square meters, with more than 2000 booths and nearly 850 manufacturers participating. The total number of visitors climbed to 115000, a new record.

The "internationality" of 2019 exhibition will be further strengthened, from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Pakistan, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Israel and other countries and regions Dental manufacturers gathered in Shanghai Dental Exhibition to display the company's image, latest products, technology and services, and the position of "wind vane" of Chinese dental industry in Shanghai Dental Exhibition was further consolidated.

About 200 speakers were invited to give speeches on hot topics and specific problems in the industry. In October, the same meeting of Shanghai dental exhibition received strong support from nearly 200 stomatological schools and stomatological hospitals in all provinces and cities.

The 23rd China International Dental Equipment Exhibition and Symposium in 2019 was successfully held in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, and the 24th China International Dental Equipment Exhibition and symposium will be held from October 28 to 31, 2020.


Sterilization and infection control products

Furniture and equipment of Dental Technology Office

Dental furniture and equipment

Denture processing Institute

Instruments and tools

All materials of Dental Technology Lab

Dental materials

Prevention and others

Other accessories and auxiliary materials for dental technology room

Other accessories and auxiliary materials for dental office

Denture restoration materials, implant products and accessories

Orthodontic products and accessories

Costs & Precautions

9m2 standard booth.......... RMB 26000.00
Extra charge for corner position.......... 10%

Standard booths include:
Hall 1
-Chinese and English headboard of the company
-Back plate and side plate
-1 consultation table
-4 leather chairs, 1 round table
- 2 spotlights.
-1 220V / 5A socket
-Carpet over
-Booth cleaning

Hall 2
-Chinese and English headboard of the company
-Back plate and side plate
-1 consultation table, 2 folding chairs
- 2 spotlights.
-1 220V / 5A socket
-Carpet over
-Booth cleaning

Cost of technical exchange meeting
1 per 2 hours RMB 12000.00
(small meeting room for 60-80 people)
1 per 2 hours RMB 30000.00
(large conference room with capacity of 200-250 people)

The technical exchange meeting includes:
- conference room
-Projector, screen, microphone
- drinking water


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