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The 11th Ningbo casting, forging and die casting industry exhibition in 2020
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2020/04/23 - 04/25 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Ningbo · Zhejiang Ningbo International Exhibition Center ChinaZhejiangNingbo 181 Jiangdong Exhibition Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Sponsor:Organizer: Zhongcheng exhibition, Jingcheng Exhibition
Organizer:Zhongcheng exhibition Jingcheng Exhibition
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Ningbo is a city with strong economy. We are speeding up the construction of the "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city. In the past three years of the pilot period, the municipal finance will allocate more than 10 billion yuan of special funds to support and promote the construction of the pilot demonstration city, and actively explore the path of "Ningbo intelligent manufacturing" to build "intelligent upgrading, intelligent transformation and intelligent agglomeration", so as to provide more Ningbo experience and Ningbo elements for the construction of a manufacturing power. As a traditional competitive industry in Ningbo, auto supporting industry (auto key parts manufacturing industry) continues to maintain a strong growth momentum. Ningbo also has two titles of "China die casting industrial base" and "China die casting die manufacturing base". Ninghai, Beilun and Xiangshan are the main industrial agglomeration areas. In 2017, Ningbo accounted for 12 of China's top 20 die-casting mould manufacturers in terms of comprehensive strength.

Ningbo has obvious advantages in location, especially in sea transportation. In 2018, the accumulated cargo throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan port exceeded "1 billion tons", ranking first in the world for 10 consecutive years. The annual container throughput exceeded 26 million TEUs for the first time, ranking among the "top three" ports in the world for the first time, and ranking the "second" port in China.

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area - in 2018, the total industrial output value reached 167.33 billion yuan, an increase of 9.0%, of which the output value of automobile industry reached 100.16 billion yuan, an increase of 13.0%. It accounts for 40% of the output value of Ningbo's automobile industry and nearly one fifth of that of the whole province. In 2018, 33 new projects were settled, with a total investment of 80.03 billion yuan, including 7 projects of more than 1 billion yuan (less than 10 billion yuan) and 4 projects of 10 billion level.

Ningbo Taiwen - auto parts production base, with over 10000 production enterprises, will build a global auto parts distribution center based on Ningbo's foreign trade advantages, port advantages and supporting service advantages in the future.

Exhibition - with the strong support of the government, the active participation of relevant industry associations and the standardized operation of professional organizations, the exhibition has been successfully held for ten times and widely recognized by the industry.


1. Casting equipment: smelting processing and pouring equipment, molding and core making equipment, cleaning equipment, sand dropping equipment, sand processing and recycling equipment, non-ferrous and special casting equipment, infiltration equipment, automatic forming system, software, transportation and lifting equipment and other casting machinery;

2. Forging equipment: Die Forging / free forging equipment, extrusion / rotary forming / cutting / bending and twisting forming equipment, mechanical press, automatic forging press, hydraulic press, forming equipment, forging hammer, forging machine, shearing machine, bending correction machine, uncoiling and leveling equipment for coil plate, riveting machine, die and repair technical equipment, automatic control equipment, detection and inspection equipment;

3. Die casting equipment: cold and hot chamber (aluminum, copper, zinc, magnesium alloy) die casting machine, peripheral equipment, auxiliary equipment and accessories; die casting mold design and manufacturing;

4. Casting, forging, die-casting robot (manipulator), automatic control system;

5. Raw and auxiliary materials: various raw materials, auxiliary materials, foundry coke and casting products, cast steel shot (die casting) coating, curing agent, bentonite coke, composite Deoxidizer, release agent, cleaning agent, adhesive, repair agent, refractory and other casting materials;

6. Heat treatment technology and equipment: various heat treatment furnaces, high, medium and low frequency induction heating equipment, new heating and cooling technology and devices, industrial furnaces and electric furnaces for casting / forging / heat treatment / powder metallurgy / nonferrous metal industry, and various medium frequency coreless induction melting and heat preservation furnaces, furnace instruments and control systems, various combustion equipment, furnace machinery and accessories, and testing instruments Table equipment, heat treatment materials, process atmosphere preparation system / refractory, radiant tube / combustion nozzle, heat treatment auxiliary equipment;

7. Surface treatment technology and equipment: cleaning, grinding, deburring, polishing and polishing, electroplating, plastic electroplating, vacuum electroplating; painting, spray room, oven, automatic manipulator painting system;

8. No damage detection, test and analysis equipment;

9. After processing equipment: CNC lathe, processing center, milling machine, grinder, drilling machine, shot blasting machine, polishing machine, sandblasting machine;

10. High quality castings, die castings and forgings;

11. Dust removal and purification system, water treatment equipment and technology, nitrogen production technology, gas separation and recovery technology;

12. Energy saving and environmental protection equipment, industrial air conditioning, ventilation equipment, negative pressure exhaust fan, fan, industrial cleaning technology equipment.

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth (3mx4m)

Standard booth (3mx3m)

Standard booth (2mx4m)

Light ground (36MTwoRent out


Domestic enterprises


Nine thousand and eight hundredYuan /

Eight thousand and eight hundredYuan /


Eight hundred and eightyYuan /MTwo


Seven thousand and eight hundredYuan /

Six thousand and six hundredYuan /

Seven hundred and eightyYuan /MTwo

Overseas enterprises


Two thousand and four hundredUSD / A

Two thousandUSD / A


Two hundredUS dollars /MTwo



One thousand and eight hundredUSD / A

One thousand and six hundredUSD / A

One hundred and eightyUS dollars /MTwo

Note: 1. Standard booth: three side coaming, carpet, lintel, two spotlights, one negotiation table, two chairs and one 220V socket. 2. Bare space: without any configuration, exhibitors need to design and build their own booths at their own cost.


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