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2020 China · Beijing · urban renewal and old community reconstruction Facilities Exhibition
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2020/04/01 - 04/03 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Daxing District · Beijing Beijing Yichuang International Exhibition Center ChinaBeijingDaxing District 6 Rongchang East st, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing
Sponsor:Organizer: Beijing wanglv Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing wanglv Exhibition Co., Ltd
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Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on June 19 to deploy and promote the transformation of old urban residential areas and improve the living conditions in line with the expectations of the masses; to determine measures to complete the transformation and upgrading of rural power grid in advance to help the revitalization of the countryside; to consolidate and improve the safety level of rural drinking water, support poverty alleviation and ensure the basic people's livelihood. According to the preliminary investigation of various places, at present, there are hundreds of millions of residents in the old urban communities that need to be reconstructed in China, with a large number, wide range, different situations and heavy tasks. It was determined at the meeting that, first, it is necessary to make clear the transformation standard and target range, and carry out pilot exploration this year to accumulate experience for further comprehensive promotion. Second, we need to strengthen government guidance, consolidate local responsibilities, strengthen overall planning and coordination, give play to the main role of the community, respect the wishes of the residents, and mobilize the masses to participate. Focus on the reconstruction and construction of supporting facilities such as water, electricity, optical fiber, etc. in the community. If possible, elevators and parking facilities can be added. Promote household transformation and consumption. Third, we need to innovate investment and financing mechanisms. This year, central subsidy funds will be arranged for the transformation of old urban areas. Encourage financial institutions and local governments to actively explore and increase financial support for the transformation of old residential areas in a sustainable way. Use the market-oriented way to attract the participation of social forces. Fourth, on the basis of the transformation of the community, we should guide the development of services such as community pension, childcare, medical care, catering, cleaning, etc. Promote the establishment of a long-term follow-up management mechanism.

At present, there are hundreds of millions of people living in the old urban communities that need to be transformed in China. The investment cycle of the old community reconstruction project is very short, the marginal benefit is obvious, the capital turnover is very fast, and it can be quickly transformed into consumption capacity. According to the notice on the transformation of old residential quarters in 2019 issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other three ministries in March this year, the old residential quarters should be built before 2000, with backward public facilities affecting the basic life of residents and strong willingness of residents to transform.

According to preliminary statistics, there are nearly 160000 old residential areas in China, involving more than 42 million residents, with a construction area of about 4 billion square meters, said Ni Jiangbo, inspector of the standard and quota Department of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in May this year.

The general office of Beijing Municipal People's government issued the notice on the comprehensive renovation work plan of old residential quarters (2018-2020), which requires the city to further promote the comprehensive renovation work of old residential quarters, continuously improve the level of urban governance and improve the living environment. At present, the old residential areas to be reconstructed in the city include those built before 1990, which have not yet completed the seismic and energy-saving reconstruction. Those built after 1990, whose performance or energy-saving effect of residential buildings has not reached 50% of the energy-saving standard of civil buildings, also include those completed the seismic and energy-saving reconstruction during the "12th Five Year Plan", but the infrastructure and basic functions are still insufficient, or the property management is not perfect The district. In terms of non economic assets, Beijing will accept and manage non operating assets of more than 100 million square meters of central authorities and central enterprises in the future, with a huge scale of asset management.

In response to the call of the state, to promote the progress of the transformation of old residential areas in Beijing, to promote the learning and exchange of enterprises and institutions, and to provide a timely supply and demand docking platform, the 2020 China urban renewal and old residential area transformation facilities exhibition will be opened in Beijing Yicheng International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 1 to 03, 2020.

The exhibition area classification: infrastructure renewal exhibition area, building energy conservation transformation exhibition area, upgrading and development exhibition area, investment and financing cooperation exhibition area, follow-up long-term management mechanism exhibition area, transformation achievement exhibition area and excellent service exhibition area.

At that time, more than 300 old community renewal and existing building reconstruction and development related products, equipment, services and supporting manufacturers will bring new technologies, new products, new equipment and new schemes to the stage. Welcome enterprises, institutions and individuals in the province to visit.


Infrastructure renewal exhibition area:
1. Water, electricity, optical fiber, road, building water supply and drainage, water supply and sewage treatment, underground pipe network, gate, external window, roof, waterproof, enclosure, main reinforcement, earthquake prevention, remote meter reading, heat metering;
2. Lighting facilities, emergency equipment, security, monitoring, fire fighting and broadcasting systems;
3. Environmental sanitation facilities, garbage disposal and environmental greening maintenance: Landscaping equipment, cleaning car, hand tractor, high-pressure cleaner, sweeper, vacuum cleaner, single wipe machine, polishing machine, water absorption machine, blow dryer, garbage carrier, recycle bin, garbage bin, garbage collection and transportation, garbage bin storage system, etc.
Exhibition area of building energy saving renovation:
1. External wall thermal insulation and waterproof, roof waterproof and outdoor window;
2. Community stairs and elevators;
3. Heating and cooling: solar energy, air energy, geothermal energy, air conditioning and other new energy transformation;
Upgrade development area:
1. Diagnosis management of parking lot operation status, garage management system, parking guidance system, automatic vehicle identification, one card smart card swiping system, parking charging system, charging pile and smart road gate;
2. Smart community O20, smart community service platform, community economy; direct water dispenser, unmanned pharmacy, unmanned supermarket, community service station, express post station, intelligent express cabinet, self-service vending machine and other operation units; community elderly care, kindergarten, medical care, catering, cleaning and other operation units; vegetable shop, food shop, small supermarket;
3. Constant temperature and humidity, fresh air system, sound insulation and noise reduction system, dust suppression equipment, digital control system, smart home;
4. Swimming pool, gym, outdoor fitness equipment, elderly fitness equipment;
Exhibition area of investment and financing mechanism;
Exhibition area of transformation results;
Excellent service exhibition area: Design Institute, design company, engineering company, brand property, technology property, decoration company, operation and maintenance management, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Exhibition type

Booth area

Domestic enterprises

Joint venture

Overseas enterprises

36sqm booth

6m × 6m

1000 yuan / m2

220usd / m2

300usd / m2

54 square meter booth

6m × 9m

1000 yuan / m2

220usd / m2

300usd / m2

72 square meter booth

6m × 12m

900 yuan / m2

180USD / m2

250usd / m2

144 square meter booth

12m × 12m

800 yuan / m2

160USD / m2

230usd / m2

216m2 booth

12m × 18m

750 yuan / m2

160USD / m2

230usd / m2

Note: the space only booth does not include any facilities (the minimum rental area is 36 ㎡). The management fee for carpet, water, electricity, gas and special decoration, electricity box fee, construction certificate fee and other fees required for the space will be calculated separately.


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