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2020 Ghana Building Materials Exhibition
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2020/06/17 - 06/19 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Ghana · Africa AfricaGarner Accra National Convention Center
Sponsor:Beijing meisbate International Exhibition Co., Ltd. - Xi'an company


Exhibition Name: Ghana Africa International Building Materials Exhibition 2020
Exhibition time: June 17, 2020 June 19, 2020
Venue: Accra National Convention Center
Welcome to the exhibition companies, enterprises, government agencies call Advisory! All the exhibitions of our company are the general representatives, and we invite the agents!

Previous situation: B2B buyer seller pairing: in 2017, 2018 and 2019 Ghana trade week, the precise pairing mode of B2B buyer seller was implemented to ensure that each exhibitor can have at least 5 high-quality purchasers. In Ghana Trade Week 2020, we will still implement the B2B Buyer Buyer matching model.
Low cost contact with customers: the most effective way for a company to reach qualified customers is to attend the exhibition. According to the survey, the average cost of using the exhibition to reach customers is only 40% of the cost of other ways to reach customers
Meet a large number of potential customers: according to the research, based on the average number of visitors to an exhibitor's booth, only 12% of the people received the phone calls from the company's sales staff within 12 months before the exhibition; 88% of the new potential customers, and the exhibition also brought high-level NEW customers to the exhibitors. For the products and services of participating companies, 49% of visitors at the exhibition are planning to buy those products and services.
Save time - get twice the result with half the effort: in three days, exhibitors have more potential customers than they can reach in six months or even one year; more importantly, face-to-face communication with potential customers is an important means to quickly establish a stable customer relationship.
Teach customers how to use products or feel services by hand: I'm afraid that the opportunity for enterprise sales personnel to carry products to the door for demonstration is not right. The exhibition is the best time and place for exhibitors to demonstrate products or feel services for potential customers.
Self recognition, industry development trend and customer demand change: in the exhibition, enterprises can also learn customers' expectation for product improvement and demand for new products through communication with professional visitors.
Expand business impact: every trade week we hold will invite local multimedia to participate.
Complete types of exhibits: the exhibition covers a wide range of industries, so that manufacturers have the opportunity to choose industries suitable for their own needs, and all buyers have trading places suitable for their needs, especially to meet the needs of international manufacturers and professionals.
High international and professional: the most professional buyers, market decision makers and businessmen in the industry participated in this trade week.
Promotion of on-site activities: during the exhibition, various interactive links will be held to enhance the added value of participation, improve publicity efficiency and provide more business opportunities.

Ghana building materials and hardware market
Large demand for building materials
Ghana's infrastructure is relatively backward. With the sustained and rapid economic growth and population growth, the impact of backward infrastructure on the economy and people's public life is increasingly prominent. According to a 2010 World Bank survey report, Ghana needs at least 2.5 billion US dollars a year to barely meet the domestic infrastructure construction needs of Ghana. In infrastructure There is still a large capital gap in the construction of facilities. As a result, Ghana's government has adopted a more relaxed and diversified financing policy, attracting a large number of investors, including from China. Dozens of large state-owned and state-owned enterprises have settled in Ghana, including Zhongshui, Gezhouba, Hunan Construction Engineering, Shenzhen energy, Sinopec, China Railway Construction Engineering, etc., which have successfully operated and implemented Buwei hydropower station, KaiPeng water supply, northern power grid reconstruction, Tema power plant, Takoradi natural gas liquefaction center and haianjiao Trading City by adopting the modes of two excellent loans, commercial loans and PPP investment A large number of projects, such as field, have a total contract value of more than 2 billion US dollars.
Ghana's urban housing is in short supply. Ghana has to build a large number of new houses to meet the housing demand
Daniel, CEO of Ghana Chuangshi investment company, said: Ghana is a developing country. Like China, today, thousands of residents are migrating from rural areas to cities, and Ghana is facing serious urbanization problems. In Accra, the capital of Ghana, the population is growing and the city scale is expanding, so the demand for infrastructure is also expanding.
With the economic development of Ghana, more and more people are migrating from rural areas to cities, and the scale of cities is expanding. At this time, people's demand for housing is also rising. However, Ghana's local developers mainly focus on the development of high-end and medium-sized housing with relatively high profits, while ignoring the low-cost housing. Therefore, although people's housing demand is strong, but they buy affordable houses, resulting in a high housing gap. Studies have shown that Ghana must provide 110000-140000 new low-cost housing to hide the actual demand.
In recent years, Ghana's industrial and commercial development has accelerated, many factories have been set up, office buildings and residential buildings have increased, and old buildings have been renovated, all of which make the building materials and hardware market flourish.
In recent years, in addition to the increase of construction projects, Ghana's hardware market also has a huge demand for mechanical hardware due to the development of mining industry and industry. Take Jamal Hassan Co. Ltd., a Lebanese based importer and distributor of building materials, mechanical hardware, hand tools and motors, for example. Although there is only one store in Accra, it imported 300 containers in 2015 and has 200 fixed enterprise customers.
Ghana has many infrastructure and hydropower projects under construction
Ghana has foreign companies with great influence, such as Israel, South Korea, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, etc., to invest. Specific projects include nkoruma flyover, teme port expansion, Accra Airport expansion, Midwest power grid transformation and other projects.
The Ghanaian government attaches great importance to investment and construction in infrastructure, resource development and other fields. Ghanaians have a strong sense of business and a good reputation. The government is committed to improving the middle-income, which has played a great role in building materials and infrastructure construction. In recent years, Ghana has increased investment in infrastructure construction, and many projects are in full swing, such as Tema aflao highway repair, akatsi dzodze noepe highway and UEMOA Ghana highway expansion and upgrading, as well as power plants, airports, highways, municipal infrastructure and ports.
The government of Ghana has upgraded the existing Tema port and Takoradi port, and China harbor group has participated in the construction of Takoradi port. There are also improvements and upgrades to Accra International Airport, Takoradi airport, Kumasi airport and temale airport. There are also Tema aflao road restoration, akatsi dzodze noepe road and UEMOA Ghana road expansion and upgrading, as well as power plants, airports, highways, municipal infrastructure and ports and other projects.
Ghana's industrial base is backward, and building materials products mainly rely on imports!
Scope of exhibits:
Building materials machinery: processing equipment, glass door and window machinery, construction machinery, construction engineering machinery, electric and manual tools, special vehicles, transportation equipment, site protective equipment, construction site facilities, etc;
Building materials: Stone (marble, granite), ceramics, home decoration, type brick, steel, non-ferrous metal, wood, cement, concrete, glass, gypsum, sealing materials, floor and carpet, wallpaper and wall board inlay, courtyard facilities, garden greening equipment, etc;
Architectural ceramics: all kinds of ceramic tiles, tiles, soft ceramics, mosaics, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, industrial ceramics, special ceramics. Wood and wood products, composite boards: wood, wood products, bamboo products, artificial boards, building wood templates; solid wood floors, bamboo floors, composite floors, laminate floors, anti-static floors; composite wood, wood plastic materials, fire boards, PVC composite materials, anti bate boards, acrylic boards, resin boards, decorative papers, etc.
Building hardware: water faucet, plumbing equipment, sanitary hardware accessories, doors (including cabinet doors), windows and doors, hardware accessories, valves, fasteners, standard parts, pipe fittings, nails, wire mesh, etc., all kinds of hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic / hydraulic tools and accessories, insulation tools, drilling, sawing, cutting power tools supporting products, steam protection tools, abrasives & Diamond Tools Garden tools, nylon ties, paint (brush) tools, nail guns and industrial nails, slings & industrial chains, rubber wheels / casters & trolleys, labor protection products
Basic building materials: cement, brick and tile, building aggregate, lime and products, concrete products, well covers, stairs, road materials, pavement engineering materials, bridge construction materials, etc. Other building materials: HVAC, air conditioning system, fan nozzle; water treatment system, water pump valve, pipeline device; building structure, movable house, building formwork, support system, scaffold;
Building decoration materials: adhesive, stone, steel, metal building materials, hardware and tools, sanitary ware, doors and windows and accessories, doors and windows Electromechanical, kitchen and bathroom facilities, plastic building materials, composite materials, new building materials, labor protection supplies, building glass, sunshade system, awning, tarpaulin, decoration materials, ground pavement materials, floor, carpet, artificial lawn, plastic rubber, wallpaper Fabric, home soft.
Accra is the capital and largest port city of Ghana. National political, economic and cultural center. In the southeast of the border, close to the Gulf of Guinea. The largest cities in Africa are closest to 0 ° longitude and 0 ° latitude. Population 2.29 million (2012). National political, economic and cultural center. Important cocoa and diamond markets. The roads extend in all directions. It has the only international airport in the country, Kotoka International Airport.

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