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Japan gift show 2020
Industry: Toys / Gifts / Crafts
Time: 2020/02/05 - 02/07 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Japan Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Japan AsiaJapan 3-21-1.Ariake.Koto-ku.Tokyo 135-0063
Sponsor:Shanghai LiMao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Tokyo gift show 2020
The Tokyo International Gift Show 2020
Exhibition time:
Autumn 2019: September 3rd (fire) - 6 (gold) [4 days]
Spring 2020: February 5 (water) - 7 (gold) [3 days]
Autumn 2020: October 7 (water) - 9 (gold) [3 days]
Spring 2021: February 3 (water) - 5 (gold) [3 days]
Address: Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
Venue address: "135-0063, Youming 3-11-1, East Dujiang District, Tokyo"
Exhibition area: 110000 M2
Sponsor: Japan Trade Promotion Association, Japan Department Store Association, Japan Commodity importer Association, etc
Exhibition organization: Shanghai L & M International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Senior business Lei Yan 15902158196 / qq3001303795
Business habits of Japanese buyers
Once in the Japanese market, you will get“
Long term stable business cooperation
Stable payment
Reputation of product quality
Knowledge of Technology / quality management / commodity development
You will get not only profits, but also good business partners and DNA needed for enterprise development
Notice to exhibitors:
Because the average time for customers to pass a booth is less than 5 seconds
According to the product division, there are many similar or even the same products as your company
The arrangement of the booths reflects the image of the enterprise and the attitude towards the Japanese market
So even if there are good products, if your company can't grasp the opportunity to fully display on site, the exhibition effect will be greatly reduced
[introduction to Tokyo gift show]
Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS) is the largest trade show in Japan. Founded in 1976, Tokyo International Gift exhibition is the largest and most important gift exhibition in Japan. It is held in spring and autumn every year. The gift exhibition is hosted by Japan Trade Promotion Association, Japan Department Store Association, Japan Commodity importer Association and Japan manufactured goods import Promotion Association The office has received strong support from the commercial offices of embassies of many countries in Japan and many industry associations in Japan.
The kimono made by Japan for China can be so beautiful. Great Wall dragon, lovely panda and blooming peony all reflect China's unique cultural history. In the 13th year, there are three cities for the 32nd Summer Olympic Games: Turkey Istanbul, Spain Madrid and Japan Tokyo. Finally, through many procedures, international Jacques Rogge, the president of the Olympic Committee, immediately announced that Tokyo has won the right to host the 32nd Summer Olympic Games, and that there are still two years to go before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games!
[market analysis of Tokyo gift show]
In the golden purchasing season of September every year, Japan gift home exhibition attracts more than 100000 professional buyers to purchase various business gifts and fashion consumer goods. This is not just an exhibition. The organizers are committed to building a high-quality exhibition platform, gathering industry people, conducting business negotiations, and helping customers achieve business growth. They have launched a buyer matching service, which matches suitable exhibitors for large buyers with purchasing needs before the exhibition. If the matching is successful, they can have face-to-face individual meetings and negotiations during the exhibition, so that customers can achieve it within the exhibition period of 4 days Maximize the benefits of participation. In addition, the launch of professional gifts and home appliances e-commerce exhibition platform -. More effective link exhibitors and buyers, create value!
Last review: exhibition area: 92000 square meters; number of exhibitors: 3500; number of visitors: 200436
[exhibition scope of Japan gift show]
Aromatherapy products, crafts and decorations, fashion accessories and clothing flower decoration, packaging products, personal care, health care and toilet supplies, gifts, electronic consumer goods, small appliances and it products, stationery, office stationery, paper products, other gifts and gifts


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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