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The 6th China (Turkey) trade fair and home appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair in 2019
Industry: Communications / Electronics
Time: 2019/05/23 - 05/25 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Turkey AsiaTurkey Istanbul World Trade Centre
Sponsor:Shenzhen miolante International Exhibition Co., Ltd


The 6th China (Turkey) Trade Fair in 2019
And home appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair
[time]: may 23-may 25, 2019
[location]: Istanbul World Trade Center
[organizer]: Hangzhou Municipal People's government and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce
[organizer]: Rio Rand International Exhibition (Stock Code: Rio exhibition 831822)
[CO organizer]: Istanbul World Trade Center
[supporting units]: Shaoxing Municipal People's government, Jiaxing Municipal People's government, Huzhou Municipal People's government, Hangzhou Economic Cooperation Office, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Xiaoshan District People's government, Yuhang District People's Government
[group organization]: Tianjin Council for the promotion of international trade
[scope of exhibits]:
Communication and peripheral products
Mobile phone, mobile phone charger, mobile phone protection case, mobile phone accessories such as headset, charging cable, etc
Computer system and surroundings
Computer, mouse, keyboard, power cable, etc
Car Kit
Car navigation, car charger, car audio, car Bluetooth, car DVD, etc
Video games and others
Game consoles, digital products such as digital cameras, audio systems, electronic components, testing and measuring instruments and other products

Capital: Ankara
Main cities: Istanbul, Izmir, bursa, etc
Population: 77695904 (2014)
Land area: 78356200 square kilometers
Total GDP: $718221 million (2015)

According to the data released by Turkish Statistics Bureau, Turkey's GDP reached 718.2 billion US dollars in 2015. The share of service industry, industry and agriculture in GDP is 57.8%, 24.1% and 7.1% respectively.
Turkey's geographical location: located in the west of Asia, across Europe and Asia. It is adjacent to eight countries in Asia and Europe, including Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran in the East, Iraq and Syria in the southeast, Bulgaria and Greece in the West.

1. Across Eurasia, east-west exchanges converge here
Turkey has 3% of its land area in Europe and 97% in Asia. Its unique geographical location makes it a hub connecting Eurasian trade. Its architectural style, living habits and so on also integrate the styles of the two places to form a unique Turkish style.

2. Trade between Turkey and the EU
Although Turkey has not joined the EU, it is a member of the EU customs union and enjoys the treatment of member states in trade. The import and export between the EU and its member states are free of customs duties, and the quantitative quota restrictions are lifted. Third country products can freely flow between Turkey and EU Member States.

3. Trade between Turkey and North Africa
As an Islamic country, Turkey has religious and cultural consistency with its neighboring Islamic countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Turkey's market development in North Africa has been very successful.

[exhibition fee]:
Booth fee: 35800 / 9m2
Price of bare land: 3500 / m2 (from 36m2)
Single exhibition staff fee: 18800 / person
Comprehensive organization registration fee: 3000
70% - 100% subsidy for qualified government subsidy


Costs & Precautions


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