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The 19th Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) International Pharmaceutical and medical equipment exhibition in 2019
Industry: Biology / Medicine / Health
Time: 2019/09/11 - 09/14 (Wed To Sat Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Vietnam Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam AsiaVietnam? 4th Floor,Lawrence S. Ting Building,801 Nguyen Van Linh ,Parkway, Dist. 7,Ho Chi Minh City ,Vietnam
Sponsor:Shanghai Chuangshi Exhibition Co., Ltd


2019 19th Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) International Medical and medical equipment exhibition armed & Healthcare Vietnam
The 8th Vietnam International Analytical Instrument and experimental testing equipment exhibition in 2019
International Exhibition In Vietnam On laboratory Tech Analysis & Biotech

Exhibition time: September 11-14, 2019
Venue: SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Organizer: Shanghai Chuangshi Exhibition Co., Ltd

Yuenan health department's main professional medical association! Many national and local groups participated in the exhibition!
Exhibition scale: 600 booths, 10000 ㎡ exhibition area, exhibitors from 25 countries and regions

Exhibition scope:
Medical products: medical equipment and instruments, medical consumables, medical dressings, surgical equipment, rescue equipment, diagnostic equipment and supplies, ophthalmic equipment and equipment, otolaryngology equipment, dental equipment and supplies, medical reagents and equipment, medical health products and equipment, medical machinery and laboratory technical equipment, medical information and technology exchange, beauty equipment
Analytical instruments: optical analysis instrument, mass spectrometer, spectrometer, chromatograph, spectrograph, spectrometer, electrochemical analysis instrument, ray analysis instrument, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, thermal analysis instrument, various portable instruments, surface analysis instrument, nuclear analysis instrument, element analysis instrument, process analysis instrument, component analysis instrument, injection analysis instrument and other general purpose instruments Analytical instruments, etc;
Laboratory equipment: laboratory instruments and equipment, laboratory automation and accessories, optical instruments and equipment, microscope, optical image processing, electronic measuring instrument, multimeter, oscillograph, electronic probe, electronic simulation system, single chip microcomputer development system, image analysis and processing system, testing instruments and devices, calibration device, measurement and weighing system, chemical reagent, laboratory update Transformation technology, consumables and related software;
Biochemical field: biochemical instrument, medical analysis and diagnosis instrument, biomedical instrument, pharmacy and diagnosis, DNA synthesizer, enzyme labeling instrument, cell biology instrument, biochemical engineering equipment, biotechnology equipment, fermentation equipment, extraction equipment, separation equipment, filtration equipment, sterilization equipment, purification equipment, detection and control equipment, liquid treatment equipment, cleaning equipment and each Consumables.
Pharmaceutical equipment: pharmaceutical production equipment and technology, pharmaceutical packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, pharmaceutical production, cleaning and disinfection configuration system
Finished medicine: all kinds of Chinese patent medicine, western medicine, new medicine, special medicine, biopharmaceutical, Chinese herbal medicine
APIs: various APIs, chemical pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical intermediates

Family health products: health medicine food, functional health food, health equipment, massage equipment, physical therapy products, etc

This exhibition is the only most professional international medical and pharmaceutical exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of health of Vietnam. It is divided into two seasons: spring and autumn. It is held in Hanoi City in May, and in Ho Chi Minh City, the most developed city in Vietnam, in September. It is sponsored by adpex Exhibition Co., Ltd. of Vietnam. It is held once a year. By 2019, it has been the 19th session. With the strong support of the Ministry of health of Vietnam, the exhibition has become the most professional international exhibition in the field of medicine and medical treatment in Vietnam. Because of its professional and high-quality professional audience, it has attracted more and more foreign enterprises including China. Through such a professional platform, it has entered the Vietnamese market and achieved substantial results!
The scale of the exhibition is expanding year by year. In order to meet the needs of the market segments, the organizing committee will hold the "eighth Vietnam International Analytical Instrument and experimental testing equipment exhibition" at the same time, with the active participation of analytical instrument and laboratory equipment manufacturers from all over the world!

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