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2020 Shanghai international petrochemical, natural gas and petrochemical industry blockchain Exhibition
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/12/09 - 12/11 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center 1099 Guozhan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Sponsor:Shanghai Petroleum Products Trade Association, China Petrochemical Federation, Shanghai Chemical Industry Association
Organizer:Shanghai Jiancheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Donghao Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., and German jabekai


International Trade Fair of petrochemical raw materials and natural gas

The exhibition is jointly sponsored by Shanghai Petroleum Products Trade Association, China Petroleum and chemical Federation and Shanghai Chemical Industry Association

It also has the participation of large domestic and foreign enterprises such as PetroChina Kunlun oil, Shandong Jingbo, Hengli petrochemical, German shuchi, British BP, British shell, BASF and three barrels of oil

Professional audience 100000 + Forum 20 + media 200 + scheduled exhibitors 1000 +

Pgpc China 2020 is the first professional event covering the whole petrochemical and natural gas industry chain in Asia Pacific region to apply blockchain to exhibitions. One click on-site transaction process will be provided for all exhibitors

With the theme of "energy blockchain innovation leads the future", the exhibition area is about 34000 square meters.
The exhibits cover basic chemicals, petrochemical and energy chemicals, natural gas, fine and special chemicals, chemical technology and equipment chemicals, packaging and storage, blockchain customization programs, etc. At the same time, the exhibition was strongly supported by banks, futures companies, commercial factoring companies and import and export companies. Through the exhibition and exchange of this exhibition, we will realize the role of resource sharing, optimization and upgrading, and promoting trade, deepen supply side structural reform, improve the industrial basic capacity and the level of the industrial chain of the petrochemical and natural gas industry, so as to provide new assistance and make new contributions to the high-quality development of the national and regional economy.


Basic chemicals: basic inorganic and organic chemical raw materials, etc;
Petrochemical and energy chemical industry: crude oil, solvent oil, paraffin and additives for petroleum products; refining and chemical integration, aromatics
Px, PTA, pet, chemical fiber, etc.; olefin, ethylene, propylene, TDI, MDI, etc.; coal chemical industry, shale gas, hydrogen energy;
Natural gas: natural gas engineering, natural gas equipment, liquefied natural gas technology, urban gas detection
Fine and special chemicals: organic chemical raw materials and intermediates, fluorescent brighteners, catalysts, plastic additives, surface activity
Agents, electronic chemicals, water treatment chemicals, outsourcing / customized synthesis / entrusted processing chemicals, feed and food additives, raw
Physical chemicals, oilfield chemicals, leather chemicals, daily chemicals, cleaners and additives, etc;
Chemical technology and equipment: pumps, valves, pipe fittings, drying, separation and filtration equipment, powder and screening equipment, intelligent manufacturing, flow
Transmission and heat exchange equipment, refrigeration equipment, analysis and testing, laboratory instruments, seals, chemical plants and equipment
Chemical packaging, storage and transportation: packaging (IBC ton barrel, plastic barrel, PE valve pocket, paper plastic composite bag, plastic woven bag, liquid
Bags, inflatable containers, stainless steel containers, plastic pallets, wooden pallets, turnover boxes, caps, labels, cleaning systems
Integrated solutions and packaging equipment for breathable products and packaging; storage and transportation (chemical materials company, storage equipment, tank design and Engineering)
Technology and equipment of dangerous goods logistics;
·Blockchain: banks, futures companies, commercial factoring companies, freight forwarding companies, import and export companies, law firms for capital intensive
One stop solution for resource intensive industries, strategic development plan for petrochemical and natural gas futures market, etc;

Costs & Precautions

·International standard booth:

A: Domestic enterprises: 15800.00/exhibition period (RMB) 3M × 3M

B: Foreign enterprises: 3200.00/usd 3M × 3M

Note: standard booth (including: three white wall panels, Chinese (English) lintel making, one consultation table, two folding chairs, full carpet, booth lighting, 220V / 1 electricity

·Luxury standard booth:

A: Domestic enterprises: 21800.00/exhibition period (RMB) 3M × 3M

B: Foreign enterprises: 5800.00/usd 3M × 3M

Note: standard booth (including: three white wall panels, Chinese (English) lintel making, one consultation table, two folding chairs, full carpet, booth lighting, 220V / 1 electricity

·Indoor light ground:

A: Domestic enterprises: 1500.00 (RMB) / m2 / exhibition period

B: Foreign enterprises: 320.00 (USD) / m2 / exhibition period

Note: (the minimum rent is 36 square meters) "Guangdi" only provides exhibition space, excluding exhibition stand, exhibition equipment, carpet, power supply, etc.

Advertising expenses

The measure of area: 34000m2


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