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Qingdao fair in 2020 - Qingdao fair in spring 2020
Industry: Jewellery / Jewelry / Beauty
Cycle: Twice A Year
Time: 2020/03/29 - 03/31 (Sun To Tues Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Qingdao Qingdao International Convention Center Qingdao International Expo Center, No.7-1, Wenquan 2nd Road, Jimo District, Qingdao, Shandong Province
Sponsor:Mei Bo International
Organizer:Mei Bo International
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Qingdao fair in 2020 - Qingdao fair in spring 2020
Time: March 29-31, 2020
Venue: Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center - No.9, Miaoling Road, Laoshan District
Contact: Li Ting l3l-2065-9l76 qq-2988-59069

The 37th Qingdao fair in 2020 will be held again on March 29-31. The fair will gather nearly 1200 international and domestic exhibitors and more than 1000 brands. At that time, it will attract tens of thousands of industrial buyers from Shandong and surrounding areas to visit and purchase. Our mission is to focus on customers and "focus on the beauty industry - promote the development of China's beauty industry with excellent services", which is effective. The result is the hard truth 。

Qingdao International Fair is an influential high-end exhibition platform in the eastern coastal areas of China. Based on years of experience in holding exhibitions in cities, Qingdao International Fair focuses on the exhibition and display of American products, aims to promote trade transactions between the supplier and the demander, and focuses on the establishment of an interactive exchange system of regional industrial connectivity, striving to create a set of brand promotion, exhibition and high-end dialogue . the exclusive platform of Meiye, which integrates market development, is also the most effective information platform for you to find distributors, agents, franchising chains, partners, show style and learn from experts of Meiye.

Reasons for exhibiting
1. China's beauty cosmetics and daily chemical industry are in the process of brand cultivation, and a professional exchange platform is extremely needed. Qingdao International Beauty Expo will become a fusion agent of the industry, allowing all enterprises to seek business opportunities and common development in the exchange and interaction.
2. Through regional clustering, industrial intensification and channel diversification, Qingdao International Beauty Expo has forged a high-quality exhibition platform, constantly integrating industry resources, improving conference functions, leading development trends and refining service system in the process of reform, so as to play a positive role in promoting the healthy development of beauty industry.
3. In the future, the domestic market demand potential will continue to be released, and the beauty industry has a huge growth space.
4. Qingdao is an important coastal center city, economic center city, national historical and cultural city, and an international port city, known as "Oriental Switzerland". Qingdao has successively won the titles of "advanced unit of exhibition work in Shandong Province", "top ten famous exhibition cities in China", "world brand exhibition city in China", etc.
5. The exhibition is not only a barometer of the industry, but also a catalyst for the development of the industry. To a large extent, the exhibition can reflect a series of problems such as the rise and fall of the industry, the status of enterprises, product trends, etc. Enterprises can analyze the industry and do a good job by participating in exhibitions
Development plan.

Expected revenue from participating in this exhibition
One. publicize and promote the brand, and expand the popularity and reputation;
TwoMeet with old customers and develop new customers;
ThreeSearch for distributors and agents, establish sales channels and expand sales network;
Four. meet with end users for negotiation and exchange;
FiveMeet with peers, carry out technical cooperation and processing on behalf of others;
SixAccess to new engineering, procurement information and bidding opportunities;
Seven, meet new suppliers and partners.

Qingdao fair in 2020,Contact: Li Ting l3l-2065-9l76 qq-2988-59069


Exhibition scope:
OneDaily chemical industry chain: skin care, shampoo, cosmetics, perfume, cosmetics and baby care. Oral care Men's care Household washing Retail chainMicro electronic businessetc.
TwoImported products: imported cosmetics, beauty products, anti-aging products, medical beauty products, etc
Three.Professional beauty: medical beauty, beauty salon skin care products, body care products, slimming product technology and equipment, beauty instruments, medical beauty instruments, tattoos, aromatherapy, mascara products and tools, tooth whitening, tooth beautyEtc.
Four.Hairdressing products: washing, protecting, dyeing and ironing products, hair products, wigs, hair raising and development products, hairdressing equipment;
Five.Great health: moxibustion, essential oil, medicine and oil, beauty and health drinks, health care and health management products;
Six.Bath: hot spring, swimming pool, bath, sauna, foot bath, health care, health industry, etc;
SevenPackaging materials: packaging equipment, various containers, special bags, printing, etc;
Eight.Others: professional media, education and training institutions, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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