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2019 the 3rd China Zhengzhou international high end integrated home furnishing and moving door Exhibition
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2019/03/03 - 03/05 (Sun To Tues Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Zhengzhou · Henan Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center No.1 Central Park, business inner ring road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou
Sponsor:Zhengzhou Yimen Industry Association, Henan customized home working committee of furniture and decoration chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and Commerce
Organizer:Henan Zhongli Exhibition Co., Ltd., Henan household planning and Design Institute


The third China Zhengzhou international high-end integrated home furnishing and moving door exhibition, sponsored by Zhengzhou moving door industry association and Henan customized home furnishing Committee of all China Federation of industry and commerce, will be held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 3 to 5, 2019, with an estimated exhibition area of 100000 square meters. After two years of development, xinhuameizhuo, kadenlai, Xicheng, Ouman, yilibao, hemeijia, Jianyi, Hongtian, bluesmith, Odia, Bawei, Starley, Zhu's family, dingshengde, Wanda Honghe, Linyuan, weiyili, linrun, Dingxin, Jinrun Jiamei, weishide, aiweisi, fengmaoheli, Meitong Huaxia, Fuhua, weiyejin, dingnuo, kaidejin Meidi, Dijia, Meixin, xuanting, aoduo, Mr. Yichao, Yichao quality, Jincheng, xinjixing, the royal nobility, Qianjin, pinjiang, manshaowang, one-stop, and energy and other well-known domestic enterprises took the lead. After careful cultivation and innovative development, Zhengzhou Integrated Home Furnishing Exhibition has become the most valuable industry event with the highest gold content in the central and western regions. At the same time, it also brings new power and opportunities for the integrated home furnishing industry.
As the first exhibition of moving doors in the Midwest, 2019 exhibition will continue to rely on the advantages of industrial cluster and location, and will work together with Zhengzhou gate Expo to integrate resources and integrate double exhibitions. While expanding the scale of the exhibition, it will make full use of the different recruitment / investment promotion channels and industry influence of both sides to create a home furnishing intelligent, soft fitting supporting, future concept, design diversification, exhibition + Conference for the industry Discuss the feast of domestic customized door industry. The exhibition will provide an efficient communication and cooperation platform for high-end integrated home furnishing and moving door enterprises to display high-quality products, attract investment and join in, discuss development strategies, etc.; it will also provide a fashion stage for sharing, blending and cooperation for cross-border home furnishing resources and design elites; and it will create a diversified domestic customized moving door feast for the industry.  
Double exhibition in one to create unicorn in the industry
Zhengzhou high end integrated home furnishing and moving door exhibition will be held in Zhengzhou gate Expo. The two undertakers will strive to create an exhibition area of nearly 100000 square meters to create a diversified customized home furnishing industry feast for the central and western regions.  
Six themes + whole industry chain
Metal doors + wooden doors + sliding doors + customization + stairs + mechanical materials, six exhibition themes, thousands of brand enterprises, not only presents an unprecedented industry event, but also brings a display and exchange platform covering the whole industry chain of home furnishings, such as whole house customization, categories, machinery and materials.
Home furnishing intelligence + Internet
The exhibition will cooperate with the home decoration company and the Internet platform to introduce the top brands of customized and smart home to the first tier cities, so as to realize the transformation of the traditional home industry and the "Internet +". Integrate platform resources to improve efficiency and quality.
Future + concept, define new life
Integration of high-end real estate companies, home decoration companies, high-end customized factories, well-known designers, multi-party cooperation. For the future lifestyle of life and home furnishing, we will create a customized hardcover display of mini.
Exhibition + conference, focusing on industry development
Zhengzhou integrated home furnishing and mobile door exhibition will actively contact domestic material and equipment manufacturers, training institutions and Internet leading enterprises, and hold 20 forums for technology / marketing / products / Internet to enrich on-site activities while constantly improving the hard power of the exhibition.
[exhibition advantages]
1. Direct bus for exhibition, free shuttle bus, the first in the industry
Zhengzhou Integrated Home Furnishing Exhibition implements the tenet of "looking for the seller for the buyer, looking for the buyer for the seller". In order to create the best service attitude, dealers all over the country can watch the exhibition free of charge without spending money. During the exhibition period, the bus free transfers the professional audience, Taking Zhengzhou as the center radius of 500 km free transfers and visits. It covers six cities, counties and townships in the middle of China to ensure the maximum effect of the exhibition.
2. Data and information of 500000 precise buyers = investment promotion and joining + trade matching
The "door industry + integrated home furnishing" platform of this exhibition is built to facilitate the exchange between exhibitors and visitors more quickly, precise trade connection, and seamless connection between suppliers and demanders, so that exhibitors and visitors can quickly and effectively explore the market, understand the latest products and technologies, improve the trade achieved during the exhibition, obtain the number of orders, maintain the old customer relationship, and achieve participation Maximize commercial benefits.
3. 600 counties and cities + 1000 professional markets = brand promotion + popularity promotion
Through the work of audience database center, call center, SMS center, Internet and email center, the organizing committee has expanded, updated and improved the database of home building materials market, mobile phone number cluster database of professional audience and Pan home industry, and e-mail cluster database of more than 600 cities and counties in the central region.


◆ wood door exhibition area: solid wood door, paint door, steel wood door, paint free door, bamboo wood door, automatic door, molded door, fire door, composite door, wood plastic door, woodworking machinery, door coating, glue, paint chemical products, etc;
◆ sliding door exhibition area: hollow door, sliding door, wall cabinet door, folding door, sliding door, combined cloakroom, swing door, sliding door, decorative art glass, hotel high partition, office partition, movable screen, shower room, system partition wall, etc;
◆ window industry exhibition area: fixed window, casement window, revolving window, sliding window, wooden window, aluminum alloy window, louver, thermal insulation window, sunshine room, etc;
◆ cabinet exhibition area: integral cabinet, integrated kitchen, hanging cabinet, cabinet board, cabinet door board, artificial stone table, stainless steel table, etc;
◆ wardrobe exhibition area: integrated wardrobe, bookcase, cloakroom, bathroom cabinet, combination cabinet, cabinet door, partition, supporting series (TV cabinet, bed cabinet, shoe cabinet, etc.), interior door system, wall cabinet plate and auxiliary materials, etc;
◆ stair exhibition area: solid wood stair, steel wood stair, stone stair, glass stair, iron / stainless steel stair, electric remote control extension ladder, etc;
◆ kitchen electricity exhibition area: kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, water purification appliances, water purification equipment, food waste disposal and small household appliances, etc;
◆ hardware accessories exhibition area: sink, pull basket, hinge, slide rail, movable track, sliding door latch lock, sliding door handle lock, direct plug-in electric control lock, support, hanging code, handle, hinge, handle and other hardware accessories.

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth

6800 yuan / person.

Configuration: three coamings, one lintel, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, power socket (220V / 5A)

Open space

628 yuan / m2 (from 36m2)

Note: it does not include any configuration. The exhibitors shall pay the temporary electricity charge, rental fee of exhibition equipment, special installation construction management fee and special installation deposit by themselves.

Open space II.

728 yuan / m2 (from 36m2)

Remarks: including simple decoration (truss, painting, carpet, spotlight, power supply, construction management fee and special decoration deposit).

Note: the exhibitor of special decoration shall send or email the decoration drawings to the office of the organizer for approval and sign the safety responsibility letter within 15 days before the exhibition.


  • Company:Henan Zhongli Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Telephone:0371-55292980、55292982
  • Fax:0371-55292980
  • E-mail:doorfair@163.com
  • WebSite:www.jcjjz.net
  • Address:Hall A, Yuxin logistics center, intersection of Mingli road and Longhai expressway, Guancheng Hui District, Zhengzhou City


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