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2019 Ningxia Green Building Industry Expo, Ningxia HVAC Expo
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2019/04/19 - 04/21 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Yinchuan · Ningxia Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaNingxia Hui Autonomous RegionYinchuan City No. 169, middle Beijing Road, Yinchuan
Sponsor:Electric energy and heat supply Committee of China Building Energy Conservation Association
Organizer:Xinjiang Guoju Dading Exhibition Co., Ltd



In response to the call of the national "one belt and one way" strategy and the "13th Five-Year plan" of building energy efficiency and green building development, to promote the development of green building materials industry in Ningxia, the Ningxia green building industry exposition holds the idea of "focusing on frontiers, high quality and high efficiency", which will be held on April 2019 19-21 at the Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will join hands with many professional institutions, well-known enterprises and media in the field of green building, locate at internationalization, marketization and industrialization, gather the latest information, the best resources, the most cutting-edge technology and the most eye-catching achievements of the industry, create a good atmosphere of competition and cooperation, bump into new development opportunities, present a wonderful industry event, and pay attention to the green building industry in Ningxia We will continue to work hard to improve domestic green building technology and international communication capabilities, and accelerate the development of green industries and the transformation and upgrading of industrial structures.

Matters needing attention
Registration and exhibition arrangement: 08:00-18:00, April 17-18, 2019
Exhibition time: 09:00-17:00, April 19-21, 2019
09:00-17:00, April 19, 2019
09:00-14:00, April 21, 2019
Opening time: 09:00, April 19, 2019
Move out time: 14:00, April 21, 2019


Assembly type of building achievements: ecological design, building construction technology, integrated housing, sunshine room system, color steel mobile room, steel structure, prefabricated concrete structure, wood structure and related supporting products of green ecological city and smart city;
New building materials: new wall materials, thermal insulation materials, waterproof sealing materials and decoration materials, building coatings, guardrail fences, flooring materials, building decoration hardware, related supporting products, etc;
Doors and windows and curtain walls: doors and windows and curtain walls, building shading, structural glue series and hardware accessories series, building glass and photovoltaic series, door control curtain wall hardware, woodworking machinery, doors and windows machinery, glass machinery and other related supporting products;
Heating and ventilation: central heating, individual heating equipment and equipment, electric heating, solar energy building application, heat pump, building water supply and drainage and purification equipment, ventilation equipment related supporting products, etc;
Interior decoration: wardrobe and sliding door, integral kitchen and bathroom, architectural ceramics and stone materials, floor materials, wall decoration, soft decoration, integrated ceiling, etc;

Costs & Precautions

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