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2020 Asia Shanghai International Intelligent Weighing Instrument Exhibition and Forum
Industry: Communications / Electronics
Time: 2020/04/15 - 04/17 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shanghai Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center ChinaShanghai CityMunicipal District Shanghai City
Sponsor:Shanghai Liguo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Organizer:Shanghai Liguo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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2020 Asia Shanghai International Intelligent Weighing Instrument Exhibition and Forum
2020 Asia (Shanghai) International Intelligent Weighing Instrument Exhibition and Forum

Time: April 15-17, 2020
Venue: Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center

With the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of application level, weighing instrument products are becoming intelligent, digital, integrated and networked, which has become the development direction of weighing instrument industry in the world. China's application of advanced weighing apparatus with high technology content is still in the stage of relying on import to solve the supply. Therefore, in the field of weighing apparatus products with high technology content, China's weighing apparatus manufacturing enterprises have a huge development space. In addition, with the continuous growth of domestic consumption level and industrial economy, the domestic demand of intelligent weighing instrument products will further increase.
"2020 Asia (Shanghai) International Intelligent Weighing Instrument Exhibition and forum" is one of the largest, high-level and professional weighing instrument industry events in Asia. This conference will continue the organizational principle of "government promotion, market operation, professional operation and international expansion", with the theme of "creating new industries, service trade, docking with the world, and win-win cooperation", with the theme of "exhibition trade, brand" In the form of promotion, academic exchange, project cooperation and comprehensive service, a platform for enterprise innovation, industry innovation and service innovation will be built. At that time, exhibitors and visitors from all over the world can share valuable new products, new knowledge and new experience, wantonly carry out trade negotiations and technical exchanges, from product ordering to scheme design, and even industry cutting-edge discussion, and strive to become a trading platform for the development of China's weighing instrument industry towards the international market.
During the exhibition, the organizing committee meticulously organized a number of rich and comprehensive industry technical exchange meetings and new product conferences, looking forward to your coming to the site to seek the future development of the industry.

National group: it is displayed as a whole by associations and enterprises from Japan, Germany, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions.
Department support: the exhibition is strongly supported by many authoritative departments, and guided by the municipal management and weighing instrument competent department, which will comprehensively enhance the impact of the exhibition.
Buyer service: free of charge to provide professional buyer hotel accommodation during the meeting. In addition to arranging accommodation for free, professional buyers from surrounding provinces and cities in East China will also be reimbursed for high-speed rail tickets, which really radiate the domestic market.
Summit Forum: taking into account the academic level, we will strengthen the application of technology, and hold a number of in-depth weighing instrument series of international academic conferences during the exhibition. To achieve the combination of academic and practical; R & D and production; technology and industry.


Scope of exhibits:
1. Intelligent electronic weighing equipment, ground scale, pricing scale, truck scale, rail scale, etc;
2. Discontinuous cumulative automatic weighing instrument (bulk grain scale, bulk material scale), gravity type automatic loading weighing instrument (quantitative packaging equipment, packaging scale, filling scale), electronic belt scale, belt batching scale, automatic weighing instrument, electronic weighing explosion-proof system and batching system, etc;
3. Non automatic weighing instrument, weighing system, mechanical weighing instrument, platform scale, balance, etc;
4. Weighing sensor, weighing display, weighing display controller, weighing components and other testing instruments, instruments, components and materials required by weighing industry;
5. Relevant measurement scales, intelligent scales, measurement systems, software and other supporting product technologies;

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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