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Reshape the industrial pattern and lead the future travel

Publish Time: 2019-07-17   Hits: 6450 Editor: fengzemin
The 7th Auto Tech China International Auto Technology Exhibition, sponsored by Watson exhibition and Hubei society of au


Nowadays, with the rise of electric motor, the traditional internal combustion engine is gradually eliminated; 5g is gradually put into commercial use, and automatic driving develops rapidly. These let the automobile industry is undergoing a change, in which the most mentioned is the "new four modernizations". The new four modernizations is actually a summary of the future development of the automobile industry by most automobile enterprises. The simple translation is "electrification, interconnection, sharing and intelligence".

"New four modernizations" has brought a new wave of technological change to the automobile industry, and at the same time, it has also made all enterprises and industries face new business opportunities and challenges. How to deal with the change of automobile industry? The answer is at Auto Tech 2020. The 7th Auto Tech China International Auto Technology Exhibition, sponsored by Watson exhibition and Hubei society of automotive engineering, will be held in Wuhan International Expo Center from May 7 to 9, 2020, with the theme of "innovation and intelligent development", insisting on technology leading science and technology and promoting industrial development, Build a high-end exhibition platform integrating technology exchange, brand promotion and supply and demand procurement. Auto Tech China International Automobile Technology Exhibition has become an important exhibition in the field of automobile front loading in China. It mainly covers six themes, such as automobile electronic technology, intelligent factory technology, EV / HEV technology, automobile lightweight technology, automatic driving technology, automobile test and measurement technology. As an exhibition platform of automobile science and technology innovation, the organizing committee invited OEMs and tier 1 & amp, such as Dongfeng, Shenlong, Chang'an, Ford, BYD, SAIC, Geely, GM, BAIC, GAC, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Weilai, Weima, Bosch, Continental, Magna, electric equipment, Desai Xiwei, etc; More than ten thousand procurement and technical engineers from parts suppliers gathered to visit the exhibition and seek technical cooperation. As the largest city in Central China, Wuhan is one of the most important automobile industry bases in China. Joining Auto Tech 2020 will help you rapidly expand the automobile industry market in China and Asia. From the professional exhibition of automobile design, research and development to manufacturing technology, Auto Tech Exhibition will become a large platform for collecting automobile engineers. With the theme of "innovation and intelligent development", in 2020, new exhibition areas will be added, "energy saving technology, automatic driving technology and other vehicle exhibition areas, as well as key parts exhibition areas", to promote the application and promotion of new technology in the field of automobile.

Open the intelligent era and promote the application of automotive electronic technology

Driverless, networked and electric technologies represent the forefront of the automotive industry, opening up a huge imagination space for the large-scale automotive economy. Auto Tech auto electronic technology exhibition is about the solution of auto electronics, which gathers various auto electronic technologies such as electronic components, materials, software, manufacturing equipment and testing technology. At the same time, the second International Forum on automotive electronic innovation technology and automatic driving will be held, which will bring together more experts and scholars with outstanding influence, lead the audience to discuss the industry development trend, share forward-looking and innovative technical solutions, and gather more than 300 industry leaders to participate in the conference to discuss new technologies and applications in the era of automotive intelligence.

Electric vehicle technology and lightweight technology go hand in hand

There is no doubt that lightweight has become the future development trend of new energy vehicles. Lightweight technology is a basic technology across the development of automobile transformation, which has become a new hot spot in the competition of domestic new energy vehicle enterprises. The market has an urgent demand for the technology of three electric systems, lightweight materials, welding and other technologies. Auto Tech 2020 will set up an electric vehicle technology and lightweight technology exhibition area to display new technologies and products under the trend of electric and lightweight, and provide a platform for technical exchange and project cooperation for automobile engineers.

How to deal with the uncertainty challenge of electric / Internet vehicle testing?

At present, the automobile is developing towards the direction of electrification and interconnection. There are several driving factors. First, cars are not only used for traveling, but also increasing communication and entertainment. Second, in China, it also involves the national energy strategy. Third, China's accumulation of traditional engines is far from enough, so it hopes to use electrification to achieve overtaking in corners. In addition, 5g power assisted vehicle networking is also a big trend. Auto Tech auto test and measurement exhibition is still popular. It is the top auto test and measurement exhibition in central and Western China. It is about various auto test solutions, such as engine test, wind power technology, noise test, material test, simulation test, ADAS, battery test, parts processing test, etc.

The change of manufacturing industry and the rise of intelligent factory

Intelligent manufacturing transformation is an inevitable trend, but also an important direction for the future development of manufacturing industry. Whether it is the change of population structure that leads to the continuous increase of human cost or the rapid renewal of market demand, it puts forward the demand of flexibility for factories. The future production line must be efficient, energy-saving and responsive to the uncertainty of the external environment. Automobile manufacturing has been on the road of intelligent development for many years, and production automation has been basically realized. Auto Tech intelligent factory technology exhibition is based on the automobile industry, focusing on the industrial 4.0 intelligent factory solutions exhibition, displaying industrial 4.0 / industrial Internet technology, helping automobile, parts and other industry manufacturers and parts manufacturers to improve production efficiency and save factory costs!

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