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Dahao Headline: China-Wenzhou Fuyuan Technological Sign Factory designs, manufactures automobile and motorcycle parts, abrasives, stamping, aluminium and other signs.

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Wenzhou Fuyuan Technological Sign Factory develops, produces and sells "FU YUAN Fuyuan" series of automobile and motorcycle parts and abrasives, stamping, casting, injection moulding, badges, large...


Wenzhou Fuyuan Sign

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Negotiate cooperation with customers who come to the booth for consultation

Wenzhou Fuyuan Technological Sign FactoryGeneral Manager Jin SidiIntroduce the company's product characteristics with customers who come to the booth for consultation

Enterprise Profile
Wenzhou Fuyuan Technological Label Factory is a label manufacturer specializing in design, research, development, production, sales and service. The factory has strong technical force. The production of "FU YUAN Fuyuan" series automotive and motorcycle parts abrasives, stamping, casting, injection molding, badges, large hanging badges, metal tags, medals, medals, aluminium tags and other logo product design fashion, exquisite materials, exquisite workmanship and other characteristics are well received by customers, and products are sold at home and abroad. Our factory undertakes the business of samples and drawings. Welcome businessmen from all over the world to negotiate cooperation. Branch Address: No. 258 South Road, Beidao Town, Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, China, Tel: 086-0512-63240781, Mobile Phone: 13868852178, 18962547298, General Manager Jin Sidi and all staff sincerely welcome your presence!

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General Manager Jin Sidi and all the staff sincerely welcome your presence!


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