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Dahao Headline: China-Changzhou Erite Tools Co., Ltd. R&D and production: "ART" high-quality non-standard complex profile cutting tools and other products

Published At: 2020-02-04   Hits: 2484286 Editor: zixun1
Changzhou Erite Tools Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production of "ART" high quality non-standard complex profile cutter, high precision milling cutter, high hardness die cutter and the latest d...


Changzhou Erite Tools Co., Ltd.

Li Aimin, General Manager of Changzhou Erite Tools Co., Ltd. was interviewed by Liu Zhenli, the moderator of COTV Business Information

Changzhou Erite Tools Co., Ltd.General Manager Li AiminIntroduce the company's development strategy to customers and audiences all over the world

Li Aimin, General Manager of Changzhou Erite Tools Co., Ltd.Introduce the company's product features to customers and viewers around the world

Brief Introduction to Enterprises
Changzhou Erite Tools Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in research, development and production of high-quality data tool products. The company has strong technical force, professional manufacturing equipment, first-class technology research and development and perfect marketing service team. The company mainly produces: high-quality non-standard complex profile cutters, high-precision milling cutters and high-hardness die cutters, as well as the latest development of integral non-metallic (zirconia, silicon nitride, cyalon) ceramic milling cutters, integral cermet milling cutters. Products are widely used in aerospace, automobile/motorcycle parts, die manufacturing, IT mobile phones, air conditioning and refrigeration compressor industries. "ART" series cutting tool design advanced, manufacturing precision, sharp and durable characteristics are favored by the majority of customers! The products are exported to home and abroad. Businessmen from all over the world are welcome to come to discuss cooperation. Address: No. 11 Cuiping Lake, Xixia Shu Town, Changzhou New North District, Jiangsu Province, China. Contact number: 086-0519-83445802, mobile phone: 13961450007, General Manager Li Aimin and all staff sincerely welcome your presence!

Product presentation

Fine Ceramic Milling Cutter

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