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COTV Global Live Broadcast - Wenzhou Zhongfang Technology Co., Ltd. Specializes In The Research And Production Of Emergency Rescue Equipment Such As Escape Slides, Inclined Escape Slides, Reciprocating Escape L...

Published At: 2024-06-05   Hits: 158800 Editor: fengzemin
COTV Global Live - Wenzhou Zhongfang Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and production of emergency rescue equipment products, including escape slides, inclined pull escape slides, re...


On May 13, 2024, at the "2024 Third Fire Emergency Rescue Expo" held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, Kong Lingsheng, General Manager of Wenzhou Zhongfang Technology Co., Ltd., enthusiastically introduced to customers from all over the world through COTV global live broadcasts that Wenzhou Zhongfang Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and production of emergency rescue equipment products such as escape slides, inclined pull escape slides, reciprocating escape ladders (rescue shelters), as well as pre embedded balcony folding and telescopic escape ladders. The products are advanced in design, easy to operate, safe and environmentally friendly. Global customers are welcome to come and negotiate procurement! Address: No. 638 Binhai 9th Road, Wenzhou Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, China. Contact number: 13906650616. General Manager Kong Jiejie welcomes everyone to visit!

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