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Dahao Headline: China-Yiwu Xianjin Farm specializes in raising various kinds of peacocks and other animals.

Published At: 2020-02-05   Hits: 2399186 Editor: fengzemin
Xianjin Aquaculture Farm in Yiwu City specializes in farming and animal husbandry. It supports professional breeding bases and supporting facilities, perfect breeding and breeding technology and ma...


Yiwu Xianjin farm

Huang Guosheng, head of Xianjin Aquaculture Farm in Yiwu City, and Chen Juxian, Director of Marketing, received the product promotion of Liu Zhenli, host of COTV Business Information column group.

Yiwu Xianjin Aquaculture Farm, Huang Guosheng, Director of Marketing Chen Juxian

Brief Introduction to Enterprises
Xianjin Aquaculture Farm in Yiwu City is an agricultural and rural cooperative specializing in farming and animal husbandry. Supporting professional breeding base and supporting facilities, perfect breeding technology and marketing service team. Mainly breed various kinds of peacocks and other animals, Xianjin farm environment is elegant, fresh air, rich natural resources, professional breeding technology in place, the output of peacocks and other animals close to the wild quality, loved by the majority of customers, best-selling, in order to let more love and protect the healthy development of animals, appreciate beautiful peacocks, Yiwuxian farm welcomes visitors from all over the world. Businessmen come to watch and cooperate! Address: Yiwu Fotang, Zhejiang, ChinaXiaolian VillageMobile phone: 086-18006548715, 18072689111, farm Chang Huang Guosheng, marketing director Chen Juxian, general manager Huang Wei with the whole farm feeder sincerely welcome you to come!

Huang Guosheng, the farm manager, Chen Juxian, the marketing director, and Huang Wei, the general manager of the farm, with the whole feeder, sincerely welcome you to come!

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