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2021 international webcast and short video industry expo
Industry: Comprehensive / Cross-industry
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/09/09 - 09/11 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Putuo District · Shanghai Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall ChinaShanghaiPutuo District 1099 Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Sponsor:Short video and live Culture Committee of Chinese Culture Promotion Association
Organizer:Beijing Asia Pacific Reese Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Peixin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. China net direct network culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd
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At present, the live broadcasting market is in a period of rapid growth. It has developed from entertainment, show and game live broadcasting to a new marketing mode covering all fields, including retail, tourism, product promotion, culture and education, news and information. With the arrival of 5g era, we will develop and build a new Internet era of "live broadcasting for all, store opening and people watching". A large number of entrepreneurs, grassroots and street artists realize their dreams through live broadcasting. Many retail, tourism, product promotion, cultural information and other industries are actively building live broadcasting bases. With the healthy management of video content by the competent government departments and the effective promotion of the healthy development of the whole live and short video industry, the "2021 Shanghai international live and short video technology and Hardware Expo" (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai live conference") jointly sponsored by Beijing Asia Pacific Rex Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Peixin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. will be held on September 0, 2021 On September 11, it was held in Shanghai international purchasing Exhibition Center, and held several summit forums and technical lectures on network policy development, live and short video technology, AI management and content, scene application, live + industry, etc.
2021 Shanghai International webcast and short video technology and Hardware Expo is sponsored by China Electronic Chamber of Commerce webcast and short video professional committee, Beijing Asia Pacific Reese Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Peixin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and China net direct network culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd. with the support of relevant national departments, and is a joint venture of hundreds of influential domestic companies It is a comprehensive industry exhibition of live broadcast and short video technology, network technology, scene application and short video content, shooting and production, AI / VR technology, intelligent hardware and other application technologies jointly participated by Industry Association, live broadcast platform, live broadcast base and live broadcast association. With the theme of "broadcasting health, promoting consumption and spreading culture" and the guidance of "richness, timeliness, freedom and scalability", the exhibition will set up four theme center exhibition areas of "interactive live broadcasting + business live broadcasting + short video + intelligent hardware", comprehensively display the latest technology and development achievements of live broadcasting and short video, implement the healthy development of live broadcasting industry and gain insight Exchange the latest development trend of domestic retail + live broadcasting, focus on the latest technology and application hot topics of live broadcasting and short video, and keep pace with the innovative concept of Chinese culture and education health communication, so as to promote the healthy development of China's live broadcasting and short video industry. The success of this exhibition will promote the development of live and short video industry, and depict a magnificent totem for the upgrading of China's live and short video industry!


Large scale live broadcast platform / Internet corporate image display; network support / operator image display;
AI management and VR technology application;
Short video content and scene application;
Computer and peripheral equipment; mobile phone and peripheral equipment; editing technology;
Video recording, song machine, player, camera, SLR, DV, UAV, camera
Sound card, mixer, controller, di box with or without source
Microphone, earphone, loudspeaker
Speaker, power amplifier
Voice player, ear player and effect device
Accessories, software, sound card debugging: audio accessories; microphone accessories; various connecting cables, fill light, headset winder, Bluetooth device, battery, headset carrying case, headset wire, headset cover / earplug cotton, mobile phone wire, USB data cable, mobile phone converter, mobile phone lens, mobile phone bracket

Costs & Precautions

exhibition area/Specifications

Standard booth(3mX3m

Double opening booth(3mX3m

Hardcover booth(3mX3m

Hardcover double opening booth(3mX3m

Bare land

36Starting rent per square meter

Domestic enterprises






Overseas enterprises

$ 3200dollar/Booth

$ 3500dollar/Booth

$ 320dollar/

Configuration standard:

There are four kinds of furniture, one table, two chairs, two spotlights, Chinese and English lintel5A/220vOne power socket

No configuration

Please build it yourself

Advertising expenses

2. Tour guide and other related advertisements

Tour guide

Seal the surface

Bottom sealing

Cover 2 / qianfei

Cover 2 / Houfei

Cross color page

Color inside page








Note:Advertising expenses should be paid in one time, and the Journal (210mm * 140mm)

Conference fee: RMB 1000 per participant (for conference materials, lunch, souvenirs, etc.).

Others: square brand: 30000 yuan / piece (8.5m * 4m); handbag: 30000 yuan / 10000 pieces; ticket back advertisement: 20000 yuan / 40000 pieces;

the measure of area: 20000 square meters


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