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The 11th Chengdu International Printing and packaging festival in 2021
Industry: Printing / Packaging / Paper
Time: 2021/04/22 - 04/25 (Thur To Sun Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chengdu · Sichuan Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center ChinaSichuanChengdu 198 shijicheng Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Sponsor:Chengdu printing industry association, Chengdu Packaging Technology Association
Organizer:Sichuan Dena Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Sichuan Jiali electromechanical Co., Ltd


The total exhibition area is expected to be 50000 square meters
The total number of exhibitions is expected to be 2000
The theme exhibition area of Yinbao exhibition is 35000 square meters
Exhibition theme: green · breakthrough

Five advantages of participating in Chengdu Exhibition

The first advantage [good industrial foundation] - Sichuan Province has gathered eight top 100 printing enterprises, and two of them are among the top 10 printing and packaging enterprises in China. The development level of packaging and printing industry ranks first in the West. With the deepening of the national strategy of western development and the acceleration of large-scale printing and packaging enterprises to the west, the southwest region will occupy more and more seats in the top 100 list in the future.

The second advantage [the city of wealth has unlimited business opportunities] - according to the list of the world's top 500 enterprises in 2018 published by Fortune magazine, at present, 285 of the world's top 500 enterprises have settled in Chengdu, including 198 overseas enterprises and 87 domestic enterprises, reaching a record high, and driving the development of related supporting industries. World University Games, Pan American Development Bank Council annual meeting, Park City Global Forum The charm of the capital of wealth is more and more dazzling.

The third advantage [huge purchasing team] the Chengdu International Packaging Industry Exhibition has been successfully held in Chengdu for nine times, and has trained many fixed and stable purchasing groups to purchase equipment and materials here. The printing factory far away in Tibet came to purchase laminating machines. The company's marketing department colleagues and project merchants invited them to purchase at the same time, and there were also travel subsidies. Is this popular?!

The fourth advantage [diversified industrial market] - Sichuan is a big province of wine, food and pharmaceutical industry. More and more automobile manufacturers have set up factories in Chengdu. The demand for packaging boxes is competing with each other, and the demand for packaging machinery and materials is doubling.

The fifth advantage [authoritative exhibition organizations join hands to promote] - Dena exhibition group and Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the largest organizer of Guangzhou printing exhibition in the world, join hands to integrate the resources of the East and the West as well as the advantages at home and abroad, promote the development of printing industry in Western China, provide a professional trading platform for global printing and packaging equipment suppliers and purchasers, and jointly create the first purchasing event in Western China!


1. Digital printing and graphic Office Exhibition

Prepress equipment and software:

ERP management software, solutions, typesetting software, image processing software

On line output screen display

India China equipment:

Digital printer, color copier, black-and-white copier, certificate photo printer, large format printer, large format scanner, engineering copier, engineering blueprint machine, inkjet plotter, small UV printer, clothing printer, heat transfer printer, banner machine, lettering machine, personalized inkjet solutions, etc

Post press equipment:

Adhesive binding machine, paper cutter, card cutter, laminating machine, film coating machine, cold mounting machine, stamping machine, binding machine, punching machine, grooving machine, folding machine, page matching machine, book case machine, glazing machine, stapler, indentation machine, plastic sealing machine, flattening machine, paper shredder, folding machine, hardcover menu machine, etc

Related accessories and consumables:

Nozzle, gear, toner, toner cartridge, ink cartridge, ribbon, ink, cartridge, carbon tape, large format cover trimming knife, etc

Personalized products and equipment:

Photo book, souvenir book, menu, greeting card, certificate, mouse pad, desk calendar, wall calendar, etc

Printing equipment for decorative painting, mobile phone case, wallpaper, door panel, background wall, glass, ceramics, leather, bags, textiles, clothing, etc

Hot stamping equipment, heat transfer equipment, water transfer equipment and other personalized printing equipment

Image post production equipment and accessories, consumables

Printing cutting equipment, cutting proofing equipment, laser cutting equipment and other post production equipment

Photo processing equipment, color enlarger, large format printer, integrated equipment, accessories and software for post press photo album production

Material Science:

Photo paper, laser printing paper, coated paper, special paper, inkjet label paper, blue paper, copy paper, engineering paper, etc

Light film, dumb film, hot mounting film, etc

Special hot melt adhesive for picture and text, etc

Picture frame, frame, etc

2. Corrugated & color box packaging exhibition

Corrugated exhibition area
1. Corrugated box machinery and equipment (cardboard, carton processing equipment and spare parts), corrugated board production line, single-sided corrugated machine, thin knife longitudinal cutting indentation machine, longitudinal cutting machine, cross cutting machine, paper receiving machine, prepress plate making equipment, printing equipment, Postpress equipment, etc;
2. Honeycomb carton machinery and equipment supplies, paper honeycomb, cardboard, pulp molding production machinery and equipment
3. All kinds of industrial paper, consumables, all kinds of industrial paper, consumables, etc;
4. Related facilities and services, new plant design, old plant transformation, automation, intelligent packaging logistics system, manipulator, environmental protection equipment, etc
Color box exhibition area
1. Color printing, offset printing, rotary printing, large format offset printing, rotary printing machinery and equipment
2. Label, flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing, special printing
3. Digital packaging printing and inkjet printing equipment exhibition area, digital UV flat inkjet printing equipment, digital label printing equipment, digital commercial printing equipment and color management system and software
4. After printing, packaging and printing machinery and equipment, printing and packaging products, pasting machine, bag making machine, paper mounting machine, indentation machine, slotting machine, corner cutting machine, nailing machine, strapping machine, stacking machine, intelligent robot laminating, glazing, hot pressing, die cutting, slitting, slitting, binding and other mechanical equipment
5. Intelligent packaging technology equipment, RFID, supervision code, coded electronic label digital inkjet printing system, anti-counterfeiting, detection, positioning, traceability system, intelligent packaging management system

Costs & Precautions

Please contact with the organizer before the exhibition.


  • Telephone:028-69883888
  • Mobile:18482112203
  • E-mail:1571947837@qq.com
  • Address:1804, building 2, Shudu center, Tianfu 2nd Street, high tech Zone, Chengdu


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