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The 14th Nanjing International Smart City, Internet of things and big data Expo in 2021
Industry: Communications / Electronics
Time: 2021/12/08 - 12/10 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Nanjing · Jiangsu nanjing international exhibition center ChinaJiangsu ProvinceNanjing 88 Longpan Road, Nanjing
Sponsor:Beijing mingshibo International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing mingshibo International Exhibition Co., Ltd
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Aiote Nanjing International Smart City, Internet of things and big data Expo (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing smart city Expo) is a national professional exhibition platform approved by the Ministry of Commerce. With the theme of "building an international cooperation platform, building an excellent brand, displaying corporate image and promoting the common development of the industry", aiote has built a platform integrating exhibition, achievement transformation, investment promotion and trade negotiation It is a professional exchange platform for smart industry, displaying the core technology, products and innovative achievements of the industry, bringing together domestic and foreign dignitaries, well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, industry elites and representatives of association organizations to seek the development of intelligent industry and promote the deep integration of digital economy and real economy.
Review of the past
On December 18, a three-day "aiote 2020 13th Nanjing International Smart City, Internet of things, big data Expo" (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing smart Expo) was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted more than 300 well-known enterprises including Huawei, Inspur, Xiaoshi technology, jianjianguan, Hemudu, Jietong Huasheng, Nanjing Zhongcang, etc. the exhibition is expected to receive 65000 professional visitors from 108 countries and regions in three days to share the annual science and technology feast.
There are more than 100 media reports at home and abroad, such as Jiangsu TV station, Nanjing TV station, Xinhua Daily, Nanjing daily, Yangtze Evening News, Nanjing Morning News, people's network, China news network, Zhongjiang network, Longhu network, etc.
With more than ten years of exhibition experience, the scale of the exhibition has increased by more than 20% every year, its influence has been expanding, and the number of exhibitors has reached a new high. Previously, there were more than 2000 exhibitors, and the total number of visitors reached 800000. It is one of the large-scale, high professional smart city, Internet of things and big data industry exhibitions in China.
Exhibition Overview
2021 Nanjing International Smart City, Internet of things and big data Expo (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing smart Expo) will continue to be held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center on December 8, focusing on the development of intelligence, discussing the development status and hot topics in the field of intelligence, focusing on the core technologies, products and innovative achievements of global intelligent industry, and promoting the development of Internet of animals, big data, artificial intelligence, etc The combination of smart cities promotes the all-round development of smart city construction. You are welcome to visit the exhibition!


Smart city, Internet of things, big data, RFID smart card, intelligent transportation, intelligent parking, intelligent application, environmental protection and energy saving, environmental monitoring, big data finance, big data application, big data software and service, big data intelligent manufacturing and equipment, Internet innovative application, industrial big data, agricultural big data, etc., intelligent robot, industrial robot, commercial robot, chip Semiconductor, integrated circuit, embedded software, computer software, communication technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence, target recognition, cloud computing, intelligent property, intelligent home, intelligent life, intelligent security, intelligent construction site, public security video surveillance, banking system, finance, e-commerce, electronic products, mobile device software development, software system, Internet+ Electronic payment, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent lighting, intelligent construction, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth: 3 M2 × 3 M2 = 9 m2; ordinary standard booth: 9800 RMB / piece; double sided opening standard booth: 10800 RMB / piece; standard booth includes carpet, three side panel, company name lintel, one consultation table, two chairs, two spotlights, one power socket (for special electricity, please specify in advance, the exhibition hall will be charged separately).

Indoor open space: domestic exhibitors: RMB 1000 / m2; (rent from 36 m2) the open space does not have any exhibition shelves and facilities. The exhibitors can arrange the builders themselves or entrust the organizers to recommend the builders.


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