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The 8th China (Changsha) department store wholesale market fair in 2021
Industry: Home / Appliances / Commodity
Time: 2021/09/17 - 09/19 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Changsha · Hunan Changsha Red Star International Exhibition Center ChinaHunanChangsha 492 Zhongyi Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Sponsor:Changsha frontier Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Organizer:Changsha frontier Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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The 8th China (Changsha) department store wholesale market commodity fair (hereinafter referred to as department store Fair) in 2021 is based on Hunan and radiates the major department store wholesale markets in China, such as: Changsha Gaoqiao home appliance department store, Shaodong International Trade City, Shaodong industrial products market, Yuetang International Trade City, Changzhutan market, Wuhan Jiji electric power mall, Hankou North daily necessities City, Yichang Three Gorges logistics park, South China logistics park Changhongcheng market, Guangzhou Xinsha plastic market, Shaxi hotel supplies City, Foshan Nanguo Commodity City, Guiyang Southwest International Trade City, Zunyi International Trade City, Kunming xinluosiwan International Trade City, Chongqing Caiyuanba plastic daily necessities market, Chengdu Hehuachi wholesale market, Chengdu Hengye daily necessities wholesale market, Zhengzhou Bairong World Trade mall, Nanning Huaxi commercial city, Liuzhou Shundatong wholesale market, Hefei Yangtze River wholesale market, Shijiazhuang Nansantiao wholesale market, Baigou International Trade City, Harbin Taigu market, Shenyang Northeast daily necessities market, Changchun Middle East market, Hohhot international trade, Xi'an Yiwu small commodity wholesale market, Urumqi Xinjiang International Trade City, Taiyuan small commodity wholesale market, and many prefecture level and county-level wholesale markets Market, supermarkets and overseas buyers.
The exhibition attracted 31623 professional visitors from agents, distributors, wholesalers, gift channels, e-commerce, community group buying, live delivery and supermarkets!
We will invite exhibitors from the central and western regions to visit the exhibition for free, and invite them to follow the major cities in Southwest China.


Stainless steel tableware / kitchenware: fork, spoon, chopsticks, bowl, dish, plate, heat preservation lunch box, fresh-keeping bowl, pot, bottle, planer, peeler, steamer, kitchen shelf, barbecue oven

Plastic products: storage box, stool, chair, brush, clothes rack, water bucket, mouth cup, washbasin, sealed can, garbage can, vacuum compression bag, flower pot, sprayer, soap box, fork

Cleaning supplies: Rubber wool mop, Haoshen mop, flat mop, broom dustpan set, garbage can, gloves, cleaning cloth, cleaning ball, sponge eraser, glass eraser, chenille, toilet mat / brush

Kitchen supplies: frying pan, cooking utensils, knives and scissors, vegetable basket, egg beater, chopper, dish rack, hanging basket, oil pot, seasoning bottle, spatula, colander, bottle opener, knife grinder, cooking utensil, kitchen tools

Bamboo and wood products: chopping board, chopsticks, knife rest, rolling pin, toothpick, bamboo stick, fruit plate, bamboo crafts, meal mat, cup mat, spoon

Glassware: Glassware, storage tank, glass cup, wine cup, vase, ashtray, Candlestick, kettle, water appliance, sealed can, fresh-keeping box

Daily ceramics: tableware, casserole, mug, pot, jar, basin, pot, dish, bowl

Cup and pot: thermos cup, pot, bottle, sports kettle, glass, Creative Cup, purple sand cup, car cup, handy cup

Tea set: tea set, gift catering set, kungfu tea set, teapot, tea bowl, tea tray, tea cup, cover bowl, iron pot, purple sand, kungfu tea set

Disposable products: plastic film, garbage bag, crystal cup, bowl, straw, cotton swab, tablecloth, snack box, packing box, shoe cover

Bathroom supplies: bath ball, suction cup shelf, anti-skid pad, toilet pad, bath cap, absorbent towel, bath towel, cosmetic bag

Small furniture: clothes hook, shoe rack, shoe changing stool, shelf, table, reclining chair, umbrella, cloth cabinet, and other small pieces of furniture

Products: furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, umbrellas, umbrellas, umbrellas, furniture

Artificial flowers, diversified commodities

Small household appliances: kitchen appliances, household appliances, nursing appliances, health appliances, electric kettle, row plug, hair dryer, pressure cooker

Daily chemical: freshener, detergent, washing liquid, toothbrush, toothpaste, mosquito repellent incense, shoe polish, shower gel, shampoo

Paper products: napkin, handkerchief, paper, facial tissue, kitchen paper, sanitary napkin, compressed towel, facial mask, wet tissue

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth price: ¥ 5800 / 9 square meters, double opening booth plus 500 yuan (no additional charge for more than two booths)
Standard booth configuration: three side panel, company name lintel, carpet, 1 consultation table, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, 1 power socket
Net space booth price: ¥ 600 / m2 (the fee does not include special decoration management fee and electricity fee) the exhibitor is responsible for the design and installation


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  • Truename:Han Hui
  • Mobile:186 7311 3571
  • Fax:0731-8967 5821
  • E-mail:hanhui888@vip.163.com
  • Address:Room 1903, block A1, Huacheng Plaza, No.166, Section 1, Wanjiali Middle Road, Furong district, Changsha City
  • Zipcode:410016


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