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The 31st Japan International Stationery and paper products exhibition in 2020
Industry: Office / Culture & Education / Art
Time: 2020/07/08 - 07/10 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Japan AsiaJapan Qinghai exhibition hall, Youming, Tokyo, Japan
Sponsor:Shanghai Fumao Exhibition Co., Ltd


The 31st Japan International Stationery and paper products exhibition in 2020
ISOT 2020

Exhibition time: July 8-10, 2020 exhibition hall name: Qinghai exhibition hall, Youming, Tokyo, Japan

Exhibition time: September 9-11, 2020 exhibition hall name: Osaka International Exhibition Hall, Japan

Sponsor: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd

General agent in China: Shanghai Fumao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. - professional service provider of Japan Exhibition

Recommended index: --- Japan's largest stationery exhibition, the first choice exhibition to explore the Japanese market

Exhibition area: 30000 square meters, 900

Chinese exhibitors: more than 100
Contact: Wang Zhanlin 17621674561 (wechat) QQ: 3081853237

● for those who do not participate in the exhibition, our company can provide group observation service, visa, air ticket, hotel, admission card processing and other services

In addition, our company can handle Japanese visa (business, tourism, more than three years, more than five years) with simple materials and fast signing

Exhibition introduction:

Isot is the largest stationery and office supplies Trade Exhibition in Asia and one of the five most important stationery exhibitions in the world. At the same time, the exhibition is also one of the trade shows in the industry that can achieve on-site orders, which is the charm of attracting industry experts from all over Japan to gather in Tokyo at this moment every year. 2018 is the largest one in the past, with a net exhibition area of 3000 square meters. 1074 enterprises from more than 20 countries participated in the exhibition. With the overall recovery of the Japanese economy, the organizers increased their publicity and investment promotion efforts. In 2018, the number of professional visitors reached a record of 77580, an increase of 6.8% over the previous year. A total of 100 enterprises from China participated in the Expo, and the exhibition effect was good.

Market analysis:

Japan is the second largest stationery, office supplies and gift market in the world. Most of the markets are notebook, stationery, office supplies and so on. Individual stores are built together with musical instrument stores or stations. Each store has its own characteristics to improve people's awareness and expand consumer groups.

Among many industrial products, Japanese stationery is also very famous. Many Japanese stationery manufacturers not only put the quality first, but also put the greatest strength into the design of their products.

Japan is a close neighbor of China and the second largest economic power in the world. Because of its geographical location, most of its resources are imported, so the trade space is very large.

China is a large country of stationery export, occupying a certain market in Japan. In order to continue to support Chinese enterprises to explore the Japanese market, our company will continue to organize a group to participate in the "Tokyo International Stationery Exhibition" in 2020, which will provide China and Asian countries with a good chance to trade directly with Japanese Importers, first-class wholesalers and retail giants from stationery manufacturers, suppliers or traders Machine!

Japanese stationery analysis:

Petcom is the first company in the world to develop a 0.5mm ultra-fine pencil lead, while Baile pen has developed a pen that can write more easily. Mitsubishi invented a device that can sharpen the automatic pencil continuously. Other companies have worked hard on ink and invented erasable pens. The same brand of writing supplies has a variety of models of color and thickness, which makes the writing supplies market colorful and colorful. One of the characteristics of stationery made in Japan is its small size and practicality. Midori's CL light stapler is only 66 mm long. The stapler's 2-hole nailing position is usually about 5 cm high. If you press the handle to close it, it is about 3 cm high. Japanese homes and offices are very narrow, so small products that do not occupy space are popular. In addition, people who need to carry stationery around at work also like portable products.

The existence of customized stationery can make people feel the Japanese love of stationery most. Stationery stores also sell customized stationery, as well as books and magazines that teach how to use them. Pilot's hi-tec-c colleto is to separate the pen tube and the pen core of ballpoint pen. Customers can match the pen tube and the pen core of the color they like according to their personal preferences. People try their best to get stationery that meets their needs and preferences. Recently, electronic stationery has also been sold in Japan, such as pomera (electronic notepad) of Kamakura, airpen (pen with digital handwriting) of paitong, etc. In addition, Notepad, which uses smartphone to take photos and save data, is also highly praised. On the other hand, reviewing the advantages of handwritten words, more and more people are buying expensive writing supplies and notebooks. The Japanese love of stationery has not weakened in the IT era.

Exhibition scope:

Writing supplies, office paper, stationery, electronic and multimedia products, office accessories, folders, office automation products and accessories, drawing instruments, greeting cards, office furniture, gifts, gift packaging, schoolbag, briefcase, pass, design equipment, calligraphy supplies, electronic notepad, environmental protection stationery, painting supplies, calligraphy supplies, office Public room decorations, etc.

Audience source:

Importers, import agents, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, enterprise users, large-scale retailers, stationery stores, department stores, supermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores, bookstores, gift stores, home centers, franchise stores, leisure products and crafts stores, printing service stores.

Exhibition subsidy

All exhibitors who join our group and meet the conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to obtain the subsidy from the national small and medium-sized enterprises for international market development. The subsidy amount is different in different provinces, and the specific amount is called for consultation. A minimum of 15000 yuan.

Enterprises applying for subsidy for the first time need to register on the website (online application of international market development fund of small and medium-sized enterprises). After successful registration, they will log in. After the information is filled in successfully, a 4-page form will be automatically generated. After printing out, they will go to the local foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau for registration and filing. After filing on the site, they will give a unique login name and password, similar to u-shield These things are usually handed over to the financial department for safekeeping, because all the subsidies in the later period, when to submit the subsidy application materials, and the distribution of subsidies are all completed through this system. The only thing enterprises need to pay attention to is to visit the website regularly to see the submission time of subsidy materials, and do not miss the time to cause losses.

Our advantages

1. Good booth location and price advantage.

2. Overseas itinerary, hotel accommodation and other arrangements have always been reasonable and convenient, and have been well received by exhibitors and business inspection enterprises!

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Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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