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2020 Ghana China Trade Week and CNC Machine Tool Exhibition
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2020/05/20 - 05/22 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Ghana · Africa AfricaGarner Accra International Conference Center, Ghana
Sponsor:Dubai Mie Group Wuhan Branch - Wuhan Huizhan Technology Co., Ltd


Chinese machine tools are popular in Africa
The machine tool is recognized as the industrial master machine, which is the machine used to manufacture machines. Most of the core parts processing of modern high-end manufacturing industry need to be realized by the machine tool. It can be said that machine tools, especially high-end CNC machine tools and related core technologies are important guarantee for the development of manufacturing industry.
However, for a long time, people in and out of the industry have always viewed domestic CNC machine tools more negatively than positively. Of course, there are many problems in the development of domestic CNC machine tools and CNC industry, but if we change our perspective, we may have different understandings about the development of China's machine tool industry. For example, our domestic machine tools are very popular in Africa, and it's impossible to say "supreme glory".
It is said that there is a joke in Africa: an African mother asked the child, "where does God live?" the child replied, "since God created everything, he must live in China. Because everything is made in China.
Compared with other industrial developed countries, the level of industrialization in African countries is generally low. Even in the domestic very common low-end manufacturing industry, it is very rare in African countries.
Like the machine tools produced by a company in Dalian, this product has almost stopped production in China, and its performance is not the best in terms of domestic standards, but it is definitely a high-performance product for African countries such as Ghana and Ethiopia.

Africa not only uses equipment made in China, but also learns from China
The development of manufacturing industry, advanced equipment is only one aspect, more important is talent reserve. After China's CNC machine tools and other advanced mechanical processing equipment are transported to Africa, African local people must have the talents matching with them and mastering the corresponding operation skills, so as to give full play to the role of the equipment and promote the development of local industry.
With the help of the related policies of "one belt and one road" initiative, China will also provide training to young students and teachers in African countries in matching machine operation training while selling machinery processing products to African countries.
In the process of training, African students and leading teachers have in-depth exchanges and can feel their admiration for made in China and their sincere desire to learn advanced technology
People have received too much negative news about China's CNC machine tools in China. However, in East Africa thousands of miles away, China's CNC machine tools and related technologies are the treasures that local people dream of. When you enter the land of East Africa, you will find that China's numerical control and machinery manufacturing technology are well received by African friends. Objectively speaking, China's technological level is not the world's leading factor, but it has already borne fruit in the East African continent. I believe that under the guidance of the "one belt and one road initiative", China can create more opportunities for overseas development.
Machine tool: metal cutting machine, automatic lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, saw machine, tooth machine, processing tool grinder, grinding and polishing
Metal forming: metal forming equipment, sheet metal, sheet metal tube spinning machine, sheet metal bending machine, rod tube bending machine, punch, punch contour machine, various punches
Special machining machine: EDM equipment, WEDM equipment, marking and die-cutting machine, surface treatment and coating equipment, digital display device, machine tool electrical equipment, etc.

Broad market: Ghana is located in the fortress of West Africa, radiating a large market of 250 million people in West Africa.  
Unique regional advantages: the unique location advantages and convenient transportation conditions of ganaten.
Rich natural resources: Ghana is rich in cocoa and one of the largest cocoa producing and exporting countries in the world.  
Stable political environment: its perfect national management system, stable social and political environment. The superior regional geographical location and relatively good national education quality have created better conditions for Ghana's social and economic development.
Government policy support: Ghana government attaches great importance to investment and construction in infrastructure, resource development and other fields. An important point of intersection is to respond to the new strategy of Sino African partners.
Diversified economic development path: unlike Nigeria, the largest economy in West Africa, which is heavily dependent on the oil economy, Ghana's economic development takes a diversified path.  
New investment hot spot: Accra, the capital of Ghana, is one of the most popular investment destinations in West Africa, attracting a lot of investment in retail, financial services, science and technology, construction and other fields.
The future prospects are broad: Ghana's economic growth rate will continue to grow at 5% in the future.  
Leading consumption awareness: Although Ghana's per capita economic GDP is not very high, it likes to lead consumption due to the influence of western consumption concept.
The country with the fastest economic development in West Africa: benefited from the reasonable economic management system and the contribution of oil, gold and cocoa to the economy.

 B2B buyer seller pairing: the Ghana Trade Week 2017, 2018 and 2019 implemented the B2B buyer seller precise pairing mode to ensure that each exhibiting enterprise can have at least five high-quality buyers. In Ghana Trade Week 2020, we will still implement the B2B Buyer Buyer matching model.
Low cost contact with customers: the company should contact with qualified customers, and participation in the exhibition is the most effective way. According to the survey, the average cost of using the exhibition to reach customers is only 40% of the cost of other ways to reach customers
 meet a large number of potential customers: according to the research, based on the average number of visitors to an exhibitor's booth, only 12% of the people received the phone calls from the company's sales staff within 12 months before the exhibition; 88% were new potential customers, and the exhibition also brought high-level NEW customers to the exhibitors. For the products and services of participating companies, 49% of visitors at the exhibition are planning to buy those products and services.
Save time - get twice the result with half the effort: in three days, exhibitors have more potential customers than they can reach in six months or even one year; more importantly, face-to-face communication with potential customers is an important means to quickly establish a stable customer relationship.
Teach customers how to use products or feel services by hand: I'm afraid that the opportunity for enterprise sales personnel to carry products to the door for demonstration is not right. The exhibition is the best time and place for exhibitors to demonstrate products or feel services for potential customers.
Recognize yourself, recognize the development trend of the industry, and recognize the change of customer demand: in the exhibition, enterprises can also learn customers' expectation for product improvement and demand for new products through communication with professional visitors.
Expand enterprise influence: every trade week we hold will invite local multimedia to participate.
Complete types of exhibits: the exhibition covers a wide range of industries, so that manufacturers have the opportunity to choose industries suitable for their own needs, and all buyers have trading places suitable for their needs, especially to meet the needs of international manufacturers and professionals.
High international and professional: the most professional buyers, market decision makers and businessmen in the industry participated in this trade week.
Promotion of on-site activities: during the exhibition, various interactive links will be held to enhance the added value of participation, improve publicity efficiency and provide more business opportunities.


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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