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Five industry exhibitions in Nigeria in 2019
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2019/09/09 - 09/11 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Niger · Africa AfricaNiger Landmark Center


In the past 40 years, Big5 series exhibitions have laid a solid foundation in the international construction industry and become the wind vane of construction industry exhibitions. The series has more than 40 agents all over the world. In addition, there is a team focusing on data and marketing promotion, as well as the support of industry leaders and the government. With the help of Big5 exhibition in Nigeria, you can directly contact tens of thousands of buyers. Nigeria's political environment is stable, and the urbanization process is developing rapidly. In order to speed up the development, the government has increased its budget to meet the needs of the expansion and upgrading of infrastructure projects, commercial and residential projects.
Why Nigeria's five industry exhibitions?
(1) leading the world exhibition: after years of development, Big5 series has successfully stopped in African market from Egypt and Morocco in North Africa to Kenya, the gateway of East Africa.
(2) Strong strong alliance: the five industry exhibitions and China building materials week strong alliance help Chinese enterprises to explore the African market, promote Chinese brands in international exhibitions, and make enterprises famous.
(3) Meet buyers directly: Big5 series has a regional database of about 1 million construction professionals, and we can help you meet new customers.
(4) Networking: in addition to meeting directly with the audience, exhibitors are more likely to meet with local government personnel to get orders at the five major exhibitions in Nigeria.
(5) Professional products: five categories of products in the construction industry are gathered under the same roof, and a large number of buyers participating in five industry exhibitions in Nigeria are looking for you and your products.
(6) Training plan: construction professionals can participate in the seminar certified by CPD free of charge, and can improve their professional knowledge after participating in the exhibition.
Market background:
(1) The total population of the country is about 189 million, which is the seventh largest country in the world (data source: www.worldometers. Info)
(2) The richer countries in Africa, with GDP of US $553 billion, are the sixth largest economies in Africa
(3) Nigeria currently owns 43% of the total value of projects in Africa
(4) Nigeria's economy will continue to grow by 2.1% in 2018
(5) Nigeria attracted about $1.6 million in investment at the end of the first quarter of 2018
(6) Nigeria's Federal Council approved the construction of export processing zones in Lagos, karabar, ABA, Kano and kazina and invested 250 billion naira, the Daily Mail reported. In addition, the Nigerian government plans to carry out preliminary work in akuaibom, Edo, Gombe, Kuala and sokto to prepare for the second stage expansion of the export processing zone. The Committee noted that as an important part of the "made in Nigeria" export project, the construction of a world-class export processing zone would contribute to the development of Nigeria's export-oriented economy. The federal government of Nigeria will implement the project through the Nigerian special economic zones Company Limited, a public-private joint venture.


Concrete & Machinery: formwork & Scaffolding, concrete & cement equipment, construction & commercial vehicles, batch processing equipment, mineral machinery & Equipment
Building materials & Tools: building tools & hardware, wood, plastic & composite, mechanical & equipment, aluminum, metal & Steel
Refrigeration & HVAC: heating, ventilation & air conditioning components, refrigeration system & equipment, piping & water technology, pumps, valves, piping & accessories, lifting equipment
Building services: facility management, commercial cleaning & hygiene, elevator & escalator, security and related equipment, building automation, software & it
Interior decoration: bathroom, marble, ceramics, stone, floor & decoration, lighting. Sealant, adhesive, paint, floor, ceiling & curtain wall, doors and windows

Costs & Precautions

Matters needing attention
To purchase our Mie group booth, you can enjoy the following guarantees:
1. We guarantee that the booth you buy is a regular one
2. You sign a contract with us and promise to fulfill our responsibilities according to the contract
3. We guarantee that the booth provided to you will be able to participate in the exhibition
4. We promise that what we promised you will be fulfilled
5. Overseas itinerary, hotel accommodation and other arrangements have always been reasonable and convenient, and have been well received by exhibitors and business inspection enterprises!   
6. Professional group leaders who are familiar with the situation of local countries.  
7. From booth confirmation to booth construction, exhibition transportation and business visa training, the company's one-stop professional service concept, to build the exhibition service industry!  
8. We wholeheartedly and warmly welcome our customers.  
9. Our group undertakes the investigation team and has plans to contact us at any time


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