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In June 2020, the 12th European German international trade exhibition of professional thermal insulation, fire retardant, insulation, insulation (cold), sound insulation materials and production machinery
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2020/06/25 - 06/26 (Thur To Fri Total 2 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Europe Germany EuropeGermany Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Germany
Sponsor:Beijing Oriental Ruiji International Exhibition Co., Ltd


In June 2020, the 12th European German international trade exhibition of professional thermal insulation, fire retardant, insulation, insulation (cold), sound insulation materials and production machinery
(Insulation Materials and Insulation Technology)
(the world's only most professional trade exhibition of thermal insulation materials, thermal (cold) materials, flame retardant materials, sound insulation materials and related production machinery)
1、 Exhibition time: June 25-26, 2020 (annual session, the 12th session)
2、 Venue: Nuremberg Convention and Exhibition Center, Germany
3、 Contents of exhibits: (insulation materials and Technology)
This exhibition is the world's only most professional international pure trade exhibition of thermal insulation, fire retardant, insulation, thermal insulation (cold), sound insulation materials and technology, which is highly professional.
● by product use:
★ all kinds of industrial (energy, chemical, electric power, etc.) engineering and building materials: heat insulation and cold insulation materials, heat insulation and cold insulation materials, fire prevention (resistance), sound insulation materials, pipeline heat insulation materials, heat insulation pipes, waterproof and heat insulation materials, fire-fighting materials, anti-corrosion materials, etc;
★ various fire-retardant materials: flame retardant (inorganic flame-retardant materials: antimony trioxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, etc., and inorganic flame-retardant materials sent by silicon system and other flame-retardant systems); flame-retardant fabrics, flame-retardant chemical fibers, flame-retardant plastics, flame-retardant rubber, fire-retardant coating, flame-retardant wood materials, flame-retardant paper, inorganic non combustible filler materials

● according to the insulation materials:
★ fiber materials, including:
All kinds of mineral wool, rock wool, glass wool, glass fiber, insulation blanket, board blanket, insulation blanket, insulation board, multilayer insulation board, insulation pad, insulation rope, aluminum silicate fiber, etc;
★ porous materials, including:
Polyurethane foam (PUR and PU), polyisocyanuric acid ester foam (PIR), elastomer foam (FEF), direct spray foam insulation, soft polyurethane foam (PUF), expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), urea formaldehyde foam, elastic melamine foam, foaming nitrile rubber, phenolic rigid foam plastic (PF), polyethylene foam (PEF), Foam glass (CG), porous ceramic material, porous silicon material, porous silicate material (CS) and so on;
★ flame retardant (inorganic flame retardant materials: antimony trioxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, etc., and inorganic flame retardant materials sent by silicon system)
★ granular insulation filled with thermal insulation layer, including:
Aluminum and magnesium oxide products, zirconia products, expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, cork insulation products, granular polystyrene, etc;
★ panel insulation insulation board, including:
High temperature composite panel, vacuum insulated panel (VIP), etc;
Nanotechnology nanotechnology, including: Aerogel aerogels
★ refractories
★ corrosion protection products
● relevant auxiliary materials and equipment, including scaffold materials, rope use, insulation coating, insulation fasteners, prefabricated insulation pipes, etc
● relevant tools, machines and measuring instruments, testing instruments, installation and construction services, etc;
4、 Exhibition data: (every two years) 2018
Number of exhibitors: 208 (one third of exhibitors are from 13 other countries outside Germany)
Exhibition area: 8219m2 (net exhibition area)
Professional visitors: 6958, from 34 countries (the exhibition is only open to professional visitors, who need to buy tickets to enter)
5、 Exhibition introduction:
This exhibition, held by the world's largest exhibition company, is the largest and most professional industrial, construction and civil industries in the world with the most professional thermal insulation, fire retardant, insulation, insulation (cold), sound insulation materials and pure technology trade exhibition. It is held for the first time since 1998, every two years. It has a history of nearly 20 years and is very famous in Europe and America.
The exhibition was officially introduced into China in 2016, which is an excellent platform for Chinese enterprises to explore European and even global markets and expand exports. The exhibition gathers excellent thermal insulation, insulation, fire retardant, sound insulation, heat shrinkable materials and machinery suppliers from many countries in the world. The exhibits involve materials used in the whole industry and construction industry. The exhibition is only open to professional visitors, who need to buy tickets to enter the exhibition hall, so as to ensure the quality and professionalism of professional visitors. Previous international well-known exhibitors include: kaimann, isover, rockwool, Armacell, ode, Aspen, paroc, wego, Knauf, Sebald and many other international well-known companies in the industry.

After the first successful group exhibition in 2016, in 2018, our company successfully participated again: nano technology, Lanxi manor, Zhejiang asker, Jiangyin weiteng, Anhui Hantai, ningguobaist, Shanxi Minmetals, Beijing Holland, Hengdian import and export, Ningbo Soko, Zhejiang nusda, Shanghai Fengya, Hangzhou PENGYUAN, Tianjin Aike, Henan chimit, Tuopu Zhongrun, Shanghai More than 20 Chinese exhibitors such as Bao Shi and Shandong talent chemistry participated in the 2018 session. Every exhibitor has achieved very very good results (especially the popularity of glass fiber, rock wool, aerogel and other products). All the exhibitors received many enquiries on the spot, and after several months of exhibitors' visit, many exhibitors finally became strong with the exhibition. Professional buyers have done business, and these exhibitors said they will continue to participate in the 2020 session, and will expand the booth area. Our company will also continue to participate in the 2020 high-quality exhibition in an exclusive group in China.

Statistics of development data of the last three exhibitions:
At that time, the world's trade fairs were all developing in a more specialized direction. Only when the trade fairs were highly specialized in the industry, they would have better effectiveness for the exhibitors, ensure the absolute professionalism of the exhibitors and the audience, realize the direct connection between the sellers and the buyers, and ensure the success rate of the trade. (as for the significance of participating in those huge comprehensive exhibitions, it has been It's just to be popular and to be lively.
Our exhibition is just in line with the key point of strong professionalism, which is very suitable for the active enterprises in this industry to participate in the exhibition.

Deadline for registration: there are not many organizers for Chinese enterprises, which is very limited, until the booth is sold out.

Our company is the only official promotion organization in China recognized by the organizer of the exhibition and is fully responsible for the domestic recruitment of the exhibition.

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