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2018 the 10th China (Lanzhou) art collection Expo

Toys / Gifts / Crafts


2018/04/12 - 04/16 (Thur To Mon Total 5 Days)    Error Correction


Lanzhou · Gansu Gansu International Exhibition Center No.1, Beibinhe East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City


China Ornamental Stone Association, China collectors association


Lanzhou Golden Camel Culture Communication Co., Ltd


Gansu Yellow River Culture Research Association, Gansu ornamental stone association, Gansu Collection Association, Gansu antique painting and Calligraphy Association



Since 2012, China (Lanzhou) art collection Expo, sponsored by China Association of collectors and co sponsored by Gansu Collection Association, Gansu antiques, calligraphy and Painting Association, Gansu Yellow River Culture Research Association, Gansu folk culture industry association and Lanzhou Yellow River rare stone association, has been successfully held in Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center for nine consecutive times. The total exhibition area is over 100000 square meters.

China (Lanzhou) art collection Expo has attracted exhibitors from more than 30 regions all over the country and even abroad to participate in the Expo. The total number of exhibitors is more than 3000. The exhibits include antiques, calligraphy and painting, jewelry and jade, ceramics, purple sand, ornamental stone, mahogany furniture, tea and tea art, home art, etc. The Expo has provided a broad exchange and trading platform for the majority of art collectors in the central and western regions and even the whole country. It has played an important role in improving the art aesthetics of citizens, popularizing the art collection knowledge, and developing the economy, tourism and culture of Lanzhou city.

Digital collection:

Total exhibition area: 100000 square meters+

Accumulated exhibition number: 3000+

Total works: 1500+

Special exhibition: 10+

Number of visitors: 400000+

Professional media coverage: 500+

On site transaction amount: 350 million+

Outlook 2018

Booth area: 27000 square meters

Exhibition works: 1000+

Exhibition space: 800+

Advantages of five booths in 2018:

1. Sponsored by authoritative associations, supported by government departments, and organized by professional organizations; 2. In-depth multimedia cooperation, intensive exposure, and the whole city's attention; 3. Innovative exhibition design, rich activity support; 4. Eight exhibition areas run through the whole art collection industry chain; 5. Obvious location advantages, high-end customers gathering;


1、 Jewelry and jade

1, natural gemstones: diamond, emerald, ruby, topaz, sapphire, emerald, crystal, tourmaline, mineral crystal, fluorite, spinel, opal, diamond, hematite, quartz, golden green cat's eye, yellow green cat's eye and so on.  

2. Natural jade: jadeite, Hetian jade, Nanhong agate, Jasper, Jinsi jade, ice flower jade, turquoise, malachite, lapis lazuli, Qilian jade, Xiuyan Jade, Nanyang jade, Lantian jade, Dongling jade, Junggar jade, agate, chlorite, Yingshi, etc.   

3. Natural organic gems: amber, pearl, coral, etc.

2、 Ornamental stone

Yellow River stone, Yangtze River stone, Shoushan stone, Tianhuang stone, Qingtian stone, Jixue stone, Wuhua stone, ferrogallstone, Changbai stone, Duanshi, Tao stone, Songhua stone, Yuhua stone, Balin Stone, Helan stone, chrysanthemum stone, Ziyun stone, Qing stone, swallow stone, she stone, Hongsi stone, Taihu stone, Chang fossil, serpentine, Shangshui stone, talc, granite, marble, etc.

3、 Ceramic cinnabar

1. Blue and white porcelain, pastel porcelain, color glazed porcelain, exquisite porcelain, art ceramics, Tangshan bone porcelain, high ancient porcelain, craft porcelain, high imitation porcelain, high-grade household porcelain, art ceramics, etc.

2. Colorful pottery products, purple sand products, all kinds of pottery, purple sand pot, etc.

Four. Mahogany

1. Huanghua pear, Jinsi nanmu, red sandalwood, chicken wing wood, sour branch and other precious wood and hardwood furniture.

2. Precious wood, rosewood furniture, classical furniture accessories, rosewood classical furniture, antique furniture of various periods in China, antique furniture, Ming and Qing style antique furniture, Asian and European style antique furniture, antique furniture of various countries in Asia, various antique furniture of various countries in Europe, various old western furniture, various old neoclassical furniture, etc.

3. Root carving and mahogany carving

5、 Antique calligraphy and painting

1. Ancient calligraphy and painting, comics, ancient books, antiques, antiques, porcelain, bronze ware, xuanlu, bronze mirror, jade ware, stamps, tickets, auctions, steles, seals, seals, badges, commemorative seals, inkstones, inkstones, books, steles, famous papers, bricks and tiles, silk embroidery, cloisonne, lacquerware, Yixinghu, enamel, cooking utensil, FA Hua, dental utensil, color ink, black pottery, pen pattern, bamboo carving, fan , wood, stone, Olympic Games

Collection, Asian Games Collection, Expo collection, etc.

2. Calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, printmaking, oil painting, watercolor painting, pyrography, special art calligraphy, craft painting, grain calligraphy and painting, straw painting, flower and leaf stick painting, feather painting, wall hanging painting, interior painting, new year painting, etc.

6、 Crafts

1. Art institutions: domestic and foreign galleries, art galleries, art companies, auction companies, art schools, art academies, folk art groups, art institutions and art brokers.

2. Art works and folk arts brought by artists: Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, sketch, print, calligraphy, photography, four treasures of study, seal, ceramics, etc.

3. Sculpture art: jade carving, wood carving, root carving, copper carving, lacquer carving, shell carving, bamboo carving, stone carving, bone carving, interior carving, cloth carving, brick carving, ivory carving, micro carving, coal carving, pottery sculpture, clay sculpture and other sculpture works.

4. Folk folk arts: paper cutting, origami, shadow puppet, gourd, mask, clay sculpture, flower art, wax art, carpet, tapestry, national costume, kite, embroidery, clay figurine, various printing and dyeing products, various kinds of weaving and other works of art.

5. Household accessories: high-end bonsai, aquarium, tapestry, lamp art, cloth art, glass decoration, photo frame / picture frame, high-end furnishings, screens, aromatherapy, hanging accessories, craft windmills, simulation plants, family style music fountains, etc.

6. Other miscellaneous items: metal crafts, rattan iron products, artificial flowers, umbrella fan bamboo Huang, DIY accessories, mobile phone accessories, leather goods, tourist souvenirs, outdoor leisure products, etc.

7、 Buddhist supplies

1. Buddha statues: wood, stone, porcelain, bronze, resin, matte gold, jade, amber, crystal, raw lacquer, Buddha painting, etc.  

2. Incense: linear incense, bamboo horn incense, micro smoke incense, smokeless incense, craft incense, Indian incense, material incense, fragrance, high incense, incense tower incense, Tibetan incense, etc.  

3. Buddhist utensils: niches, beads, wooden fish, copper plates, wax platforms, incense burners, body protectors, vases, tribute platforms, tribute plates, water purification cups, worship mats, chanting machines, stupas, incense tubes, bowls, instruments, electronic Buddhist scriptures, gold copper bowls, gold buckets, treasure gathering barrels, family Buddhist halls, etc.  

4. Candles: craft candles, smokeless candles, lotus candles, bucket candles, crystal candles, butter candles, ordinary candles, etc.

5. Temple supplies: drum, bell, temple decoration, palace lamp, etc.   

6. Lamps: Buddha lamp, lotus lamp, electric candle lamp, oil lamp, lamp oil, electric incense, etc.  

7. Paper products: gold paper, Yuanbao, yellow paper, paper materials, honeycomb paper, etc.

8. Monk clothing embroidery: monk clothing shoes, embroidery, fan building series, auspicious embroidery bag, Buddhist hall decorations, etc.  

9. Painting and calligraphy audio-visual: Buddha, landscape painting, Buddhist Scripture, Scripture audio-visual image, new year painting, etc.

Costs & Precautions

1、 Jewelry and jade ware, ceramic purple sand, ornamental stone, mahogany, antiques, handicrafts, Buddhist supplies

(double opening booth: 5200 yuan / 9 ㎡, single opening booth: 4200 yuan / 9 ㎡)

Two, calligraphy and painting

(single opening booth: 3000 yuan / 9 ㎡)

3、 Open space location

(450 yuan / m2)

Exhibition procedure:

1. Contact the investment promotion personnel, reserve the booth according to the guidance of the investment promotion personnel, and pay the deposit.

2. Booth sequence allocation principle: "apply first, pay first, arrange first". Failure to inform the relevant staff of the reason for failure to arrive or late for the opening of the Expo shall be deemed as the automatic abandonment of the booth.



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