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October 2019 Singapore international big data cloud computing data center and intelligent Internet of things exhibition
Industry: Communications / Electronics
Time: 2019/10/09 - 10/10 (Wed To Thur Total 2 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Singapore AsiaSingapore Marina Bay Sands
Sponsor:Beijing Oriental Ruiji International Exhibition Co., Ltd


October 2019 7th Asia Singapore international big data, cloud technology, cloud security, data center equipment and intelligent Internet of things Trade Fair
(Big Data + Cloud Expo Asia +Data Center World  + Cloud Security Expo+ Smart IoT)
(World Trade Exhibition of big data, cloud technology, cloud security, data center equipment and intelligent Internet of things equipment with strong specialization)

1、 Exhibition time: October 9-10, 2019 (once a year)

2、 Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

3、 Contents:
(BigData + Cloud Expo Asia +Data Center World  + Cloud Security Expo+ Smart IoT)
This exhibition is the only most professional international big data, cloud technology, cloud security, data center equipment and intelligent Internet of things trade exhibition in Asia, with strong professionalism. The exhibition is divided into professional exhibition areas according to the following categories of exhibits.
Theme exhibition 1: big data Expo
General technology: data mining, data analysis, data storage, data deletion, high-speed data processing engine;
Big data management solution:
(1) Retail big data application, purchase activity, POS data analysis, customer information analysis, market / publicity information, sales forecast / analysis;
(2) Manufacturing industry: demand forecast analysis, inventory management, commodity planning, supply chain management;
(3) Financial industry: trade analysis, market data analysis, stock analysis;
(4) Public services: weather data analysis, energy consumption analysis, disaster risk analysis, GPS data management, etc;
(5) Medicine: medical data analysis, clinical trial analysis, treatment method analysis, big data health, etc;

Theme exhibition II: smart IOT intelligent Internet of things
Smart Internet of things technology and related equipment: smart home, smart transportation, smart medical, smart grid, smart agriculture, smart logistics, smart power, smart security, smart city, smart car, smart building, smart water, business intelligence, smart industry, Ping'an City, etc;

Theme exhibition 3 Data Center World
(1) Power supply and distribution system: UPS uninterruptible power supply, emergency power supply HVDC, bus coupler and ATS, distribution cabinet and cable, cabinet PDU, generator set, intelligent distribution related products;
(2) Air conditioning fresh air: water-cooled chilled water unit, air-cooled chilled water unit, precision air conditioning, cooling tower, wet film humidifier, exhaust water drainage, fresh air system;
(3) Fire fighting and security: fire fighting system, video monitoring system, access control system, intrusion detection system, dynamic environment monitoring, alarm platform;
(4) Generic cabling: generic cabling solutions, logos, copper cables, optical fibers, racks and cabinets;
(5) Others: lightning protection, tester, large screen display system, anti-static floor, fire door, financial capital;
* ICT system equipment:
(1) It system: it facility solution, cabinet, storage / disk series, optical terminal, server, database;
(2) Communication system: communication system solution, router, switch, firewall, gateway, network architecture, data management / protection / backup, network security system;
Service provider: planning, consulting and design, completion acceptance, maintenance, it service and operation and maintenance;
Application suppliers: cloud computing, data center leasing;

Theme exhibition 4: cloud Expo Asia
Cloud technology area: it mainly shows the construction technology of cloud computing platform, the development of applicable chips and software platforms for cloud computing, cloud computing service solutions, data center construction and operation, cloud computing communication network equipment and services, data storage, service outsourcing, data and network security, cloud computing standards, etc.
Cloud application area: including various industry applications and featured applications based on Cloud Architecture and cloud services. Such as: Transportation cloud, health cloud, Ping'an cloud, small and medium-sized enterprise cloud, business cloud, manufacturing cloud, education cloud, entertainment cloud, social cloud, tourism cloud, geographic information cloud, etc.
Cloud terminal area: it mainly includes cloud computing information terminals such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, printers, cloud TVs, network computers, vehicle navigation devices, sensors, reading and writing devices based on cloud computing services and solutions.
Intelligent network: intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent culture, intelligent education, intelligent city, cloud computing Park, etc.

Theme exhibition 5: Cloud Security Expo
* cloud security solutions, antivirus systems, security software, etc;

4、 Exhibition data: (once a year) 2018: (total: 496 exhibitors)
Number of exhibitors: big data and IOT exhibition area: 80 exhibitors
Data center equipment exhibition area: 156 exhibitors
Cloud technology exhibition area: 169 exhibitors
91 exhibitors in cloud security exhibition area
Exhibition area: 35128 square meters
Professional visitors: 18229, from 43 countries (the exhibition is only open to professional visitors)

5、 Exhibition introduction:
This exhibition, held by the world-famous closerstill Media Exhibition Company in the UK, is the most professional big data, cloud technology, cloud security, data center equipment and intelligent Internet of things trade exhibition in Asia. Since its inception, it has been held once a year, with the number of exhibitors and visitors increasing at a rate of 35%, and has developed into the most famous professional in Asia One of the exhibitions.
The exhibition was officially introduced into China in 2016 and is an excellent platform for Chinese related enterprises to explore Asian and global markets and expand exports. The exhibition gathers suppliers of excellent big data, cloud technology, data center construction, cloud security technology equipment and intelligent Internet of things from many countries in the world. The exhibition is only open to professional visitors, and the number of professional visitors is also increasing at a high rate every year. Professional forums and conferences are also held at the same time of the exhibition. Previous international famous exhibitors include: IBM, Microsoft, delta group, Dell, Emerson, Kohler power, centurylink, Huawei Technology, China Telecom, climaveneta, caterpillar, somec, Raritan, brocade, Verizon, AWS, dimension data, HP, Telstra, softlayer, Fujitsu, cloudsoft, APP direct, riverbed, NetApp, Legrand, oppsilan, NTT com Many well-known international companies from various industries participated in the exhibition.

As an official promotion organization in China authorized by the organizer of the exhibition, our company successfully organized and participated in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 sessions, with an unprecedented number of professional visitors, and the participating enterprises achieved very good results. Some enterprises indicated that they would continue to participate in the 2019 session of the exhibition.

At that time, the world's trade fairs were all developing in a more specialized direction. Only the fairs were highly specialized in the industry
For exhibitors, it will have better effectiveness, ensure the absolute professionalism of exhibitors and visitors, realize the direct connection between sellers and buyers, and ensure the success rate of trade (as for the significance of participating in those huge comprehensive exhibitions, it has become just to gather people and make a fuss). Our exhibition is just in line with the key point of strong professionalism, which is very suitable for the active enterprises in this industry to participate in the exhibition.

In 2019, our company will continue to organize and participate in the exhibition. For the enterprises that meet the standards of small and medium-sized enterprises, our company will assist the exhibitors to apply for "subsidy for international market development of small and medium-sized enterprises", and the general local government will reimburse 50% to 70% of the booth funds.

Deadline for registration: there are not many organizers for Chinese enterprises, which is very limited, until the booth is sold out.


Our company is the only official promotion organization in China recognized by the organizer of the exhibition and is fully responsible for the domestic recruitment of the exhibition
Work. The booth is very limited. Please register as soon as possible.

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Beijing Oriental Ruiji International Exhibition Co., Ltd
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Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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