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2025 Shanghai Beauty Expo CBE (time, location, exhibition hall)

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2024/05/22 - 05/24 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) ChinaShanghai CityPudong New Area 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd


Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd


Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd

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2025 Shanghai Beauty Expo CBE (time, location, exhibition hall) - www.globalomp.com

2025 Shanghai Beauty Expo CBE (time, location, exhibition hall) - www.globalomp.com

The 29th Shanghai Beauty Expo and CBE China Beauty Expo in 2025

2025 Shanghai Beauty Expo, 2025 Shanghai Pudong Beauty Expo, Shanghai CBE, Shanghai Beauty Supply Chain Exhibition

Time: May 2025

Location: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center

Organizer: Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd

The CBE Shanghai Beauty Expo, as the world's leading beauty event, has gone through 28 years of accumulation and accumulation. Currently, CBE includes cosmetics exhibition, beauty exhibition, and CBE Supply Beauty Supply Chain Expo, bringing together 3200 cosmetics industry chain enterprises from over 40 countries and regions, 10000 beauty brands, tens of thousands of products, covering 36 major categories of daily chemical, supply, and three major themes.

2025 Shanghai Beauty Expo CBE (time, location, exhibition hall) - www.globalomp.com

During the exhibition, a hundred special themed events covering the entire industry, including retail growth, brand empowerment, social e-commerce, technological innovation, raw material research and development, packaging design, medical anti-aging, beauty, etc., as well as the annual series of exhibitions held in multiple parts of the country, are the core weapons of CBE as a benchmark for China's cosmetics industry

Under the strong resource advantages of CBE, CBE influencers will build an efficient cooperation bridge between influencers and 10000 brands and enterprises, further expand the boundaries of talent resource cooperation, and help influencers achieve one click sharing of global innovation resources.

The 22 major exhibition halls of CBE will continue to maintain their advantages as "flagship category exhibition halls" and "internet celebrity explosive halls", focus on market trends, further explore category hotspots, integrate resources and innovate layout, create cluster effects, and especially add "Ten Landmark Special Zones":

W2 Pavilion "Fragrance Zone", E7 Pavilion "Beauty New Energy Zone", W3 Pavilion "Oral Care Zone", E3 Pavilion "Oral Care Products Zone", E4 Pavilion "Beauty Instruments Zone", E5 Pavilion "Skin Management Zone", E6 Pavilion "Community E-commerce Zone", N2 Pavilion "Made in Japan Zone", N6 Pavilion "Testing and Inspection Zone", and W9 Pavilion "High end Paper Box Bag Packaging Zone".

1 W2 Hall "Fragrance Zone"

According to the Global perfume Industry Analysis Report released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, it is estimated that the Chinese perfume market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 15% from 2018 to 2024, and the market size is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan by 2022.

In the Chinese cosmetics market, perfume is ushering in its own new opportunities.

The "Fragrance Zone" set up by CBE Shanghai International Beauty Expo in Hall W2 will gather international top brands, such as Bulgari BVLGARI, Versace, Anna Sui, Kochi COACH, and other niche perfume brands loved by consumers, such as 4711, Klein CLEAN, TOUS Peach Bear, TRUSSARDI Dulusady, MASAKI Songdao Zhengshu, as well as Bingxili, the first original perfume brand to put forward the concept of "light salon", and the salon signed by independent flavorers. Longxiang brand Balliol, etc.

E7 Hall "Mechanical Equipment Area"

3 W3 Hall "Oral Care Zone"

2025 Shanghai Beauty Expo CBE (time, location, exhibition hall) - www.globalomp.com

According to an AI media report, the overall scale of China's dental market reached 103.5 billion yuan in 2019. Especially in the post pandemic era, oral health, as an important part of physical health management, has received significant attention. At the same time, the demand for oral care continues to advance, highlighting the market potential of the dental economy.

The "Oral Care Zone" specially established by CBE in W3 Hall will gather top brands in the field of oral care, such as LMZ, Pianzihuang, Ruinashi, Dentists, Yibao, Brushing Master, and Banban, with an overall volume of nearly half of the large hall.

E3 Hall "Oral Care Products Zone"

With the increasing consumer awareness of nutritional and health products, it is expected that the growth rate of the nutritional and health product industry will remain at least 10% in the next five years, and the industry market size will reach 374 billion yuan by 2025.

At this year's exhibition, CBE established the "Oral Care Products Zone" at E3 Hall, focusing on promoting health care products, gathering * * brands, import agents, and OEM/ODM enterprises in this category. According to incomplete statistics, well-known brands such as Renhe, Xianle Health, Kakashou, and Nimi NIMI will make a collective debut at that time, with brand nationalities covering China, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Thailand, Australia, and more.

5 E4 Hall "Beauty Instrument Zone"

IPL pulse light series, CO2 lattice laser series, water oxygen facial cleanser series, semiconductor laser hair removal series, laser therapy instrument series Undoubtedly, technological beauty is a popular beauty project nowadays. At the 25th CBE last year, beauty salon product categories represented by beauty equipment shone brightly at the exhibition.

This year's CBE exhibition has once again upgraded the beauty equipment category of E4 Pavilion, setting up a "Beauty Equipment Zone" to gather the world's top high-end beauty products and cutting-edge beauty equipment, including LPG, Ensheng, Langdi, Hongqiang, Meice, Taifu Technology, Guanzhou, Meitu Yifu, Bolishiman Bellisima, NewFaith NEWFACE, BELLIVIORA, DJM, Classys, Leifei Shi, Heyi Optoelectronics, Jinshamei, Songlin Solex, FLASER, Aiyanjia, ODI, TOUCHBeauty, Obo, Ulike, JOVS Tripolar, Sivers, The Beautools, Silver Fox, Schumann, and more.

6 E5 Pavilion "Skin Management Zone"

In 2016, the concept of "skin management" was first introduced from South Korea to China and quickly established itself. Nowadays, skin management has become an important component of the domestic beauty industry, and the number of professional skin management stores is constantly increasing. As of 2021, skin management is still in a high-speed upward trend in China.

On the basis of reshaping the skin management category, this year's CBE exhibition focuses on creating the "Skin Management Zone" of E5 Pavilion, sharing store operation experience. According to incomplete statistics, skin management and whole store export companies such as Silk Beauty, Natural Beauty, Lion Beauty, Japanese Flower Fragrance, AYAKO, JP BEAUTY, Suxiu Jasmine, and Japanese Sanzhao (ranked in no particular order) will all appear at the exhibition.


Exhibition Hall Distribution


N2 OEM/ODM/OBM, Japan Manufacturing Area

N3 Makeup OEM&Packaging

N4 mechanical equipment

N6 innovative technology raw materials, essence and spices

N7 Inspection and Testing&Laboratory Instruments, Formula Design and Manufacturing

W4 Packaging

W5 packaging

W8 green packaging and labels

W9 Innovative Packaging, Paper Box Bags

W10 Innovative Packaging

E1 Skin care, facial mask, personal care

E2 international group, European and American brands

E3 international group, Asian&Oceanian brands, oral skincare products

E6 Korean Beauty and Cross border E-commerce Theme Hall

E7 Mechanical Equipment

N5 Japanese Beauty Boutique

W1 skincare, personal care, men's care

W2 Makeup, perfume and beauty tools

W3 oral care, pregnancy and baby care, home cleaning

W7 Makeup&Beauty Tools

E4 Instruments&Equipment, Beauty

E5 Skin management, overall health, efficacy beauty, nail and eyelash beauty

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2025 Shanghai Beauty Expo CBE (time, location, exhibition hall) - www.globalomp.com


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