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2018 the 20th Beijing International Toy and preschool education supplies exhibition
Industry: Office / Culture & Education / Art
Time: 2019/05/11 - 05/13 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chaoyang District · Beijing China International Exhibition Center - old museum 6 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Sponsor:China International Trade Center Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing North South Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing joy source culture Communication Co., Ltd


The successful holding of the 20th Beijing International Toy Exhibition for preschool education and the kindergarten supplies and supporting equipment exhibition (bjkse for short) has won the high recognition of Chinese and foreign exhibitors and professional buyers. The exhibition gathers Chinese and foreign brands such as "Zhigao", "educo", "Sun preschool education", "LEGO", "one step education", "Kebao education", "Hong'en", "logic dog", "boffin", "Buqi paradise", "Montessori", "INTERSTAR", "Fangcao education", "little bikes" and "xiaohajin". At the same time, 2018 "spring of preschool education" -- Beijing's large-scale series of forum activities were brilliant, and eight lecturer groups from Europe, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, Singapore, the mainland and the Academy gave wonderful speeches, providing the best learning and exchange platform for the professional visitors; perfect exhibition services, let the professional buyers (VIPs) feel "God like treatment"; nearly 30000 domestic and foreign buyers negotiate on the spot, and the exhibitors return with full load. Beijing International Toy and preschool education products exhibition has become the best choice for Chinese and foreign toy and preschool education products enterprises to publicize brands, expand markets and improve sales channels.
In order to meet the exhibition needs of Chinese and foreign exhibitors, the 21st Beijing International Toy and preschool education supplies exhibition was held in China International Exhibition Center (No. 6, North 3rd Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing) from May 11 to 13, 2019. The number of exhibition halls increased to 10 and the exhibition area exceeded 42000 square meters. In the same period of the exhibition, a series of forum exchange activities of 2019 "preschool education spring" were organized, including "China Germany Preschool Education Forum", "China US preschool education forum", "China Japan Preschool Education Forum", "China Singapore Preschool Education Forum", "China Canada Preschool Education Forum", "China EU Preschool Education Forum", "China South Korea Preschool Education Forum", "cross strait Preschool Education Forum", etc. We are looking forward to meeting with enterprises, agents, kindergarten directors and scientific research institutions of preschool education products in May 2019 again!

Contemporaneous activities
⊙ 2019 "spring of preschool education" -- China US preschool education forum;
⊙ 2019 "spring of preschool education" -- China Japan Preschool Education Forum;
⊙ 2019 "spring of preschool education" -- China Singapore Preschool Education Forum;
⊙ 2019 "spring of preschool education" -- China South Korea Preschool Education Forum;
⊙ 2019 "spring of preschool education" -- cross strait Preschool Education Forum;
⊙ 2019 "spring of preschool education" -- China EU Preschool Education Forum;
⊙ 2019 high quality kindergarten construction and Development Forum
⊙ 2019 "spring of preschool education" -- kindergarten science development lecture hall;
⊙ observation of Beijing characteristic kindergarten;
⊙ Beijing characteristic kindergarten demonstration experience class;
⊙ 2019 pre-school education institutions teaching achievement exhibition and talent supply and demand exchange meeting.


◆ kindergarten supporting equipment: safety management software, new white (black) board, musical instruments, bedding, desks and chairs, outdoor slide, naughty castle, amusement machine, children's castle, children's car, battery car, swing car, children's Park, inflatable amusement equipment, children's game rack, swing, swing chair, turntable, trampoline, seesaw, combined amusement toys, kindergarten school bus, etc;

◆ daily products in kindergarten: kindergarten tableware, children's rice bag, disinfected wet paper towel, cleaning supplies, etc;

◆ kindergarten decoration design: environmental protection floor, floor mat, kindergarten environmental design, etc;

◆ preschool education categories: kindergarten books, children's publications, schoolbags, stationery, painting supplies, plasticine, animated audio-visual products, plant specimens, manual courses, game courses, scientific experiment courses, children's books, left and right brain development textbooks, etc;

◆ toys: all kinds of building blocks, puzzles, desktop toys, educational toys, etc.

Costs & Precautions

⊙ Zone A: rmb11500 / standard booth (9 ㎡); open space: 1200 yuan / m2 (from 36 ㎡);
⊙ zone B: RMB1000 / standard booth (9 ㎡); open space: 1100 yuan / m2 (36 ㎡ from rent);
◆ booth configuration
The booth is equipped with carpet, one negotiation table, two chairs, two fluorescent lamps (or spotlights), one lintel and one power socket (220V / 5A);
Note: all the facilities in the open space shall be borne by themselves, and the booth decoration unit shall pay the construction management fee and power fee separately.


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