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Cbme-2022 China Supply Chain & private brand exhibition and retail Exhibition

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2022/07/06 - 07/08 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) ChinaShanghaiQingpu District 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai (North Gate of the exhibition hall)


Informa markets


Yibaimedia Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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Cbme-2022 China Supply Chain & amp; Private label exhibition and retail Exhibition

Sponsor?Informa markets

Time:July 6-8, 2022

exhibition hall:National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)


Introduction to the exhibition: 

As an upgrade of CBME maternity and baby show under informa markets, CBME supply chain & amp; Relying on the rich resources of CBME maternal and infant exhibition, the private brand exhibition will focus on the new era of family economy, tap the industrial demand of household goods and food categories based on maternal and infant categories, help the optimization and upgrading of enterprise supply chain, broaden the category territory and create great product strength. At the same time, CBME supply chain & amp; With the help of the group's global resource allocation ability and professional experience, the private brand exhibition will promote more accurate and efficient business connection for exhibitors, and stimulate the greater commercial value potential of the exhibition platform with 365 days of business services.

Exhibition scale:

Started in 2001, 1 session and 22nd session each year; Exhibitor: about 3000 +, exhibition area: 300000 square meters.

Exhibition opportunities:

1. Get the admission ticket to the gluttonous event of the whole industry chain of CBME and gain insight into the cutting-edge information of the market;

2. 180000 + brands need to connect with the high-quality supply chain;

3. 300000 offline retail channels, looking for high-quality supply chain, building its own brand and improving profit margin;

4. Supply chain demand enterprises covering four core industries: food, daily chemicals, paper products and maternal and infant products;

5. Comprehensive supporting activities, business matchmaking meetings, new product launches, forums, product seminars, etc;

6. Infman group holds 50 + exhibitions in China every year and has a rich database of various industries.

Gold exhibitors:

chemicals for daily use: caielor, ahwu Husi, gooskoincare, frog prince, thysced "Shixi, cicmcnts Liuyuan Kokoro Jove, jungot Minghua mouth;

Paper products:Tong bcinocn, Guoguang wet towel, hruiupg, MEGASOFT, Freund's, yingshubao, Yiying;

Food:Liqiniute Yinmei, goldmix gaopei, miss you so much, Liaoyuan, Sanyuan, Taitaile, Yili and beibima;

Maternal and infant products:chiD、miffy . PHILIPs、paul frank、TERNOS. Qidaolin, Supor kids, October crystal, professional media at home and abroad.


Domestic and foreign brands, offline retailers, channel merchants, e-commerce, private label merchants, import and export agents, manufacturers, etc. covering food, beverage, daily chemicals, daily necessities, retail department stores and other industries.

Organizing Committee:Zhong Hua: 18717803161


Exhibition scope:

Packaging materials: plastic packaging (plastic bottle, plastic box, plastic barrel, plastic cup, plastic hose, plastic cover, plastic cover film, flexible packaging, etc;

Paper packaging: paper bags, paper cans, paper cups, paper bowls, color boxes, etc;

Metal containers: metal cans, metal boxes, metal barrels, metal covers, aluminum foil packaging, etc;

Glass containers: glass cups, glass cans, glass bottles, etc;

Packaging accessories: spray head, gasket, pump head, bottle cap and so on;

Packaging services: packaging design, overall packaging solutions, packaging · food processing equipment, daily chemical products production equipment, Internet, etc;

Raw materials: nonwovens, high absorbent resin, base paper, hot melt adhesive, other raw and auxiliary materials and other food additives, food ingredients, natural food raw materials, etc; Raw materials of personal care products, home care products, daily chemical products, cosmetics, etc;

Production and processing equipment and supporting products: diapers, wet wipes, sanitary napkins and other sanitary products production and post-processing equipment;

Rewinder, folding machine, Slitter and other household paper production and post-processing equipment, food processing equipment, daily chemical products production equipment, etc;

OEM / ODM / OBM: paper (diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene products, household cleaning / wiping, household paper)

Food category: Zero complementary food, milk powder, nutrition, natural organic food, meat, aquatic products, drinks, dairy products, beverages, etc;

Daily necessities: personal care products, home care, maternal and infant products, cosmetics, daily chemical products, bathroom products, etc

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition before participating in the exhibition.


  • Company:Yibaimedia Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • Telephone:18717803161
  • Truename:Zhong Hua
  • Mobile:18717803161
  • E-mail:1291885206@qq.com
  • QQ:1291885206
  • Address:9 / F, xianles Plaza, No. 388, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, China


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