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2022 Shanghai international design week · Chinese designer Carnival

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2022/12/19 - 12/21 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Qingpu District · Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) China Shanghai Qingpu District 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai (North Gate of the exhibition hall)


Runjing Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Runjing Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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With the help of "Beijing design, technology and innovation" as a platform for designers in the field of interior design and architecture, focusing on the integration of "Beijing design, technology and fashion" as a global designer, and focusing on the three major industries of fashion and architecture, Beijing is a global designer with the vision of "Beijing design, technology and innovation", Help them realize their dreams, build a palace level Olympic event belonging to the designer circle, boost the integrated development of designer brands, explore the transformation and upgrading of design formats, and lead a new modern lifestyle. Since its establishment three years ago, Shanghai international design week has taken "tour activities + award operation + brand design + Design Institute + Exhibition" as its core content, accumulatively landed 500 + creative design activities at home and abroad, gathered 15W + domestic and foreign top designer resources, established 100 + domestic designer organization system, expanded 50 + global strategic partners and covered 3000W + media communication. It has become a distribution center of global creative design.


2022 Shanghai international design week · Chinese designer Carnival

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition before participating in the exhibition.


  • Telephone:4000-996-987
  • E-mail:info@rjexhibits.com
  • Address:Room 1015-1017, Caoyang business building, No. 889, Zhongjiang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai


The information on this site comes from the network and related members, and the website has done its duty to review it. Due to the uncontrollability of the process of organizing the exhibition, some of the exhibition information in the station may change the subject matter, Extending or cancelling the event, please exhibitors and visitors must check with each other again before exhibiting! All the exhibitions in this site are not hosted/co-organized or organized, if there are any disputes during the exhibition, please hold the main responsibility of the exhibition organization! QQ Email: 523138820@qq.com WeChat: 523138820 Mobile: 15313206870


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