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2022 China International Welfare Expo and China International Rehabilitation Expo

Biology / Medicine / Health


2022/12/03 - 12/05 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Chaoyang District · Beijing Beijing National Convention Center ChinaBeijingChaoyang District Olympic Park, Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


China Disabled Persons' Federation


China Disabled Persons' assistive devices center, Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation


Guangzhou Poly Jinhan Exhibition Co., Ltd



China International Welfare Expo and China International Rehabilitation Expo (CR Expo) are hosted by China Disabled Persons' Federation, undertaken by China Disabled Persons' assistive devices center and Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation, and co organized by poly exhibition. As an important event in the rehabilitation accessories industry, Cr # Expo has been growing together with China's rehabilitation accessories industry for 15 years, bringing together new technologies and applications in the global rehabilitation, accessories, elderly care and health industries, leading the future development of the industry and helping enterprises to explore unlimited business opportunities.


Walking aids:
Wheelchair, scooter, Walker, crutch, exoskeleton, welfare car, accessories

Accessible living facilities:
Barrier free design and planning, ramps, handrails, elevators, lifting platforms, wheelchair lifts, emergency rescue services, alarm monitoring and safety systems, smart homes, barrier free furniture, barrier free sanitary facilities

Prosthetics and orthotics:
Prosthetics, limb orthosis, spine and joint orthosis, prosthetic accessories, orthopaedic shoes and insoles

Rehabilitation equipment and treatment:
Rehabilitation engineering equipment, cognitive skills training aids, exercise / muscle strength / balance training equipment, exercise therapy, spa facilities, magnetic field treatment equipment, phototherapy AIDS, heat / cold therapy AIDS, massagers

Nursing AIDS:
Bedsore prevention cushion, cushion, mattress, bedsore treatment supplies, handling AIDS, nursing bed

Medical aids:
Respiratory AIDS, drug delivery AIDS, wound care products, urinary incontinence aids, compression socks and related products

Child rehabilitation aids:
Child rehabilitation treatment system, child wheelchairs, child care beds and mattresses, child crawling AIDS, child seats, cushions and accessories

Communication and information aids:
Hearing aid, cochlear implant, hearing detection equipment, sound collector, visual aid, Braille writing system, speech communication aids, smart phone, writing and reading aids, computer-aided equipment, voice input / voice control system, leisure and entertainment AIDS

Elderly care supplies and services:
Aged furniture, household medical products, health care institutions and health management system, elderly health care products

Personal self care and protective AIDS:
Eating and washing AIDS, clothing AIDS, body protection aids, fall prevention products / Shoes / clothes

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition before participating in the exhibition.


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  • Fax:020-8989 9111
  • E-mail:CRCinfo@polycn.com


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