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2022 China (Ningbo) Buddhist supplies Expo

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2022/11/18 - 11/21 (Fri To Mon Total 4 Days)    Error Correction


Ningbo · Zhejiang Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaZhejiangNingbo No. 181, Jiangdong Convention and Exhibition Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang


Ningbo International Trade Investment Development Co., Ltd


Ningbo Herui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

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*** The first China (Ningbo) Buddhist supplies Expo (hereinafter referred to as Ningbo Buddhist Expo) was successfully held from November 15 to 18, 2019. In 2020, the organizing committee overcome the serious impact of COVID-19 and responded positively. The second Ningbo fair was successfully held on November 19, 2020 -22.
Based on the work experience of the previous two sessions, we look forward to the third Buddha Expo, strive to improve the quality of the exhibition, expand the scale of exhibitors, increase publicity investment, and strive to become the most influential platform for Buddha culture industry in the Yangtze River Delta.


Buddha statues: wood carvings, stone carvings, porcelain, bronze statues, matte gold, raw lacquer, Buddha paintings, etc

Incense: thread incense, bamboo horn incense, light smoke incense, smokeless incense, craft incense, Indian incense, material incense, spice incense, Gaoxiang, incense, tower incense, Tibetan incense, etc

Buddhist utensils: Buddhist niches, Buddha beads, wooden fish, copper plates, wax platforms, incense burners, body protectors, vases, tribute platforms, tribute plates, water purification cups, worship mats, Buddha chanting machines, relic pagodas, incense canisters, bowls, Dharma vessels, electronic Buddhist scriptures, gold and copper bowls, gold buckets, treasure buckets, family Buddhist halls, etc

Candles: craft candles, smokeless candles, lotus candles, bucket candles, crystal candles, butter candles, ordinary candles, etc

Temple supplies: drums, clocks, temple decoration, palace lanterns, etc

Lamps and lanterns: Buddha lamp, lotus lamp, electric candle lamp, oil lamp, lamp oil, electric incense, etc

Monk's clothing embroidery: monk's clothing, monk's shoes, embroidery, flag building series, auspicious embroidery bag, Buddhist hall pendant, etc

Calligraphy and painting audio and video: Buddha, landscape painting, Buddhist Scripture audio and video images, New Year pictures, etc

Raw material equipment: incense making machinery and raw materials, candle machinery and raw materials, paper making machinery and raw materials, Buddha carving equipment, other related machinery and raw materials, etc

Vegetarian and vegetarian culture

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth (3mx3m): 8800 yuan / piece

Bare land (from 36 ㎡): 880 yuan / m2


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  • Address:No. 181, convention and Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province


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