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Liangzhilong · 2022 the 5th China Shandong cuisine ingredients e-commerce Festival and the 3rd China Shandong cuisine chef Festival

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2022/10/12 - 10/12 (Wed To Wed Total 1 Days)    Error Correction


Qingdao · Shandong ChinaShandongQingdao Westin West Coast Hotel


Wuhan shihedao Network Technology Co., Ltd


Wuhan shihedao Network Technology Co., Ltd


Qingdao cuisine Research Association

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Liangzhilong · 2022 the 5th China Shandong cuisine e-commerce Festival and the 3rd China Shandong cuisine chef festival aims to create a double IP of "Shandong cuisine ingredients Festival" and "Shandong cuisine chef Festival". Through a series of professional and rich on-site activities, they build a double scene of "on-site display and exchange and Shandong cuisine characteristic ingredients display", open up the supply and demand matching channel of "buyers and sellers", realize the efficient connection between on-site supply and demand sides, and reach a deeper regional market.
Exhibition activities: liangzhilong · 2022 the 5th China Shandong cuisine e-commerce Festival and the 3rd China Shandong cuisine chef Festival
Exhibition charm Shandong cuisine culture and dig into Shandong cuisine catering market
100 + strictly selected exhibitors, + 5000 + accurate buyers, + 1000 + catering hotels, + 10000 + exhibits

Activity 1: the second Shandong steamed bread and pasta cooking competition
"Steamed bread has a real flavor, and dumplings are in the heart"
Another new stage of national pasta culture
Consultant: Wang mengxiang
Director of organizing committee: Chen Xiuying
Deputy directors of the Organizing Committee: Lin Rongtao, Wei Zongying
Secretary General of organizing committee: Sun Lin
Project Leader: Bing Jihe

Activity 2 of the same period: the second season of "Manchu and Han banquet - the return of the king"
HENGJIA meeting of Chinese catering elites
A gluttonous feast of Chinese catering culture
On October 12, 2022, hundreds of gold medal challengers of man Han Quan Xi will return to glory, recall friendship, tell the truth, exchange information, integrate and win-win results, and shoulder the burden for Chinese catering culture and Chinese catering industry.

Activity 3 at the same time: the Fifth China Shandong food ingredients Festival National prefabricated food summit in 2022
"China's largest one-stop exhibition, procurement and trading platform for Shandong cuisine prefabrication industry"
Overview of the summit: 2022 China prefabricated vegetable industry summit and Exhibition Forum
Investment and financing forum and Supply Chain Forum
Digital Summit
Catering prefabricated Food Summit
The 2022 report on the development of China Shandong cuisine industry was released
"2021 innovation list of Chinese Shandong cuisine prefabricated vegetable industry" released
2022 China Shandong cuisine prefabricated food industry summit exchange tasting banquet

Concurrent activity 4: win win food · 2022 6th China catering exchange tasting Banquet (Qingdao station)
In the form of tasting banquet, the chain catering enterprises of the demander and the food material manufacturers of the supplier can communicate offline and make business friends, so as to realize the efficient communication and accurate docking between the demander and the demander, and realize the service concept of "communication, cooperation and win-win".

Concurrent activity 5: 2022 Xinlu cuisine exchange and tasting Conference
Double scene promotion of "on-site cooking interpretation and tasting in the booth + tasting in the catering store",
"Good ingredients + good catering = good dishes"
The exhibition site is the main promotion position, and the catering store is the auxiliary promotion position, so as to realize the real product identification, real sales and real promotion.


Frozen meat ingredients, poultry ingredients, quick-frozen pastries, aquatic ingredients, fruit and vegetable products, raw and auxiliary materials and condiments, food equipment and supplies, hotel supplies, refrigeration equipment, packaging machinery and equipment, meat slaughtering and processing equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, supply chain services, cold chain logistics and information service providers, catering chain brand franchise, etc.

Costs & Precautions

exhibition booth6800 yuan / piece} matching:1A table,2 chairs, standard electricity

the measure of area: 5000m2


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