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2022 the 11th Central China scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition

Industrial / Mechanical / Processing


2022/09/27 - 09/29 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


China · Wuhan · Hubei China Optics Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center HubeiWuhan No. 787, Gaoxin Avenue, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei


Organizer: Wuhan weathervane Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Wuhan wind vane Exhibition Service Co., Ltd



   "Central China scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition" is aimed at building an exchange platform for the R & D and testing market in the "central triangle". Among them, the exhibition has been held for more than 10 years and has become a well-known professional exhibition in the central and western regions;

  "Central China scientific instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition" is organized by Hubei bioengineering society, Hubei entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau Technology Center, Wuhan quality certification and Accreditation Association and Wuhan wind vane Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. The weathervane Convention and exhibition organization has been engaged in Convention and Exhibition for 20 years and has focused on science and education and green building exhibition topics for 10 years. It is a well-known organizer engaged in professional exhibitions in Wuhan;

  "Central China scientific instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition" builds an information exchange and equipment procurement platform to serve laboratory equipment manufacturing enterprises and professional buyers;


  "Central China scientific instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition" has established cooperative relations with more than 160 professional media and more than 20 comprehensive media across the country. The publicity of the exhibition is rich and timely.


□ analysis and test instrument
   □ laboratory instruments and equipment, laboratory furniture and supporting equipment
   □ material mechanical property test equipment and nondestructive testing instruments
   □ petroleum, chemical and mining instruments
   □ measuring instrument, electrician measuring instrument
   □ industry specific instruments
   □ glassware
   □ optical instruments and equipment, electronic optical instruments
   □ biochemical instruments, life sciences and microbial testing instruments
   □ food safety testing instrument
   □ environmental monitoring instrument
   □ biochemical reagents, chemical reagents and reference materials
   □ relevant spare parts and consumables
   □ third party testing organization

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition before participating in the exhibition.


  • Telephone:027-8243 9232
  • Mobile:177 8636 3616
  • Fax:027-8243 9316
  • E-mail:156542170@qq.com
  • Address:Room 2401, Fuxing International Chamber of Commerce building, 186 Xinhua Road, Hankou, Wuhan
  • Zipcode:430022


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