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2021 China precision medical industry expo
Industry: Biology / Medicine / Health
Time: 2021/12/25 - 12/27 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Guangzhou · Guangdong Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo ChinaGuangdongGuangzhou No.1000, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
Sponsor:China Cancer Alliance, Guangdong benchmarking Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Guangdong benchmarking Exhibition Co., Ltd
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National event: to build the first exhibition of precision medicine in China
National Precision medicine exhibition is an important economic and trade platform to promote high-quality development of precision medicine and international cooperation.

Intensive medical care: the wind vane of precision medicine
Focus on precision medicine, life science, gene sequencing, molecular diagnosis, precision medicine, cancer prevention and treatment, smart hospital construction and other frontier fields, and strive to effectively promote pragmatic exchanges, transactions and achievements transformation in the field of precision medicine.

High end supporting: Group heroes discuss the way, leaders gather
At the same time, the main forum and professional and technical sub forum of "2020 China Life Science Conference, 2020 China Precision medicine conference, 2020 China prevention and treatment Alliance Annual Conference and China cancer prevention and treatment conference" were held, and relevant national ministries and commissions, academicians of Chinese Academy of engineering and global medical experts were invited to attend.

Unlimited business opportunities: based in Guangzhou, opening a new era
Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao is committed to building a world-class coastal economic belt. Based in Guangzhou, the global precision medicine conference will open a new era of the first exhibition of precision medicine in China, bringing unlimited business opportunities to the exhibitors.
International Cooperation: precise supply and demand, global sharing
Efforts should be made to promote the internationalization of exhibitors and professional visitors, provide massive industry supply and demand information, and effectively promote the transaction cooperation, investment and financing docking, achievement transformation and project implementation of precision medicine industry.

Expand services: three dimensional publicity, multi-dimensional coverage
In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, we will conduct all-round publicity and promotion for multinational companies, central enterprises, scientific research institutions and other medical institutions in different fields, and provide exhibitors with high-level interview, enterprise salon and later promotion services.


Medical and health sector

Precision medical services, health management and other related medical and health institutions, medical service online and offline platforms, as well as clinical and traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, treatment, prevention application technology, etc;

Omics Technology

Genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolomics, epigenetics, immunology, microbial metagenomics, intestinal microbiome detection equipment, reagents and analysis technology; medical devices

Imaging diagnostic equipment, examination equipment, treatment equipment, endoscope and minimally invasive technology, surgical robot, medical service robot, wearable equipment and other medical devices, etc;

Biomedical sector

Targeted drugs, immunotherapy, stem cell technology, gene editing, new biomarkers, disease model creation technology, biomedical materials, etc;

Cancer prevention and treatment

1. Tumor medical equipment: fast edge knife, magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound therapy, radiosurgery system, linear accelerator, CT, enzyme immunoassay, Haibo knife, capsule endoscopy, DSA interventional diagnosis and treatment equipment, ultrasonic endoscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, multi module chemical synthesis system, cyclotron, biochemical immune assembly line, sequencer, afterloading machine, etc Drugs for respiratory system tumor, digestive system tumor, blood tumor, urinary system tumor, breast cancer, skin and soft tissue tumor, head and neck tumor, cytotoxic drugs, hormone drugs, molecular targeted drugs, monoclonal antibody drugs, biological response regulators, immunotherapy drugs, etc

Life science, biotechnology and diagnosis

Biotechnology applications, biotechnology equipment, biochemical reagents, technical services, biological process engineering, diagnostic equipment and reagents, diagnostic technology, biomedical applications, life science laboratory technology

Analysis and quality control

Analytical instruments, analytical reagents and accessories, microscope and optical image processing, testing, measurement technology, material testing, pharmaceutical and industrial quality control

Laboratory equipment and technology

Laboratory equipment and machinery, laboratory automation, laboratory database system, archiving and software, laboratory technology, laboratory furniture, chemicals and reagents, accessories and consumables, laboratory technical services

Big data / AI / Internet

3D visualization, 3D printing, virtual reality, big data analysis tools, artificial intelligence and other equipment and technologies;

Regenerative medicine
1. Cell storage services: cell storage institution, immune cell bank, cell bank, stem cell storage, cell storage technology, biological cold chain, biological sample bank;
2. Cell production / culture technology / products: ES cells, iPS cells, pluripotent stem cells, cancer stem cells, adult stem cells, mesenchymal cells, hematopoietic stem cells, differentiation induction, cell proliferation / differentiation factors, chemokines, angiogenesis, cell layer, artificial organs / tissues, cell transplantation / metastasis, antibodies, various cell lines, etc;
2. Equipment and consumables: stem cell therapy equipment, cell analysis equipment, cell biology equipment, cell culture and processing equipment, cell counting device, automatic cell observation equipment, in vivo gene transfer equipment, fluorescence microscope, electron microscope, sequencer, cell transport / preservation equipment, biological three-dimensional printer, etc.; culture medium, culture dish, culture reagent, etc , research reagents, separation reagents, engineering reagents, etc;
4. Biomedical materials: bone regeneration - tooth and bone materials, vascular regeneration materials, skin tissue regeneration materials, composite biomaterial scaffolds, genetic engineering materials, surface modified biomaterials, nano medical materials, engineering biomaterials, synthetic polymers and scaffolds, natural biomaterials and scaffolds, etc;

Cancer exhibition area
Cancer medical equipment:
Fast knife edge, MRI guided focused ultrasound therapy, radiosurgery system, linear accelerator, CT, enzyme immunoassay, Haibo knife, capsule endoscopy, DSA interventional diagnosis and treatment equipment, ultrasonic endoscopy, MRI, multi module chemical synthesis system, cyclotron, biochemical immune assembly line, sequencer, afterloading machine, etc
Cancer drugs:
1. Cytotoxic drugs, such as cisplatin, adriamycin, paclitaxel, raltitrexed, cyclophosphamide, etc
2. Hormone drugs, such as anastrozole, letrozole, tamoxifen for breast cancer, flutamide for prostate cancer, etc
3. Molecular targeted drugs, such as oxitinib, icotinib, afatinib, gefitinib, etc
4. Monoclonal antibody drugs, such as bevacizumab, trastuzumab, cetuximab, etc
5. Biological response regulators, such as interleukin, interferon, etc
6. Immunotherapy drugs, mainly immune checkpoint inhibitors, such as navuzumab, pamumab and so on

Precision medicine exhibition area
Precision diagnosis and treatment, tumor screening, gene detection, stem cell detection, protein determination, gene therapy, gene drugs, gene preservation, precision radiotherapy and chemotherapy, diagnosis and treatment instruments / equipment, laboratory analysis and diagnostic reagents, medical technology application, hemodialysis, anti-aging application, chronic disease management, targeted therapy, antibody drugs, antibody coupled drugs, neonatal physical examination, reproductive health Sports injury rehabilitation, rehabilitation equipment, private customized medicine, characteristic medical institutions, plastic surgery hospital, medical insurance, cell medicine, trace element detection equipment, etc

Innovative medical device exhibition zone
Medical imaging area: radiation products, ultrasound products, nuclear medicine products, molecular imaging, interventional products, etc
Operating room area: hybrid operating room, operating room integration, surgical instruments, anesthesia machine, ventilator, monitor, operating room engineering, operating lights, hanging tower, etc
In vitro diagnostic area: overall laboratory solutions, clinical diagnostic equipment, diagnostic reagents, POCT, home diagnostic equipment, etc
Rehabilitation physiotherapy area: rehabilitation equipment, auxiliary equipment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, physical therapy equipment, medical high-frequency equipment, etc
Orthopedic zone: orthopedic implant consumables, orthopedic surgical instruments and equipment, bone power tools and other orthopedic related products of joint, trauma and spine
Medical electronic area: electrotome, ECG, EEG, EMG diagnostic instrument, monitoring instrument, electronic pressure measuring device, etc
Medical optical area: electronic endoscope system, laser surgery and treatment equipment, etc
Hospital equipment area: medical beds, sense control equipment, pharmacy automation, hospital furniture, etc
Medical consumables area: puncture and injection, sanitary materials and accessories, polymer consumables, disinfection and cleaning, etc
Medical information zone: system integrator, mobile medical, medical management, quality control, clinical hospital information management system, display, printing and storage IT equipment provider, network operator, regional collaborative medical solution provider, etc

Health industry board

Health town, health park, Life Science Industrial Park, biomedical industrial park, medical device Park, industrial base, etc

Costs & Precautions

Booth type

Domestic exhibitors

Foreign exhibitors

Standard booth (from 18 square meters)

39600 yuan/individual

$12000 / piece

Special decoration and bare land (rent from 54 square meters)

            2200Yuan / m2

             US $600 / m2

Standard booth:The basic configuration includes three white display panels (two sides of corner), booth carpet, one information desk, two folding chairs

Two spotlights, one 220V / 5A power socket, and the exhibitor's lintel.

Indoor bare ground:No exhibition equipment and facilities will be provided. The exhibition stand will be designed and built by the exhibitor himself. The management fee for special decoration charged by the exhibition hall and

Water and electricity charges are borne by exhibitors themselves.


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