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2021 the sixth global anti epidemic materials procurement fair
Industry: Biology / Medicine / Health
Cycle: Three times a year
Time: 2021/07/09 - 07/11 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Daxing District · Beijing Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaBeijingDaxing District 6 Rongchang East Street, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing
Sponsor:Guangzhou Chuangmai exhibition planning Co., Ltd
Organizer:Business Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade, European and American Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce for import and export, China Medical Device Indus...
Co-organizer:China Medical equipment procurement public service platform, China consumer protection foundation anti counterfeiting Working Committee, Dongguan foreign trade enterprises association, Zhuhai Foreign...
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The sixth global anti epidemic materials procurement fair
Grand opening of five themes (mask industry chain & glove industry chain & disinfection air purification & labor protection products & Biomedical medical devices)

1、 Purpose of the meeting

At present, with the implementation of the national strategy of "the Belt and Road Initiative", in the face of new coronavirus and other epidemics, the global epidemic prevention materials are in short supply. China has opened commercial channels for the import of urgently needed personal protective articles and medical materials and equipment from many countries. Beijing, the capital of China, as the global international center city, has nearly 200 foreign embassies in China, so that the factories, international purchasers and dealers can better achieve the goal Accurate docking, linking made in China with the global anti epidemic action, promoting the recovery of global economy and trade, and helping domestic manufacturers export and industrial chain docking and other one-stop business procurement platform for anti epidemic medical materials manufacturers.


China Central Television, Beijing Television, China Southern Television, Australia Asia Satellite TV, China Southern media, Tencent, Baidu, today's headlines, dither, mask net, China biological equipment net, micro plastic net, Oriental Medicine fair net, Oriental medical equipment net, Daqian medicine net, China Medical mining net, changzhan net and other 360 online media in China carried out all-round promotion and reporting.

3、 Audience invitation

The exhibition is open to local health committees, customs, emergency management departments, CCPIT, Red Cross and other relevant government agencies, as well as international purchasers such as embassies (consulates), business associations, trade and investment bureaus and their member units, multinational companies, industry associations and chambers of Commerce, import and export companies, e-commerce platforms and large chain supermarkets; Local 3a and above hospitals, medical associations, health research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and other related medical institutions. High quality purchasers / groups of epidemic prevention materials procurement demand at home and abroad will be orderly invited and guided to excellent suppliers at the fair site for accurate docking, so as to further realize the digestion of production capacity and promote supply
We need to support the anti epidemic, establish a high-quality Chinese brand image and other win-win exchange and trading platforms. From Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, India, Jordan, nearly 100 countries medical institutions and relevant medical agents in China, traders come to purchase. From international e-commerce, chain drugstores, hospitals, wholesalers, agents, traders come to purchase.

4、 Previous brands

Guoyao, Guangyao, 3M, Weini, dada's choice, Yinhong, Zhengkang, Hongrui, saifute, Yidao, kuaiyuda, Huitong, mimumi, Taida, Yulin, Hongguan, Ruidi, Fuxi, xiangheniao, tangpai, Songchuan, Lihua, Yongxin, Jialiang, dainiu, Jinde, gaobao, jiupianlong, Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group, huanxinggu, wanshenshan, Beifa Group, Naiwei, bangyin , nuomigao, Hongai medical, Shengguang Group, Shengquan group, sending, sente, Tongwei, Longjing, Yinyuan, Bock, Jianhua, Haohong, Maoye, Xingyuan, xiaoxianghua, Murdoch, Qijia, zhongkezhan brand, Chongde, Fangyuan, andaxing, Xingshi, Kaipu, seven color wolf, Changxi, ankangfu, tianweisaili, Yingke, xiaoxianghua, aimontusi, Zhu Hand care, Haohong, etc.

5、 Report of the first five exhibitions

Total number of participating brands: 1680
Total audience: 156000
Number of signed orders: more than 1 588 orders per million yuan


Mask raw material exhibition area:
Melt blown cloth, nose bar, ear band rope, non-woven cloth, anti sticking cloth and electret masterbatch;

Finished mask exhibition area:
Kn95 mask, kf94 mask, medical surgical mask, primary protective mask, electric mask, knitted cotton mask, PM2.5 mask, dust mask;
Mask production equipment and matching, packaging and testing exhibition area:
Mask machine, ear belt machine, nose bar machine, mask sterilization machine, water electret equipment, melt blown cloth machine, mask detection equipment, ultrasonic, packaging machine, deviation corrector, non-woven fabric production equipment;

Glove industry chain:
Medical gloves, Dingqing gloves, PVC gloves, latex gloves, glove production line equipment, raw materials, additives, testing instruments, scientific research institutions.

Disinfection exhibition area:
Medical disinfectant, disinfectant, medical alcohol, hand sterilizer, disinfectant powder (tablet), disinfectant wipes, cleaning agent, antifouling agent, cleaning solution, ultraviolet / ultrasonic / microwave disinfection, hand sterilizer, disinfection cabinet, high pressure sterilizer, physical sterilization, thermal (high pressure) sterilization, filtration sterilization, irradiation sterilization, low temperature plasma sterilization, plasma sterilizer, ultraviolet sterilization lamp Disinfection and sterilization of disposable sanitary products, drug sterilization, ultrasonic cleaning, freezer, refrigerator and disinfection cold storage materials, disinfection vehicle, disinfection robot;

Air purification exhibition area:
Air purifier (household and commercial), air purification and disinfection machine, filter (machine), exchanger; oxygen machine, oxygen bar freshener, sterilization and deodorization machine, air fragrance machine, anion / oxygen generator, vacuum cleaner, decoration (formaldehyde) eliminator, indoor pollution prevention and control products, fume purifier (machine), air conditioner and air duct cleaning equipment.

Supporting services exhibition area:
Certification bodies, diagnostic testing institutions, customs clearance, warehousing and logistics, supply chain finance, it services, other services related third-party service enterprises

Exhibition area for other epidemic prevention materials and medical devices:
Vaccine, protective clothing, goggles, protective mask, test kit, protective cabin, ventilator, forehead temperature gun, temperature measuring and disinfection machine, infrared image tracker, thermal imaging rapid temperature screening machine, medical diagnosis, epidemic prevention vehicle, epidemic prevention drug, therapeutic drug, Chinese and Western medicine, sprayer, medical instrument, medical equipment, medical health care instrument and supplies, rehabilitation instrument, home appliance Hospital protection and health care equipment, first aid equipment, laboratory equipment and medical services, medical consultation.

Labor protection zone:
Personal protective equipment:
Head, eye, face, foot and hand protective equipment, protective clothing, fall protection equipment, respiratory protection equipment, water life-saving equipment, etc

Costs & Precautions

1、 Standard booth: 13800 yuan / 9 M2 (3m x 3m = 9 m2)

(the 9 M2 standard booth includes: 1 information desk, 2 folding chairs, 2 light sources, 1 220 V power socket, 1 garbage basket, company lintel and booth carpet)

2、 Indoor space: 1300 yuan / m2

(the indoor bare floor has no configuration, and it is built by itself. It needs to rent from 36 m2 and pay the electricity management fee of the exhibition hall)
Advertising expenses
Advertisement on the back of the exhibition card: 10000 yuan / 3000 pieces
Advertisement of visiting certificate: 20000 yuan / 30000 pieces
Ticket advertisement: 10000 yuan / 10000
Environmental protection bag for audience gift: 30000 / 10000
Banner advertising on the top of the booth: 20000 yuan / piece (package production and installation, exhibitor's own design, size 2m x 5m)
Promotion Conference: RMB 10000 for exhibitors (30 minutes) and RMB 20000 for non exhibitors (30 minutes)
Academic and technical seminar: 10000 yuan / session for exhibitors (30 minutes), 20000 yuan / session for non exhibitors (30 minutes)
Sponsorship and naming expenses: the total name of the exhibition is 500000 yuan, and the number of CO naming sponsors is 200000 yuan

the measure of area: 20000 square metersscaleThere are 1680 participating brands, 1588 signed orders and 156000 visitors


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